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Magatsuhi Skills official Japanese introduction

A brief summary of Magatsuhi Skills

"When you fill your meter with spiritual powers called Magatsuhi, you can unleash powerful moves."
Aogami, Shin Megami Tensei V

Magatsuhi Skills (マガツヒスキル, Magatsuhi Sukiru)? are a unique category of skills available in Shin Megami Tensei V.


At the end of each player turn, or whenever any ally takes an action during battle, the "Magatsuhi gauge" (マガツヒゲージ, Magatsuhi Gēji)? slowly accumulates. When it is fully charged, it is possible to execute any Magatsuhi Skill, which costs the entire gauge. Magatsuhi Skills are generally much more powerful versions of the more common skills which cost MP instead. All offensive Magatsuhi skills have guaranteed accuracy, and as such will never miss.

Unlike regular skills, Magatsuhi skills do not use up any of the regular 8 skill slots, and multiple of them may be learned at once. Magatsuhi skill also do not consume a Turn Icon or pass control to the next ally in the turn order, allowing the current ally to perform two actions on the same turn. However, a poisoned ally who uses a Magatsuhi skill will take damage as if they used any other skill.

The Magatsuhi Gauge is irrelevant to the enemy, but when an enemy is shown to be "gathering nearby Magatsuhi" in battle, they will emit a golden aura, and any enemy will unleash a powerful attack in the next turn. Gathering Magatsuhi immediately ends their turn, regardless of how many turn icons they have left; however, most demons opt to use it on the final turn icon. Additionally, the action might be chance-based, as it can be used two or more enemy turns in a row.

Demons can use Omagatoki: Critical, a Magatsuhi Skill available to everyone, alongside specific Magatsuhi Skills based on their race. These race-specific skills are only available to party members, and can be unlocked by obtaining key items called Talismans, which are received by talking to certain demons, completing certain quests, or being rewarded by Gustave for finding certain amounts of Miman. Once the proper talisman is in possession, the related skills are instantly unlocked to all demons of the respective race. Since these talismans are race-specific and not skill-specific, to unlock the same Magatsuhi skill shared by two different races (such as Omagatoki: Luck, possessed by both the Genma and the Element demons) two different talismans are required. The Nahobino, Panagia and enemy-exclusive races do not have Magatsuhi skills.

After unlocking the Race Transcendence Miracle, the protagonist can use the Magatsuhi skills of any demon currently in the active party. Certain Miracles also assist in acclimating Magatsuhi much more easily, allowing Magatsuhi Skills to be used more often.

List of Skills[]

Skill Effect Race(s)
Omagatoki: Critical All attacks, including magical attacks, will become Critical hits for all allies for 1 turn. All
Omagatoki: Luck EXP and Macca earned greatly increased if the battle ends on this turn. Genma, Element
Omagatoki: Pierce All attacks from all allies will pierce for 1 turn. Kishin
Omagatoki: Sincerity Forgives up to 2 demon failures in a demon conversation for 1 turn. Jirae
Omagatoki: Free All skills of all allies will cost 1 MP for 1 turn. Femme
Omagatoki: Hit Accuracy and ailment efficacy of all allies is greatly raised for 1 turn. Holy, Avatar
Omagatoki: Potential All potentials are maxed out for all allies for 1 turn. Yoma, Foul
Omagatoki: Doubler Buffs and debuffs are twice as effective for all allies for 1 turn. Fallen
Omagatoki: Savage All skills of all allies will cost twice the MP but deal double the damage for 1 turn. Tyrant
Omagatoki: Charge All charge effects will remain for all allies until the next turn. Deity
Omagatoki: Adversity The lower the HP of all allies, the more damage and HP recovered through skills for 1 turn. Beast
Omagatoki: Dance All multi-hit moves of all allies will deal the max amount of hits for 1 turn. Dragon, Snake
Expand: Critical Aura Next Strength-based attack from all allies will be 100% accurate and guaranteed Critical. Brute
Expand: Piercing Aura Increases the damage of all following attacks of all allies and adds Pierce effect. Fury
Fairy Banquet Raises all stats of all allies to the max for 3 turns. Fairy
Rasetsu Feast Lowers all stats to the minimum for all foes for 3 turns. Jaki
Eternal Prayer Full HP recovery, ailment and/or death recovery for all allies (stock included). Megami
Freikugel EX Severe Almighty attack based on level to 1 foe. Wargod, Fiend
Big Bang Severe Almighty attack based on level to all foes. Drake
Sea of Stars Moderate MP recovery to all allies. Divine
Accursed Poison Chance of inflicting an ailment (stronger ailments prioritized) to all foes and lowers all stats by 1 rank for 3 turns. Avian, Raptor
Shield of God Greatly decreases damage to all allies until the next turn. Herald
Twilight Wave Heavy Physical attack to all foes. Chance of inflicting Sleep. Haunt, Wilder
Waters of Youth Full HP/MP recovery to self. Lady
Soul Drain Heavy level-based Almighty HP/MP drain attack to 1 foe. Night
Dekajaon Negates all buff effects on all foes. Kunitsu
Impaler's Glory Greatly increases the damage of the next attack of self and adds Pierce effect. Vile


Oomagatoki and Oumagatoki (大禍時 and 逢魔時*)? means "time of great calamity" and "time of meeting the demons" respectively. They are associated with the time of dusk or twilight. Ancient Japanese believed that the twilight is when demons from the netherworld can access the human world which bring disaster.

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