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Magatsu or Magatsuhi in the Megami Tensei series may refer to the following:


Magatsuhi refers to two gods from the story of Izanagi when he had returned from Yomi in a failed mission to retrieve his late consort, Izanami. Since Yomi is the netherworld full of filth (Kegare), after his trip, Izanagi performed the Misogi ritual in order to cleanse the filth from his body. The filth that had been washed away became two gods, "Yasomagatsu Hinokami" (八十禍津日神, "Eighty Calamities God") and "Ohomagatsu Hinokami" (大禍津日神, "Great Calamity God"), known collectively as Magatsu Hinokami (禍津日神).

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