AccessoryIcon SMTIV Accessory MP Effects Remarks
Samurai Earring 9 - Starting equipment
Red Earring 16 Increases max HP by 10% Q's Blacksmith
Treasure Naraku - 4th Stratum
Demon Earring 32 Increases max HP by 20% Shinjuku
Flaming Sprit 52 Increases max HP by 30%
Blue Earring 16 Increases max MP by 10% Q's Blacksmith
Company Earring 32 Increases max MP by 20% Shinjuku
Icy Sprit 52 Increases max MP by 30%
Power Earring 40 Strengthen Phys attacks Ginza
Shot Earring 40 Strengthen Gun attacks Ginza
Fire Earring 36 Strengthen Fire attacks Shibuya
Heated Soul 56 Greatly strengthens Fire attacks Reward - "Escape from Philanthropy"
Ice Earring 36 Strengthen Ice attacks Shibuya
Chilled Soul 56 Greatly strengthens Ice attacks
Volt Earring 36 Strengthen Elec attacks Shibuya
Volt Soul 56 Greatly strengthens Elec attacks
Wind Earring 36 Strengthen Force attacks Shibuya
Storm Soul 56 Greatly strengthens Force attacks
Marshal Earring 20 Strengthens healing skills Ueno
Tactician Earring 28 Greatly strengthen healing skills Shinjuku
White Earring 28 Heal some HP after walking a certain distance Shinjuku
Black Earring 28 Heal some MP after walking a certain distance Shinjuku
Battle Earring 40 Heal some HP after battle Treasure Ginza - Soutwest Passage
Magic Earring 44 Heal some MP after battle Treasure Camp Ichigaya - B3F
Warlord Earring 20 Counter when attacked Ueno
Fury Earring 56 Heavy counter when attacked Found in Infernal Tokyo Camp Ichigaya B3F
Critical Earring 48 Counter when ally is attacked Blasted Tokyo Weapon Shop
Light Soul 60 Heavy counter when an ally is attacked
Dark Soul 60 Revive from KO with 1 HP once per battle
Hero Earring 86 Light/Dark Null
Sturdy Earring 63 Poison/Bind/Sick Nullify
Sharp Earring 63 Sleep/Panic Nullify
Silver Necklace 20 Bind Nullify Reward - "Missing Child Search"
Sleepless Ring 32 Sleep Nullify Reward - "The Malevolent Star Falls"
Antidote Ring 34 Poison Nullify Reward - "Sunset for a Demonnapper"
Glass Magatama 35 Sick Nullify Reward - "Slay the Demon in Hiding"
Hunter Crown 38 Panic Nullify Reward - "Hunter Tournament Finals"
Capote Earring 172 +9 Ag/Lu, Gun Repel, Light/Dark Null, Greatly increases aim/evasion rate Dropped by Matador
Fantasista 172 Fire/Ice/Elec/Force Resist, Fully heal HP/MP after battle Dropped by White Rider
Refreshing Tune 172 Phys Repel, Revive with full HP once per battle Dropped by Trumpeter

Streetpass Items are also available normally in-game, from chests or for purchase

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