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Lord Judah in Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE

Lord Judah (勤勉なるユダ, Kinben naru Yuda)? is a non-player character in Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.



Lord Judah was one of the original Seven Philosophers who helped in the founding in Shinjuku Babel following the Great Cataclysm. Like Lord Doukan, he separated from the main populace of Shinjuku Babel and founded the city of Arcadia in Shinagawa, which became home to the Order of Messiah's Templar Knights. He has little hope in what the people of Shinjuku Babel can accomplish.

After obtaining their Demon Buster license, players act as a diplomatic envoy from Yamamoto the Steel-Willed in order to convince Lord Judah to lend him the Order of Messiah's help in combating Ogami. To determine the player's conviction, Judah asks them to defeat Uriel in the Shibuya Obelisk.


Lord Judah
Lord Judah as he appears in game

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