Magica (魔族?, lit. "Demonic/Magical Race"), also known as Nether or Fiend, is a recurring species in the series. As the name suggests, most of the races composing the Magica species uses a balanced type of combat, using both spells and Physical attacks.


Race Japanese Meaning Alignment
Tyrant 魔王 Demon King Dark-Chaos
Genma 幻魔 Illusion Demon Light-Neutral
Night 夜魔 Night Demon Neutral-Neutral or Chaos
Yoma 妖魔 Mystic Demon Neutral-Law or Neutral
Fairy 妖精 Fairy Neutral-Neutral
Suiyou 水妖 Water Mystic Neutral-Neutral
Fiend 魔人  Demon People  Dark-Neutral
Shinoma 下魔 Under-Demon Dark-Neutral
Shin Akuma 新悪魔 New Demon N/A

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