Lock Keepers (ロックキーパー*)? are enemies in Persona 5 Strikers.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Details[edit | edit source]

Lock Keepers are special Shadows that ward off intruders from the "Bird Cage," or a part of the Jail that locks its King within. Their purpose is to lock the King within their traumas and prevent them from returning to their weak selves by constantly reminding them of their traumatic experiences, thus encouraging them to bask in their distortions. The area where the Lock Keeper resides is known as a "Trauma Room," and is overlaid onto the location where the King's trauma took place, and when entered via the Metaverse Navigator, it will take the form of a recording of said trauma, complete with the Lock Keeper taking the form of the person who traumatized the King, but with hollow black eyes. Once an intruder is spotted, the Lock Keeper will be provoked and transform into a massive, black humanoid with four arms, each holding varying weapons. Weaker Shadows, with or without Persona counterparts, accompany the Lock Keeper. Defeating this Lock Keeper will break the barricade to the Jail's Bird cage, and the Phantom Thieves usually send a calling card to them after this. The King will snap and attack the Phantom Thieves once they enter the Jail after sending a Calling Card and must be defeated to free all of the King's worshipers as well.

Types of Lock Keepers[edit | edit source]

All Lock Keepers are weak to Bless and Curse, usually having weaknesses to elements that the King is weak to as well.

  • Shibuya's Jail: The Lock Keeper takes the form of a girl bullying a young Alice Hiiragi by stomping on her and taking photographs of it. When attacking, it twitches violently and bursts into a black humanoid wielding axes in each hand. It has additional weaknesses to Fire and Wind.
  • Sendai's Jail: The Lock Keeper takes the form of a man who was Ango Natsume's publisher. He was discussing with another fellow publisher about fleecing Natsume using his grandfather's name and criticizing Natsume's book as incoherent and dull, while being eavesdropped by Natsume. When attacking, it wields swords in each of its hands. It has an additional weakness to Ice.
  • Sapporo's Jail: The Lock Keeper takes the form of a corrupt senator who was discussing with a sponsor about usurping Hyodo's seat as Mayor for a snow sculpture accident that killed a 7 year old child. Hyodo was eavesdropping the discussion and threatens to call the Police, only for the senator to threaten her removal should she report to the police. When attacking, it wields a Shield in each of its hands. It has an additional weakness to Psy.
  • Okinawa's Jail: EMMA summons this Lock Keeper to drive away intruders to Okinawa's Jail after a voice resembling Sophia's calls her out as a reject. This one has no weapons and floats in the air, although it can manifest weapons wielded by the previous three to attack. It lacks any weaknesses other than Bless and Curse. The same type of Lock Keeper is also summoned by Keter during the fight against False God Demiurge.
  • Osaka's Jail: Takes the form of Akira Konoe's father, who was attempting to kill young Konoe when he was watching Zephyrman. Konoe rushed downstairs to kill him mistaking that he was a burglar. When attacking, it wields bazookas in each of its arms. It has additional weaknesses to Elec and Nuke.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kyoto's Jail is the only personalized Jail without a Lock Keeper.
  • Alice's Lock Keeper is the only one who speaks in a female voice during in-battle skits.
  • No Lock Keeper can be killed before all of the skits are heard. If the party kills them before they can complete all their skits, they will continue attacking before they finish all their dialogue. The only exception is the Okinawa Lock Keeper (airborne), who does not talk at all.
  • The Lock Keepers have similar body builds as EMMA-Demiurge's second form.

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