"Hope you like my idols!"
—Maiko Shimazaki from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Maiko Shimazaki is a character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

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Design Edit

Maiko is a woman with black hair tied in a bun and blue eyes; she has a beauty mark below her left eye. She wears a white striped button-up shirt slightly unbuttoned, a blue blazer, black zipper mini skirt and white high heels. She also wears red glasses and golden necklaces.

Personality Edit

The president of a production company, Maiko is a mother figure to the Mirage Masters. Maiko is sharp and has quick wits, and cares about her production company comrades more than anyone. She worked as a gravure idol in the past, though this was censored in the North American version to make her a normal model. She loves liquor.

Profile Edit

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Edit

Maiko is the president of the production company Fortuna Entertainment that recruits Mirage Masters. Years ago, she worked with cameraman and friend Nobu Horinozawa to create model portfolios called My Complex 1, 2, and 3, though the third volume was never published.

In Chapter 2: Head over Heels for Her, she would try to talk some sense into her kidnapper Nobu Horinozawa who was brainwashed by a Mirage. She ends up unconscious as he takes pictures of her. In the North American version, she is instead controlled by him and forced to pose. After the party defeats Nobu's Mirage partner, Gangrel, and frees Nobu from his control, she regains control again and rejoins the others.

Side Quests Edit

In Maiko's first side quest: "Booze and the Boss," she has a bad hangover from drinking too much alcohol, so she requests Itsuki to ask Tiki to make her a special medicine to get rid of her hangover. After Itsuki gathers all the ingredients from Illusory Daitama and has Tiki make Maiko's special medicine, Maiko recovers from her hangover thanks to the medicine given by Itsuki and grants a new back-up skill.

Class Edit

Title Notes
Fortuna President Default title
Tipsy President Maiko's first side quest: "Booze and the Boss"
Team Mom Maiko's second side quest: "Lost Memories"
Goddess Fortuna Maiko's third side quest: "Godmother"

Back-Up SkillsEdit

Skill Detail Available
Drinking Connections The industry connections that Maiko has fostered over drinks can now be used. From now on, you will get more money when selling items to stores. Maiko's first side quest: "Booze and the Boss"
Organizational Skills Maiko can now help store and organize the items in your group's possession. The maximum quantity of consumable items that you can hold has increased, and you can carry even more items. Maiko's second side story: "Lost Memories"
My First Wallet Maiko can now cover a portion of the funds used for shopping as a business expense. From now on, buying items from stores will cost less money. Maiko's third side story: "Godmother" °-

Ending Edit

Maiko Shimazaki - Tipsy President

After helping young talents succeed in show business, she gained a reputation for her knack for seeing the true potential in entertainers. Fortuna expanded, and although she is busy managing it, she holds yearly auditions, and is always excited to see new talent.

Maiko Shimazaki - The Legend's Return

After stepping down, Maiko made a quick comeback in the modeling industry. Soon enough, the third volume of "My Complex" was published. The media dubbed her "Everyone's Big Sister," and she made many appearances in magazines, TV, radio and countless other platforms.

Gallery Edit

TMS concept of Maiko
Concept art of Maiko
TMS concept of Maiko Shimazaki, 01
Toi8 Maiko
Maiko Illustration by toi8
TMS Fortuna Entertainment main cast illustration by toi8
Illustration artwork of Maiko and the main cast by toi8
TMS Maiko chibis
Chibi version of Maiko
Maiko Shimazaki in SMT x FE anime cutscene
Maiko Shimazaki in an anime cutscene
Nan-no poster (International Version) featuring Tsubasa Oribe Eleonora Yumizuru and Maiko.
Nan-no JPN
Nan-no poster (Japanese Version) featuring Tsubasa, Eleonora and Maiko.
SMTx FE Maiko Girls Swimsuit DLC Costumes
Maiko Battle Form
Maiko's appearance during Sessions in Encore.

Etymology Edit

The characters in her given name "Maiko" mean "dance child."

Trivia Edit

  • Maiko's Japanese voice actress, Ami Koshimizu, is also the voice of Yukiko Amagi in Persona 4 and its sequels.
  • Maiko is the only major character whose age is not revealed.
  • In the original Japanese Wii U version, Maiko's former career was as a gravure idol: in this role, her idol roles would have featured sexually suggestive elements aimed at a male audience. In the English and Switch versions, all references to Gravure modeling were removed, with Maiko's former career being as a normal model.

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