P5 MaidCafe

Clara taking the protagonist's order

The Maid Café (アリスのエプロン, Arisu no Epuron)? is a location and mechanic in Persona 5.



The Maid Café is a location in Akihabara the protagonist can visit. He will always receive two points of Charm.

After being seated by the maid Clara, the protagonist will be asked to order something. However, there is a chance Clara might make a mistake, and this varies depending on the meal - the higher the price, the higher the odds of an error being made. If Clara makes a mistake, the protagonist will be able to choose between forgiving her or telling her to fix it. These options boost his Kindness and Guts respectively, by one point. However, if Clara successfully delivers his order, nothing happens.

OrderPriceChance for Mistake
Relaxing Coffee ¥1,000 ~50%
Oo-hot Tea ¥2,000 60%
Love★Pancake ¥3,000 70%
Sincere Omelette ¥5,000 90%

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

In Persona 5 Royal, the Maid Café's system has been expanded. The protagonist will gain access to a stamp card upon visiting: By ordering from the café, the protagonist will accumulate points, and each order gives different amounts of points depending on their price (1 point per ¥1,000). Additionally, on Saturdays, the reward for ordering is greatly boosted by 4 points.

If the protagonist collects enough points from buying the café's meals, he will be rewarded with a special menu. When that happens, the protagonist's Charm will increase by 3 instead, and he will receive a photo of Clara.

Relaxing Coffee ¥1,000 1pt 5pt
Oo-hot Tea ¥2,000 2pt 6pt
Love★Pancake ¥3,000 3pt 7pt
Sincere Omelette ¥5,000 5pt 9pt




Maid Café (Japanese)

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