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Magatsuhi Skills official Japanese introduction

Magatsuhi Skills (マガツヒスキル, Magatsuhi Sukiru)? are a unique category of skills available in Shin Megami Tensei V.


Whenever any ally takes an action during battle, the "Magatsuhi gauge" (マガツヒゲージ) slowly accumulates. When it is fully charged, it is possible to execute any Magatsuhi Skill, which costs the entire gauge. Magatsuhi Skills are generally much more powerful versions of the more common skills which cost MP instead, and unlike regular skills. Magatsuhi skills do not use up any of the regular 8 skill slots, and multiple of them may be learned at once. Using a Magatsuhi skill won't consume a Turn Icon and won't pass the player's control to the next ally in the turn order either, effectively letting an ally perform two consecutive actions.

The Magatsuhi gauge is irrelevant to the enemy, but when an enemy is shown to be "gathering nearby Magatsuhi" in battle, they will emit a golden aura, and any enemy will unleash a powerful attack in the next turn. When the enemy collects Magatsuhi, a Turn Icon is consumed. They most likely only collect Magatsuhi at their last turn.

Most skills are only available to certain races, with the exception of Omagatoki: Critical, which is available to everyone. Given the right conditions, the protagonist can use his allies' Magatsuhi skills.

List of Skills

Skill Effect Race(s)
Omagatoki: Critical All attacks, including magical attacks, will become Critical hits for all allies for 1 turn. All
Omagatoki: Good Luck ? Genma, Element
Omagatoki: Pierce ? Kishin
Omagatoki: Sanko ? Jirae
Omagatoki: Gratis ? Femme
Omagatoki: Hit ? Holy, Avatar
Omagatoki: Aptness ? Yoma, Foul
Omagatoki: Brimming Strength ? Fallen
Omagatoki: Barbarous Assault ? Tyrant
Omagatoki: Strength Gathering ? Deity
Kakucho: Critical Aura All allies' next physical attacks won't miss and will crit. Brute
Kakucho: Impaler's Animus ? Fury
Fairy Banquet Raises all stats of all allies to the max for 3 turns. Fairy
Rakshasa Banquet Raises all stats of all allies to the max for 3 turns. Jaki
Eternal Prayer Full HP recovery, ailment and/or death recovery for all allies (stock included). Megami
Freikugel EX Severe Almighty attack to 1 foe. Power dependent on user's level. Wargod
Big Bang Severe Almighty attack to all foes. Power dependent on user's level. Drake
301.600.000 Lights ? Divine
Accursed Toxic Spray ? Avian, Raptor
God's Greatshield ? Herald
Coma Wave ? Wilder
Rejuvenating Water ? Lady
Soul Drain ? Night
Dekajaon ? Kunitsu
Impaler's Divinitas ? Vile


Oomagatoki and Oumagatoki (大禍時 and 逢魔時*)? means "time of great calamity" and "time of meeting the demons" respectively. They are associated with the time of dusk or twilight. Ancient Japanese believed that the twilight is when demons from the netherworld can access the human world which bring disaster.

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