This is a list of requests in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

List of Requests Edit

Tsubasa Oribe Edit

Request Details Available Title Exp
"Meet-and-Greet Pressure" Help Tsubasa overcome her social anxiety. Chapter 2 Intermission "Madcap Idol" 368 EXP
"Opening Your Heart" Find Little Devil in Shibuya. Chapter 3 "Amrita Girl" 531 EXP

Touma Akagi Edit

Request Details Available Title Exp item
"Thrust to the Future" Watch the Raiga show with Touma at the Toubo Rooftop, and defeat 5 Blobs in Daitama Idolosphere. Intermission 1, Recommended Level: 7 "In the Kaiju Suit" 210 EXP -
"Touma in Leopard Print" Help Touma hit on girls in order to get in character for upcoming Raiga show. Chapter 3 "Pro Understudy" 442 EXP -
"The Hero Awakens" Have Touma accompany you to save Riku and defeat Abel at the Illusory 107. Recommended Level: 42 "Awaken Hero" 3612 EXP Master's Seal

Kiria Kurono Edit

Request Details Available Title Exp
"Poker Face" Find Kiria's plushy. Chapter 2 "A New Charisma" 168
"Not a Girl?" Have Kiria accompany you and go to Shibuya Station (Idolosphere) to defeat the "cutie monsters" Recommended Level: 21 "Cool or Cutie?" 663 EXP
"Kiria in Wonderland" Have Kiria and Tsubasa accompany you and defeat the Golem mirages, Bord and Cord at the Illusory Shibuya. Recommended Level: 42 "A New Kiria" 3612 EXP

Eleonora Yumizuru Edit

Request Details Available Title Exp
"Read, Chat, Fall in Love" Stagerank 3 Have a date with Eleonora and find her in variety place in Shibuya that she would like t visit. None 520 EXP

Mamori Minamoto Edit

Request Details Available Reward Exp
"Steel Heart" Have Mamori accompany you and purify the corrupt mirage, Lorenz in Illusory Daitou TV. Recommended Level: 34 "Brave Mamorin" 1587 EXP
"Fortuna Family's Sisters" Help Mamori and Eleonora's acting like sisters for the upcoming show. Chapter 3 "Everyone's Sister" 845 EXP
"Lost Memories" Help Organized Maiko's personal items at the Fortuna Entertainment. Chapter 4 Intermission "Team Mom" 1378 EXP

Yashiro Tsurugi Edit

Maiko Shimazaki Edit

Request Details Available Reward Exp
"Booze and the Boss" Find three ingredients in Illusory Daitama for Tiki to create a medicine for Maiko's hangover. Chapter 2 Intermission "Tipsy President" 442 EXP

Barry Goodman Edit

Request Details Available Title Exp
"Only You" Search and buy the special edition item that Barry wants. Chapter 3 Intermission "Mamori Maniac" 845 EXP
"Troublesome Duo!" Have Tsubasa and Eleonora accompany you and do 10 Sessions in the Illusory Daitou TV. Chapter 4 Intermission "Drill Sergeant" 2067 EXP

Tiki Edit

Request Details Available Title Exp
"I'll Tiki-Tiki You" Search for Tiki=Waifu Intermission 1 after Chapter 1 "Troubled Uta-loid" 168 EXP
"Coffee and Donuts" Buy a donut that Tiki's request at the Hee-Ho Mart. Chapter 4 Intermission "Virtual Empathy" 1014 EXP
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