Lord Light is a character in the Devil Children series of games. He is partnered with a Sol Cat.



Lord Light alongside Darklord is one of the two creators of Valhalla, a world both intended to be an utopia. After leaving the world of Dem ruled by their friend Lord Lucifer they succeeded at creating the utopia they desired in the past. However, after their deaths the aftereffects of creating the utopia led to the rise of the Imperium and its two Imperius Empra and Empio, who would rule it with an iron fist.

The Three Time Maidens are servants of both him and Darklord, who they left in the Orgel room of Lucifer's Dark Palace to continue their duties and left Time Chains with them. He would write two letters: one in Dem's past and the other in the Dark Temple that would be read in the future by Jin and Lucifer. After defeating the final boss he will appear alongside Darklord to offer Akira and Jin three choices: rebirth (New Game+ keeping all stats and demons), to continue adventuring, and rest (being sent to the title screen and starting over from the last save). Choosing to continue adventuring will have him bring Amy back to life.

Lord Light is also a S-Rank BattlNet opponent who appears after winning 71 S-Rank battles. Said to be Jin before transformation, he uses beast type demons. After 10 defeats he will give a Kyra and 15 defeats a Siren.

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