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The Madicce logo on the protagonist's phone.

Madicce (マディス, Madisu)? is a global IT company in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.

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Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersEdit

Madicce is a global IT company headquartered in Osaka, which provides innovative services. They are the developers behind the popular EMMA application and thus are heavily responsible for the property destruction or violent incidents circling around the Jails and their Kings. Its president is Akira Konoe, who took the company from his father, an incredibly abusive man who wants to kill him.

Many advertisements on Madicce can be spotted during the Phantom Thieves's travels around Japan. This includes the monitors on the train that the protagonist and Morgana take to return to Yongen-Jaya, but only temporarily.

It was later revealed that Kuon Ichinose sold Konoe the EMMA app under the guise of improvising it. In reality, she is using him to decide humanity's desires. Since Konoe had an incredibly abusive father that nearly tried to kill him and can effectively evade the law, he has a blind sense of justice and decided to turn it into an app that can punish the wicked by creating Jails, first by importing it to Okinawa to be taught Cognitive Psience, resulting in the king Shuzo Ubukata committing suicide. After that, people who are abused, slandered and/or have incredibly low self-esteem use the application to artificially inflate their self-confidence and to take revenge on people who wronged them.

After Konoe's arrest, Madicce is disbanded and was never heard of again, although EMMA fires itself back up and enacts its own salvation plan; a world without crime per what it believes to be humanity's desire by the public.


Maddice, or Mantes, (μάντης), stands for "Oracle" in Greek language. Save for being a parody of the real life IT organization Oracle, This foreshadows "Project Oracle" and the EMMA application are all tools to summon "God." The word's origins being in Greek also foreshadows the in-game Demiurge being of Greek/Platonic origin instead of the Gnostic Yaldabaoth from the game's prequel.


P5S MadicceBuilding
Madicce's building
P5S EMMA Conference
Akira Konoe holding a conference about EMMA
P5S Osaka Jail
Osaka's Jail

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