Madam Justice

Madam Justice as she appears in Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE

Madam Justice (公正なるマダム?) is a non-playable character in Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE



Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINEEdit

Madam Justice is the leader of Protopia and one of the Seven Philosophers that guided the creation of Shinjuku Babel. She has made it her mission to help free Innocents and create a world where Innocents and humans can live in harmony as they do in Protopia.

Within the game, Madam Justice is the only alignment representative that players of other alignments will not be able to encounter. Only players following the neutral path through the later acts after obtaining their A-Class DB License are able to meet with her, where she introduces herself as Beatrice (ベアトリーチェ?). Players speak with her over a remote screen, as she no longer wishes to see others in person after an incident in her past. Many of the functions Lord Judah and Lord Doukan perform through the later acts are handled through her butler, Alfred (アルフレッド?).

She has worked closely with Stephen and during the Hidden Dreams quest, players can find her name on a door within the security system he helped build for Protopia.


Justice and Alfred
Madam Justice gives orders to Alfred
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