The following is a list of items appearing in Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE#.

Restorative Items

Used from the item menu to restore HP, EP, or normal status to your allies.

Item Effect Obtained
Medicine Restores a small fixed amount of HP.
Soft Drink Restores a small fixed amount of HP. Hee Ho Mart
Bead Slightly restore HP
Energy Drink Fully restore HP. Hee Ho Mart
First-Aid Kit
Dis-Poison Removes 'poison' status from one ally.
Revival Bead Revives a fallen ally with half their HP.
Cleansing Oolong Cures Poison Hee Ho Mart
Fresh Spicy Curry Revives an ally Hee Ho Mart
Chakra Drop

Item Effect Location
Life Stone Restores a amount of an ally's max HP
Ice Pack Restores a small fixed amount of HP to the party. Hee Ho Mart

Item Description
Melmark A small sticker with a coin purse with it. Can be used to enter the lottery at certain shops.
Kiria's Ticket Ticket given by Kiria for her joint concert with Yashiro Tsurugi, SIV-LIVE.
Ragged Plush
Sir Gen Plush EX

Battle Items

Attack and defense items for use in battle only.

Item Effect Obtained
Dart (Physical/Bow) Light attack. Hee Ho Mart

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