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This page is a list of quests in Shin Megami Tensei V.

Quests are divided into main quests and subquests, with the main quests being required to progress the story.

Quests, regardless of the type, play a major role in unlocking the hidden ending, relating to creating a world for humanity only.

Main Quests

Title Client Reward Summary Location
The Lay of the Land Aogami None Head to Tokyo Tower to gain more insight into this world. Netherworld - Tamachi
The Angel's Trail Amanozako None Amanozako has apparently seen an angel in the direction of the city. Find the angel and ask about Ichiro Dazai. Netherworld: Tokyo Tower
The Angels' Request Angels on Guard None Eliminate the remnants of Lucifer's army that are hiding nearby. Netherworld: Nagatacho
Save the Students Aogami None Follow the signals and search for the students in the Tennozu area. Netherworld: Shinagwawa - Tennozu Isle
Save the Students (cont.) Aogami None Follow the signal and search for the student near Shinagawa Pier. Da'at: Shinagawa - Tennozu
A Golden Opportunity Oberon 12,000 Macca A treatment made from Idun's Golden Apples is needed to save the students. Idun can supposedly be found downriver. Da'at: Shinagawa - Fairy Village
Hellfire Highway Angel Scout 20,000 Macca Find a way to break through the wall of flame in Kanda and open a path to the demon stronghold. An angel near Akihabara has information that may help. Da'at: Chiyoda - Awajicho
The Augmented Goddess Aogami None You are to eliminate Ishtar. However, seven devices are currently sending Magatsuhi to Ishtar, making her that much stronger. It may be best to disable these devices first. Da'at: Chiyoda - Tokyo Station
The Three Keys Vasuki and Odin unlocked for fusion Find the three key pieces that lead to the Empyrean.


Title Client Reward Summary Location
No Stone Unturned Neko Shogun Wargod Talisman Find 5 Life Stones for Neko Shogun. Hamamatsucho
Bully Breaker Agathion Agathion's Essence x1 Help Agathion by punishing 3 Daemons. Hamamatsucho
A Preta Predicament Preta Haunt Talisman Find the Pretas that went out in search of food. Tamachi
The Water Nymph Leanan Sidhe Stamina Incense x2 Apsaras is seducing weak demons into becoming her soldiers. Put a stop to her plans. Shiba Park
The Spirit of Love Apsaras Health Incense x2 Leanan Sidhe is thoughtlessly riling up other demons with her seductive words. Put a stop to her. Shiba
Pollution Panic Mandrake Yoma Talisman Help Mandrake by punishing 5 Azumi Shiba Park
The Cursed Mermaids Mermaid Grimoire x3 Investigate the Mermaid's curse by visiting her fellow Mermaids in the mountains. Shiba Park
The Demon of the Spring Mermaid Femme Talisman Enlist the help of Anahita to lift the Mermaid's curse. Anahita supposedly appears at the source of the water on the mountain peak. Shiba Park (After "The Cursed Mermaids")
The Ultimate Omelette Aitvaras Drake Talisman Bring a Jatayu Egg to Aitvaras. Avoid getting spotted by Jatayu. West Shinbashi
To Cure a Curse Andras Fallen Talisman Find 5 Bicorn Horns for Andras. Onarimon
Talisman Hunt Shiki-Ouji Brute Talisman Find 3 Shikigami Talismans for Shiki-Ouji. Nagatacho
Movin' on Up Oni Phys Dampener An Oni wants to be a gang leader and asked you to see if there are any demons that might need his help. Nagatacho
The Gold Dragon's Arrival Huang Long Dragon Talisman Eliminate the four gods across Minato. Onarimon
The Benevolent One Huang Long 80,000 Macca, Huang Long unlocked for fusion Defeat Huang Long Onarimon
Chakra Drop Chomp Kodama Jirae Talisman Find 2 Chakra Drops for Kodama. Da'at: Shinagawa - Tennozu
Those Seeking Sanctuary Lilim Dark Sutra x1, Lilim if not already in party Help the Lilim move into Tokyo by eliminating the Principality on guard.
Invalidates "Holding the Line" if taken
Da'at: Shinagawa - Shinagawa Pier
Holding the Line Principality Light Sutra x1, Principality if not already in party Eliminate the Lilim that have set their sights on invading Tokyo.
Invalidates "Those Seeking Sanctuary" if taken
Da'at: Shinagawa - Container Yard
Magic from the East Baphomet Vile Talisman Find 5 Inugami Heads for Baphomet. Da'at: Shinigawa - Shinagawa Pier
A Wish for a Fish Nekomata Beast Talisman, King Frost unlocked for fusion Bring fish from a cold-storage warehouse to Nekomata. Da'at: Shinagawa - Container Yard
Can I Keep Them? Lilim Lilim's Essence Capture 10 Mothmen and deliver them to Lilim. Da'at: Shinagawa - Konan 4th Block
Iced Out Jack Frost Muscle Drink x1 Find 3 Ice Gems for Jack Frost. Da'at: Shinagawa - Mitatebashi
Kumbhanda's Bottle Succubus Night Talisman Defeat Kumbhanda. Da'at: Shinagawa - Konan 2nd Block
Birds of a Feather Koppa Tengu Feng Huang's Essence Obtain a Giant Bird's Feather and deliver it to Koppa Tengu. The giant bird can be reached at the south end of the Container Yard. Da'at: Shinagawa - Tennozu Isle
The One I Love Incubus Grimoire x3 Deliver Incubus's letter to Silky in the fairy village. Da'at: Shinagawa - North Shinagawa
The Root of the Problem Silky Fairy Talisman Find 8 Mandrake Roots for Silky.
Limited to roots that live near the fairy village. Also beware of others seeking the same roots.
Da'at: Shinagawa - Fairy Village
A Goddess Stolen Jack Frost Small Glory Crystal x2
(Megami Idun unlocked for fusion)
Idun has been kidnapped by Loki. Rescue Idun from Loki's home in the mountains. Da'at: Shinagawa - South Shinagawa
The Tyrant of Tennozu Demeter 15,000 Macca
(Tyrant Belphegor unlocked for fusion)
Eliminate the Tyrant in Tennozu. Da'at: Shinagawa - Konan 2nd Block
Lighting the Way Jack-o'-Lantern Chakra Drop x1 Find 2 Fire Gems for Jack-o'-Lantern. Da'at: Chiyoda - Ginza
Black Frost Strikes Back Black Frost Health Balm x1 Defeat Dionysus and help Black Frost become the emperor of Ginza. Da'at: Chiyoda - Ginza
The Path to Myojin Forest Hua Po Silky's Essence Take Hua Po to Myojin Forest in the backwood area of Akihabara. Da'at: Chiyoda - Miyuki Street
A Sobering Standoff Dionysus Stamina Balm x1 Help Dionysus, the god of wine, defeat Black Frost and prevent him from stealing his supply of alcohol. Da'at: Chiyoda - Sukiyabashi
Stones of Malice Zhen Dispel Charm x1 Find 2 Poison Gems for Zhen. Da'at: Chiyoda - Sukiyabashi
One Mokoi's Trash... Mokoi Kaiwan's Essence Bring a vintage guitar, a model kit, and a TV game system to Mokoi. Da'at: Chiyoda - Nihonbashi
An Unusual Forecast Kelpie Soma x1 Deliver Girimekhala's Head to Kelpie. There is apparently a massive Girimekhala in Shinagawa. Da'at: Chiyoda - Mansei Bridge
He of a Hundred Hands Valkyrie 18,000 Macca Defeat Hecatoncheires and report back to Valkyrie. Da'at: Chiyoda - Akihabara Electric Town
The Falcon's Head Isis Lady Talisman Horus is on a rampage above Sotokanda. Defeat him and bring his head to Isis. Da'at: Shinagawa - Fairy Village
A Power Beyond Control Patrolling Angel Small Glory Crystal x4 An angel keeping watch fell out of contact. Investigate the massive hole at Shinagawa North Pier. Da'at: Chiyoda - Awajicho (After "Hellfire Highway")
The Search for Oyamatsumi Take-Minakata Balm of Life x1 Find Oyamatsumi, the Kunitsukami that went missing. Da'at: Chiyoda - Kanda-no-yashiro (After "Hellfire Highway")
Clash with the Kunitsukami Okuninushi Okuninushi unlocked for fusion, Kunitsu Talisman Defeat the assembled Kunitsukami in a duel
Requires completion of "The Search for Oyamatsumi"
The Egyptians' Fate Dominion Unlocks Khonsu for fusion (if killed) Find out what the Egyptian branch of Bethel is up to
Defeat Khonsu
The Winged Sun Amon Unlocks Amon, Mithras and Asura for fusion Claim the Winged Crest of Ra from Mithras and Asura
Return the crest to Amon
Defeat Amon
The Succession of Ra Isis Unlocks Khonsu and Khonsu Ra for fusion, 2x Large Glory Crystal Find Khonsu and Miyazu
Defeat Khonsu Ra
Requires completion of "The Winged Sun", "The Falcon's Head" and Khonsu spared in "The Egyptians' Fate"
The Raid on Tokyo Adramelech Adramelech, if not already in party Defeat Futsunushi
Invalidates "Defense of Tokyo" if taken
Da'at: Daito - Umayabashi
Defense of Tokyo Futsunushi Futsunushi, if not already in party Defeat Adramelech
Invalidates "The Raid on Tokyo" if taken
Abbadon's Assault Kurama Tengu Defeat Abaddon
A Need for Nectar Sarasvati 2x Balm of Life Find 2 Amrita Shower for Sarasvati.
A Princess in a Pickle Kaya-no-Hime Chakra Pot Find 2 Beads for Kaya-no-Hime.
On Bended Knees Yatagarasu Yatagarasu as navigator, Yatagarasu's Essence Find 3 Ambrosia for Yatagarasu.
Downtown Rock n' Roll Ippon-Datara 3x Critical Gem, Fafnir's Essence Find 10 Dragon Scales for Ippon-Datara.
Fionn's Resolve Fionn mac Cumhaill Fionn (also unlocked for fusion) Defeat Fionn
Unknown other requirements
An Incentive for Incense Loa Bead Chain Find 2 Balm of Life for Loa.
The Ancient Guardian Okuninushi The Lord's Sword
Access to the Four Heavenly Kings
Find and defeat Arahabaki
Requires completion of other Kunitsu quests
The Bull God's Lineage Demeter Baal unlocked for fusion, Deity Talisman, Grimoire Defeat Baal
The Holy Ring Melchizedek Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael unlocked for fusion Gather the Magatsuhi of the fallen seraphim and defeat them
The Destined Leader Kurama Tengu Amanozako
Zaou-Gongen unlocked for fusion
Speak to Kurama Tengu
Head to Tokyo Tower
Defeat Kurama Tengu and Zaou-Gongen
The Seraph's Return Michael Michael, if not already in party and unlocked for fusion, Michael's Essence Defeat Belial
Must speak to Melchizedek in the Empyrean first
Macca required if supported forces of chaos
Invalidates "The Red Dragon's Invitation" if taken
Requires completion of "The Holy Ring"
Temple of Eternity 4F
The Red Dragon's Invitation Belial Belial, if not already in party and unlocked for fusion, Belial's Essence Defeat Michael
Must speak to Nebiros in the Empyrean first
Macca required if supported forces of good
Invalidates "The Seraph's Return" if taken
Requires completion of "The Holy Ring"
Castle: 4th Stratum
The Wrathful Queen Maria Inanna unlocked for fusion Defeat Inanna
Side with Hayao Koshimizu, requires 75% or higher completion of Demonic Compendium
The Noble Queen Maria Danu unlocked for fusion Defeat Danu
Side with Nuwa, requires 75% or higher completion of Demonic Compendium
The Compassionate Queen Maria Maria unlocked for fusion Defeat Maria
Side with Abdiel, requires 75% or higher completion of Demonic Compendium
A Plot Revealed Demeter Zeus unlocked for fusion Defeat Zeus
Requires completion of Demeter's other quests
A Universe in Peril Shiva unlocked for fusion Defeat Shiva
Requires protagonist to be level 80 or higher
A Goddess in Training (DLC) Artemis Artemis joins party, unlocked for fusion Defeat Artemis
The Rage of a Queen (DLC) Bethel researcher Cleopatra joins party if spared or killed and unlocked for fusion; latter requires Demon Summoning Program Find Cleopatra and defeat her
The Doctor's Last Wish (DLC) Bethel researcher Mephisto joins party via Demon Summoning Program and unlocked for fusion Find the missing Bethel researcher
Defeat Mephisto
Return of the True Demon (DLC) 666,666 Macca, Menorah of Sovereignity, Demi-Fiend's Essence Defeat the Demi-fiend
Requires defeating Trumpeter
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