Rougaie Soul Hackers

Rougaie as he appears in Soul Hackers

Ole Lukøje (ルゲイエ, rugeie) is a demon in the series.


The Danish spirit of sleep that is similar to the Sandman. Appears in a 1841 children story by Hans Christian Andersen where he wears silk garments in the colors of the rainbow and socks that make no sound. He pours milk in people's eyes in order to make them fall asleep. He carries two umbrellas: one covered in happy drawings and one plain. He opens the first one above good children in order to give them pleasant dreams and the plain one above bad children so they won't dream of anything. Rougaie/Lukøje means "being who closes eyes".



Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

One of the demons that fights alongside Erika Sako in her boss fight.


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