Majin Tensei Manga Volume 1

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Majin Tensei: The True Remembrance (魔神転生 THE TRUE REMEMBRANCE) is a manga based on Majin Tensei created by Shinsuu Ueda, who was also responsible for the manga adaptation of Megami Ibunroku Persona and the original manga Hato no Senki.


Majin Tensei was one of the first manga serialized within Enix's Monthly GFantasy starting in April 1994 and concluding in August 1996. While originally planned to span three tankouban volumes, the manga's popularity allowed it to grow to five volumes total. The manga is set after the great war of the late 1990s as Japan begins construction on a new capital city. Earthquakes cause massive destruction and rumors of demons have begun to emerge. The protagonist receives a warning and a demon summoning program.


  • Atsuya Tsuzuki (都築敦也): The protagonist who lost his father at a young age. He's looked after his sister, Mio, in the place of his busy mother. After his sister is kidnapped, he engages in battle with demons. His body hosts a certain high-ranking spirit.
  • Mio (ミオ): The heroine who suffers from memory loss to the point she remembers little more than her name. She is rescued by the protagonist and appears to possess a magical power.
  • Etienne (エティエンヌ): A young French boy visiting Japan for research. His strong sense of justice is shaken by the disasters that have befallen the people around him. He joins the protagonist in fighting. He's argumentative and has poor social skills, but is cool-headed. He's really Uriel in disguise.
  • Ikki Minami (南一輝): A first-class officer of the JGSDF. He commanded the demon subjugation forces before they were completely wiped out. He was saved by the protagonist and works together with him.
  • Toto (トト): Master of the Cathedral of Shadows, he takes the form of a boy puppet. He offers the protagonist support with a variety of items. Dislikes Etienne.
  • Mio Tsuzuki (都築澪): The protagonist's younger sister. Due to illness as a child, her body is still very frail. She was used as a sacrifice and sent into the Expanse. According to the author, she was originally meant to die.


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