ForkCutlery for stabbing food. Looks almost like certain spears.176
TowelSmall towel for wiping up dirt. Also used in first-aid.185
MarkerWriting utensil for leaving a mark. Asahi's notebooks are covered in too much marker.190
NotebookBound paper for taking notes. Smartphones can also perform this function.180
CupCan be useful in espionage... Just put it up to your ear and a wall or door.171
New KnifeCooking utensil for chopping. Also a weapon, but leaves much to be desired.2359
New PlateGreat for serving food off of. Could be used as a shield... or maybe not.2340
New PotUsed for cooking food. Or possibly can be worn as a helmet.2320
New KettleVessel for boiling liquids. Great for instant meals, of course.2301
Bath TowelLarge and fluffy, a bare necessity. Wet it, freeze it, and it can do some damage!2282
SkateboardWooden plank with wheels. Can be wa rather noisy diversion.3800
Yoga MatRubbery mat for the floor. ...What is yoga, anyway?3848
Sewing KitUsed for mending cloth and sewing buttons. Can also sew wounds in an emergency.3752
BarbecueGrill for barbecuing food. Fire this up and grill some demon meat!42240
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