Lupa is a character appearing in the Digital Devil Saga duology.



Digital Devil SagaEdit

As the former leader of the Lokapala, Lupa (at that time Greg) was a charismatic man who founded the Lokapala and inspired hope among his comrades. He also fathered a son named Fred. Unfortunately, he was killed by Roland when he tested the demon virus on himself and went out of control. His "Lava Flow" Atma allowed him to transform into Cerberus.

His data flowed into the Junkyard, where it merged with the body of the AI Lupa, a strong, proud warrior, and leader of the Wolves. It can be said that next to Varin Omega, Lupa was the one that opened up the Embryons' eyes to the truth about being programs. He believes in honor and cares for his tribe members to the point that he would gladly sacrifice himself to save their lives. He is killed in the Junkyard when he once again goes out of control, and his last words are for Gale to pass a message to his son.

Digital Devil Saga 2Edit

His data ascends to the sun, where he is reunited with the Embryon in the sequel. If the player has completed Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner and imported the save file, he then merges with Gale's data, allowing him to inherit his special skill PyrithegethonPyrithegethon deals severe fire damage to all foes and is arguably the best skill available in the game.

Quantum Devil SagaEdit

Lupa is not the leader of the Wolves in the novels, instead being lead by Canis Volk. The first volume implies that he is possibly the reincarnation of the former tribe leader of Heat and Serph. He later joins the party alongside Jinana. In the Karma Temple, Lupa finds out he is one of the few Newborns who have the look and fighting skills of their previous incarnations, but no memories. Lupa then sacrifices himself alongside Jinana to fight a mass of karma (black ooze formed from the resentments of those who were eaten by Atma) and keep it from reaching the top, where the Embryon went in order to save Sera.

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