P4D Festival Concert

Love meets Bonds Festival

The Love Meets Bonds Festival, or LMB Festival in short and also known as Ai meets Kizuna Festival, is a large-scale concert held in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Profile Edit

The LMB Festival is a concert where idols all over the world gather together and perform. It is the big event that suppose Rise and her friends, including the rest of the member Kanamin Kitchen to appear, but they suddenly disappeared.

P4D Concert set
Concert Set
P4D Dressing Room
Dressing Room

Event Space (Midnight Stage) Edit

  • Soundtrack: "Dance!", "Pursuing My True Self",
  • Dancer: Yu Narukami, Rise Kujikawa

After Kanami remembers her past, the Eerie Voice dragged her and the entire concert to Midnight Stage.

P4D Event Space entrance
P4D Event Space closed
P4D Event Space Stage
Event Space Stage
P4D (Story Mode Illustration, 29a)
The Eeerie Voice's takes on the form of Kanami's Shadow

Gallery Edit

P4D LMB commercial seen in the anime cutscene
LMB Festival Commerical
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