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Lon'qu, known as Ronkuu in Japan, is a character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.



Lon'qu is a character from Fire Emblem Awakening. A resident of Regna Ferox on the continent of Ylisse, he is a native of Chon'sin on the continent of Valm, from which he fled in shame after an incident in which his friend Ke'ri was killed and her parents blamed him for her death. The event also led him to develop a phobia of women from the thought that the same fate might befall other women who grow close to him.

After arriving in Regna Ferox, Lon'qu's swordsmanship was noticed by Basilio, one of the two Khans of Ferox. The decision over which Khan will rule the country is determined by a tournament in which each Khan's chosen champions battle, and the winning champion's Khan becomes ruler until the succeeding tournament. Lon'qu's skill led him to win the tournaments for several years, keeping Basilio in power. However, when a warrior disguised as the long-deceased Hero-King Marth appears, Lon'qu meets his match and loses for the first time due to an uncharacteristic hesitation. The reason for his hesitation in the match was because he realized that "Marth" was a woman in disguise, causing his phobia to trigger.

Lon'qu joins Chrom's forces when Ferox pledges its support to Ylisse in the war with Plegia and remains among Chrom's allies for the duration of the game.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE[]

He initially appears to be an antagonistic Mirage in Yashiro's third side story, residing deep in the Area of Memories Idolasphere accessible in the Bloom Palace.

Yashiro lands a part on Masqueraider as the main villain, but can't reconcile the fact that he must fight someone yet also respect them. In response to Yashiro's uncertainty, his Mirage partner Navarre claims there is an opponent Yashiro can revere in the Idolasphere.

Venturing into the Idolasphere, Itsuki and the others find the soul of Yashiro's father, Chikaomi. Lon'qu then enters and says he found Chikaomi's soul five years ago, after the Mass Disappearance, and took it for himself.

Itsuki and the others fight Lon'qu in order to free Chikaomi's soul. After the battle, however, it's revealed that Lon'qu and Chikaomi were merely acting. Chikaomi learned that Yashiro had been troubled, and had worked with Navarre to set the entire thing up.

Lon'qu saved Chikaomi's soul five years ago, and the two have been working together ever since. Chikaomi lingered as a spirit of regret out of concern for Yashiro. Due to the ordeal, Yashiro now understands the type of respect that can bloom on the battlefield. His regret now lifted, Chikaomi and Lon'qu disappear.


Level Class Str Mag Skl Spd Def Res
59 Myrmidon
TMS Sword Icon.png TMS Lance Icon.png TMSFE Axe icon.png TMS Bow Icon.png TMS Fire Icon.png TMS Ice Icon.png TMS Electricity Icon.png TMS Force Icon.png TMS Light Icon.png TMS Dark Icon.png TMS Almighty Icon.png
- Wk Nu - Wk Nu - Rs Nu Nu
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Skill Level
Heat Wave 20 HP (Phys/Sword) Medium attack on all enemies.
Wallbreaker 25 EP (Phys/Sword) Heavy attack that deals damage and removes Null and Repel resistances.
Counter EX - (Phys/Sword) The user dodges a melee attack and delivers a severe counterattack. Draws enemy aggression.
Freezing Strike 14 EP (Phys/Ice) Heavy attack.
Tarukaja 10 EP Raise attack for 3 turns. (Party)

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