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This is a list of Side Quests (also known as Side Stories) in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

These are side quests that help Itsuki Aoi's teammates and the three main backers of the party improve their talent within their chosen field in the entertainment industry and finding new ways to express themselves.

Completing them grants access to various rewards that will grant various advantages in battle, most notably Special Performances, Ad-lib Performances, and Dual Arts, as well as Backup Skills, special passive skills that could help with endeavors both in the real world and in the Idolaspheres, from completing Side Quests for the backers.

List of Side Quests

Tsubasa Oribe

Request Details Available New Title Reward
Meet-and-Greet Pressure Help Tsubasa overcome her social anxiety. Chapter 2 Intermission & Tsubasa reaching Stage Rank 5 "Madcap Idol" 368 EXP

Special Performance: Debut Smile
Opening Your Heart Find Little Devil in Shibuya. Chapter 3 & Tsubasa reaching Stage Rank 7 "Amrita Girl" 531 EXP

Ad-lib Performance - Tsubasa's Kiss
A Wind Colored Tsubasa Defeat Pheros to save renowned songwriter Chouten Sawafuji.
(Recommended Level: 47)
Chapter 3 Intermission & Tsubasa reaching Stage Rank 9 "Sacred Idol" Ad-lib Performance - Fly: You're My Wind

Duo Art Falling Star
(Have at least 30 out of 50 affinity points with Tsubasa by the time you complete her third Side Story)

Touma Akagi

Request Details Available Title Reward
Thrust to the Future Watch the Raiga show with Touma at the Toubo Rooftop, then defeat 5 Blobs in the Daitama Idolasphere. Chapter 1 Intermission & Touma reaching Stage Rank 3 "In the Kaiju Suit" 210 EXP

Ad-Lib Performance: Raging Stampede
Touma in Leopard Print Help Touma hit on girls in order to get in character for an upcoming Raiga show. Chapter 3 & Touma reaching Stage Rank 5 "Pro Understudy" 442 EXP

Special Performance: Gaia's Whisper
The Hero Awakens Have Touma accompany you to save Riku and defeat/purify the Corrupted Abel at Illusory 106.
(Recommended Level: 42)
Chapter 4 Intermission & Touma reaching Stage Rank 9 "Awakened Hero" 3612 EXP

Master Seal

Ad-Lib Performance: Ouga Flame Thrust

Kiria Kurono

Request Details Available Title Reward
Poker Face Find Kiria's plushy at Daitama Observatory, then get it repaired. Chapter 2 & Kiria reaching Stage Rank 5 "A New Charisma" 168 EXP

Ad-Lib Performance: The Labyrinth
Not a Girl? Have Kiria accompany you and go to Illusory Shibuya to defeat 10 "cute monsters." Chapter 2 Intermission & Kiria reaching Stage Rank 8 "Cool or Cute?" 663 EXP

Special Performance: Pastel Power
Kiria in Wonderland Have Kiria and Tsubasa accompany you and defeat the Golem Mirages, Bord and Cord, at Illusory Shibuya.
(Recommended Level: 42)
Chapter 3 Intermission & Kiria reaching Stage Rank 10 "A New Kiria" 3612 EXP

Duo Art: Give Me!

Eleonora Yumizuru

Request Details Available Title Reward
Read, Chat, Fall in Love Have a date with Ellie and find her in a variety of places in Shibuya that she would like to visit. Chapter 3 Intermission & Ellie reaching Stage Rank 3 "Lovey-Dovey" 520 EXP

Ad-Lib Performance: One-Sided Love
Princess of Horror Have Ellie accompany you and go to Illusory Studio to defeat 6 Regans, then the Blair reinforcements after defeating the last of the Regans. Chapter 4 Intermission & Ellie reaching Stage Rank 7 "Sassy Heroine" 2625 EXP

Special Performance: Horror Hunter Angel
Blast Away Hollywood Answer Ellie's Side Quest quiz correctly.
  1. Dandelion in Love
  2. Enzymes
  3. The necklace made for Nanalie.
  4. Evil Ball of the Dead IV
Chapter 4 Intermission & Ellie reaching Stage Rank 10 "Hollywood Darling" 1722 EXP

Ad-Lib Performance: Arrow of Destiny

Mamori Minamoto

Request Details Available Title Reward
Steel Heart Have Mamori accompany you and purify the corrupt Mirage Lorenz in Illusory Daitou TV.
(Recommended Level: 34)
Chapter 3 Intermission & Mamori reaching Stage Rank 3 "Brave Mamorin" 1587 EXP

Special Performance: Microwavin' Heart
Fortuna Family's Sisters Help Mamori and Ellie act like sisters for their upcoming show. Chapter 3 Intermission & Mamori reaching Stage Rank 6 "Everyone's Sister" 845 EXP

Special Performance: Microwavin' Soul
Golden Child/Monster Find the Illusory Obsidian in the sealed area of Illusory Daitou TV to craft a Gaius' Paring Knife for Mamori to help her get through the producer's latest harebrained scheme. Chapter 5 Intermission & Mamori reaching Stage Rank 10 "Ballad Empress" 3060 EXP

Special Performance: Raindrop Memories

Yashiro Tsurugi

Request Details Available Title Reward
The Hungry Man Find Yashiro at Cafe Seiren and teach him the importance of eating right. Chapter 4 Intermission & Yashiro reaching Stage Rank 6 "Proud Gourmet" 1148 EXP

Ad-lib Performance: The Hungry Man
Dangerous Relations Have Ellie and Yashiro accompany you and go to Illusory Studio and fight Whampa using Sessions between the two.
(Recommended Level: 52)
Chapter 4 Intermission & Yashiro reaching Stage Rank 9 "Newly Bonded" 4410 EXP

Special Performance: Mysterious Student
Final Act Defeat Lon’qu in the Illusory Area of Memories.
(Recommended Level: 57)
Reach and exit Illusory Dolhr in Chapter 6 & Yashiro reaching Stage Rank 12 "Best of the Best" 6612 EXP

Master Seal

Ad-Lib Performance: Operation


Request Details Available Title Reward
I'll Tiki-Tiki You (For Reals) Search for Tiki=Waifu. Chapter 1 Intermission "Troubled Uta-loid" 168 EXP

Backup Skill: Idola_Safety.exe.
Coffee and Donuts Buy a donut that Tiki requests at the Hee Ho Mart. Chapter 3 Intermission "Virtual Empathy" 1014 EXP

Backup Skill: Performa_Finder.exe.
Sleepless in Shibuya Save Tiki=Waifu and other Uta-loid Tiki composers from Cervantes in I. 106 B4 to compose a song for Tiki.
(Recommended Level: 53)
Chapter 6; complete the first trial in the Illusory Area of Memories "Miracle Uta-loid" 5724 EXP

Master Seal

Backup Skill: Wish_Granter.exe.

Maiko Shimazaki

Request Details Available Title Reward
Booze and the Boss Find three ingredients in Illusory Daitama for Tiki to create a hangover medicine for Maiko Shimazaki. Chapter 2 Intermission "Tipsy President" 442 EXP

Backup Skill: Drinking Connections
Lost Memories Help organize Maiko's personal items at the Fortuna Entertainment office. Chapter 4 Intermission "Team Mom" 1378 EXP

Backup Skill: Organizational Skills
Godmother Find the Illusory Dougen Gem in Illusory 106 to have Tiki transfigure it into a Soulfocus Lens so Nobu can make My Complex, Vol. 3 a reality to celebrate Fortuna Entertainment's fifth anniversary. Chapter 5 Intermission "Goddess Fortuna" 3060 EXP

Key Item: Maiko's Photo Book 3

Backup Skill: My First Wallet

Barry Goodman

Request Details Available Title Reward
Only You Search and buy the special edition item that Barry wants. Chapter 3 Intermission "Mamori Maniac" 845 EXP

Backup Skill: 3D Heaven
Troublesome Duo! Have Tsubasa and Ellie accompany you and do 10 Sessions in Illusory Daitou TV. Chapter 4 Intermission "Drill Sergeant" 2067 EXP

Backup Skill: One More Mastery

Duo Art: Dream Catcher
Barry Forever Get a suddenly jealous Barry out of trouble within Illusory Daiba Studio.
(Recommended Level: 49)
Chapter 5 Intermission "Shredding Again" 4901 EXP

Backup Skill: Ninja's Escape

Duo Art: The Tunnel Home

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