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This is a list of forma in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Forma are special materials peculiar to the Schwarzwelt. They can be used to develop equipment and extend the protagonist's Demonica's functionality. They are obtained by defeating enemies in battle and from searching the field in a given sector. There are three types of Forma: base, assist and rare.

Forma Divisions[]

Forma Types[]

Base Forma are Forma pieces intrinsic to each sector and come from the Sector itself, rather than having a specific demon produce them. Base Forma are used in the development of weapons, armor, accessories and items. They are found in the field after the first Forma Search Program has been developed.

Assist Forma are the remains of defeated demons, and the spoils of battles. Specific demons produce specific types of Assist Forma. Assist forma are combined with base forma to develop weapons, armor, accessories and items. They can be acquired as a result of triumph in battle or by convincing a demon by conversation through various means to hand over their particular item. More rarely, they can be found strewn around in areas where the demon which usually drops it lurks. Enemy Search demons, however, are the only source of their respective formas.

Rare Forma are, as implied, rarer Forma types that are used exclusively for the development of programs to augment the Demonica's capabilities in the field, from enhancing the demon-searching capabilities, to allowing more door-unlocking programs, or finding higher-quality Forma in the field, etcetera. These are handed over to Irving in the Red Sprite 's engineering lab, scanned and used to upgrade the Demonica's Main App or add SubApps to the available purchase list, and are never encountered again afterwards.

Base Forma Rarity[]

There are three types of Base Forma based on its rarity; orange forma stands for A Type Forma, the most common and easiest to find; they can be found after collecting the Lemegetonite Rare Forma in Sector Antlia and handing it over to Irving in order to develop the base Forma Search program.

Silver forma are B Type Forma, a rarer type that requires the special Forma Search program enhanced with the Goetite Rare Forma found in Sector Eridanus. New types of Forma in earlier sectors are revealed with it.

Gold forma is C Type Forma, the rarest Forma type, which requires the ultimate augmentation to the Forma Search Program, brought about by the Hexagram Forma found in Sector Fornax.

Table of Forma[]

Base Forma[]

Name Sector Search Type
AT Antlite Antlia A
AT Antlite II Antlia A
AT Antlite III Antlia B
AT Bootite Bootes A
AT Bootite II Bootes A
AT Carite Carina A
AT Carite II Carina A
AT Carite III Carina B
AT Delphite Delphinus A
AT Delphite II Delphinus A
AT Eridite Eridanus B
AT Eridite II Eridanus B
AT Forite Fornax B
AT Forite II Fornax B
AT Grusite Grus B
AT Grusite II Grus B
AT Horolite Horologium B
AT Horolite II Horologium B
AT Antlite X Antlia C
AT Bootite X Bootes C
AT Delphite X Delphinus C
AT Forite X Fornax C
DF Antlite Antlia A
DF Bootite Bootes A
DF Bootite II Bootes A
DF Bootite III Bootes B
DF Carite Carina A
DF Carite II Carina A
DF Delphite Delphinus A
DF Delphite II Delphinus A
DF Delphite III Delphinus B
DF Eridite Eridanus B
DF Eridite II Eridanus B
DF Forite Fornax B
DF Forite II Fornax B
DF Grusite Grus B
DF Grusite II Grus B
DF Horolite Horologium B
DF Horolite II Horologium B
DF Carite X Carina C
DF Eridite X Eridanus C
DF Grusite X Grus C
AC Antlite Antlia A
AC Bootite Bootes A
AC Bootite II Bootes B
AC Carite Carina A
AC Delphite Delphinus A
AC Delphite II Delphinus B
AC Eridite Eridanus B
AC Eridite II Eridanus B
AC Forite Fornax B
AC Forite II Fornax B
AC Grusite Grus B
AC Horolite Horologium B
AC Horolite X Horologium C
Recovery Core All A
Detox Core All A
Calm Core All A
Revival Core All A
Chakra Core All A
Miracle Core All A
White Core All A
Rising Core All B
Strength Core Antlia B
Magic Core Bootes B
Vitality Core Carina B
Agility Core Delphinus B
Luck Core Eridanus B
Nectar Core X All C
Onogoro Stone Grus and Horologium B

Assist Forma[]

Name Sector Demon Source
Divine Wings Antlia Angel, Archangel
Divine Staff Bootes Principality
Divine Shield Carina Power
Divine Heart Delphinus Virtue
Divine Chain Eridanus Dominion
Divine Wheel Fornax Throne
Divine Column Horologium Cherub
Flight Beak Antlia Tangata Manu
Flight Leg Bootes Harpy
Flight Band Bootes Gu Huo Niao
Flight Feather Delphinus Caladrius
Flight Talon Eridanus Toufei
Flight Tail Fornax Rukh
Flight Scale Fornax Da Peng
Yoma Leaf Antlia Koppa Tengu
Yoma Webbing Bootes Vodyanik
Yoma Hood Carina Karasu Tengu
Yoma Cloak Delphinus Dis
Yoma Cloud Eridanus Shiwanna
Yoma Mask Grus Xiuhtecuhtli
Yoma Bridle Grus Valkyrie
Yoma Ivory Horologium Ganesha
Nymph Swimsuit Bootes Apsaras
Nymph Fan Delphinus Ame no Uzume
Nymph Hat Eridanus Senri
Nymph Robe Grus Peri, Sarasvati
Vile Long Horn Delphinus Baphomet
Vile Veins Eridanus Mishaguji
Vile Wool Fornax Taotie
Vile Goggles Grus Pachacamac
Vile Skeleton Horologium Pales
Vile Bone Horologium Seth
Vile Prehnite Horologium Samael
Raptor Tissue Antlia Itsumade, Onmoraki
Raptor Dress Bootes Moh Shuvuu
Raptor Talon Delphinus Zhen
Raptor Nerves Delphinus Camazotz
Raptor Ulna Fornax Gurr
Raptor Jar Grus Anzu
Raptor Sun Horologium Huoniao
Raptor Molt Horologium Hresvelgr
Wood Gourd Carina Shan Xiao
Wood Roots Delphinus Mandrake
Wood Bark Delphinus Skogsra
Wood Thorn Fornax Alraune
Wood Face Fornax Zaccoum
Wood Sceptre Grus Erlkonig
Fairy Wings Antlia Pixie
Fairy Ice Bootes Jack Frost
Fairy Lamp Bootes Pyro Jack
Fairy Pouch Bootes Goblin
Fairy Kerchief Carina Silky
Fairy Shroud Eridanus Spriggan
Fairy Water Eridanus Vivian
Fairy Helmet Grus Oberon
Fairy Dust Grus Titania
Beast Fire Fur Antlia Kaso
Beast Hoof Bootes Katakirauwa
Beast Seal Carina Inugami
Beast Hairball Carina Nekomata
Beast Flask Delphinus Hsing-Hsing
Beast Mane Eridanus Orthrus
Beast Talons Fornax Gryphon
Beast Scales Grus Ammut
Beast Flame Horologium Cerberus
Jirae Rags Antlia Knocker
Jirae Dress Antlia Hua Po
Jirae Tools Carina Dwarf
Jirae Seal Carina Sudama
Jirae Bones Delphinus Kwancha
Jirae Plate Eridanus Titan
Jirae Magma Fornax Tlaltecuhtli
Jirae Mud Grus Gogmagog
Snake Spear Bootes Naga
Snake Snout Carina Nozuchi
Snake Runes Eridanus Yurlungur
Snake Shell Eridanus Gui Xian
Snake Hoods Horologium Ananta
Snake Scales Horologium Orochi
Reaper Rime Fornax Hel
Reaper Fruit Grus Persephone
Reaper Tux Grus Guedhe
Reaper Tablet Horologium Mot
Reaper Knife Horologium Nergal
Wilder Fur Bootes Jueyuan
Wilder Volt Carina Raiju
Wilder Stripes Delphinus Nue
Wilder Mask Eridanus Pellaidh
Wilder Eye Fornax Catoblepas, Manticore
Wilder Earth Horologium Cabracan
Wilder Flame Horologium Fenrir
Jaki Bolt Antlia Gremlin
Jaki Hammer Bootes Ippon-Datara
Jaki Pelt Delphinus Wendigo
Jaki Hair Eridanus Rakshasa
Jaki Hide Fornax Grendel
Jaki Tusk Grus Girimehkala
Jaki Chain Horologium Hecatoncheir
Vermin Rope Antlia Okiku-Mushi
Vermin Legs Bootes Ubu
Vermin Abdomen Carina Myrmecolion
Vermin Antenna Delphinus Mothman
Vermin Thread Eridanus Arachne
Fallen Purse Antlia Melchom
Fallen Candle Bootes Bifrons
Fallen Feather Carina Halphas
Fallen Rattle Delphinus Orias
Fallen Tome Eridanus Dantalian
Fallen Star Fornax Decarabia
Fallen Crown Grus Gemori
Brute Horn Antlia Oni
Brute Fishbone Bootes Azumi
Brute Boards Bootes Momunofu
Brute Pelt Carina Yamawaro
Brute Gold Eridanus Kin-Ki
Brute Garment Eridanus Sui-Ki
Brute Clothes Eridanus Fuu-Ki
Brute Fur Coat Horologium Berserker
Femme Anklet Bootes Leanan Sidhe, Acheri
Femme Snow Delphinus Yuki Jyorou
Femme Shears Fornax Atropos
Femme Spool Fornax Clotho
Femme Ruler Fornax Lachesis
Femme Necklace Horologium Dakini
Femme Claws Horologium Rangda
Night Sand Antlia Sandman
Night Skull Bootes Fomorian
Night Tail Bootes Lilim
Night Horn Delphinus Incubus
Night Mustache Fornax Kaiwan
Night Torch Grus Wild Hunt
Night Choker Grus Succubus
Night Snake Horologium Lilith
Tyrant Eye Fornax Balor
Tyrant Wing Grus Loki
Tyrant Tongue Grus Abaddon
Tyrant Lignite Horologium Surt
Tyrant Orb Horologium Tzitzimitl
Tyrant Glacier Eridanus King Frost (Enemy Search)
Drake Stripes Carina Zhu Tun She
Drake Scale Eridanus Basilisk, Bai Suzhen
Drake Board Grus Kingu
Drake Kaina Horologium Nidhoggr
Drake Heart Horologium Fafnir
Drake Eyeball Horologium Mushussu
Spirit Cuffs Antlia Dybbuk, Poltergeist
Spirit Scythe Carina Macabre
Spirit Blaze Carina Inferno
Spirit Stalk Delphinus Pisaca
Spirit Acid Eridanus Legion
Foul Mucous Antlia Slime
Foul Clay Carina Doppelganger
Haunt Ball Bootes Preta
Haunt Plasm Carina Mou-Ryo
Haunt Dry Skin Delphinus Ghoul, Churel
Haunt Jacket Fornax Strigoii
Haunt Skin Grus Kudlak
Haunt Ribs Horologium Vetala (Enemy Search)
Eerie Cornet Horologium Trumpeter (Enemy Search)
Cold Scythe Grus Pale Rider (Enemy Search)
Judgment Scale Fornax Black Rider (Enemy Search)
Sword Shard Eridanus Red Rider (Enemy Search)
Victor's Bow Delphinus White Rider (Enemy Search)
Red Capote Carina

Matador (Enemy Search)

Enigma Himorogi Delphinus

Futotama (Enemy Search)

Enigma Sphere Fornax

Kinmamon (Enemy Search)

Enigma Clay Carina

Kanbari (Enemy Search)

Enigma Tusk Horologium Kangiten (Enemy Search)
Enigma Lotus Horologium Kama (Enemy Search)
UMA Foot Delphinus

Hare of Inaba (Enemy Search)

UMA Skin Bootes

Chupacabra (Enemy Search)

UMA Muzzle Carina

Kuda (Enemy Search)

UMA Tissue Antlia and Bootes

Mamedanuki (Enemy Search)

Kishin Horns Antlia and Bootes

Takeminakata (Enemy Search)

Kishin Hammer Horologium

Thor (Enemy Search)

Genma Spear Carina

Tam Lin (Enemy Search)

Genma Conch Delphinus

Kurama Tengu (Enemy Search)

Genma Jar Eridanus

Tlaloc (Enemy Search)

Genma Helmet Fornax Hanuman (Enemy Search)
Genma Bugle Grus

Heimdall (Enemy Search)

Avian Wing Grus Garuda (Enemry Search)

Rare Forma[]

Name Sector Use
Lemegetonite Antlia Forma Search A
Feather Flock Antlia Unlock A
Fairy's Harp Antlia SubApp - MP Recover II
Sleeping Stone Antlia SubApp - Enemy Lullaby
Fragant Stone Antlia SubApp - Enemy Challenge
Soothing Stone Antlia SubApp - Medic
Brass Horn Antlia SubApps - Light in Hell, Extra Item, Extra Macca
Release Jewel Bootes Gate Search A
Chiasto Mirror Bootes Enemy Search A
Death Omen Bootes SubApp - Fiend Converter
UMA's Ball Bootes SubApp - UMA Converter
Stone Fragment Bootes SubApps - Enemy Begone, HP Regen I, Fracastoro, Gambler
Findite Carina Unlock B
Swine's Hoof Carina Phase Shift A
Stomach Acid Carina SubApps - HP Recover II, MP Recover I, Nurse, Zealot Summons, Friend Item, Friend Macca, Friend Heal
Passage Jewel Delphinus Gate Search B
Kaisetsu Stone Delphinus Visualizer A
Ulna Delphinus SubApps - Enemy Welcome, Surpriser, Paracelsus
Goetite Eridanus Forma Search B
Asteria Stone Eridanus Gameplay use only
Ice-10 Eridanus Jack's Bargain Mission
X-Metal Eridanus Jack's Bargain Mission
Hydro Apple Eridanus Jack's Bargain Mission
Sound Jewel Eridanus Gate Search E
Abacus Eridanus SubApps - Double Down, Hercules, Orion
Paper Sheet Eridanus SubApps - Orpheus, Achilles, Theseus
Bookmark Eridanus SubApp - MP Regen II
Klein Bottle Eridanus SubApps - HP Regen II, MP Regen I, Green Grass
Sun Mirror Fornax Used with Moon Mirror and Star Mirror, Enemy Search B
Moon Mirror Fornax Used with Sun Mirror and Star Mirror, Enemy Search B
Star Mirror Fornax Used with Sun Mirror and Moon Mirror, Enemy Search B
Hexagram Fornax Forma Search C
Salt Lump Fornax SubApps - Long Birthday, Tea Amity, Laplace
Cornucopia Grus Unlock E
Remedium Grus Unlock C
Nabatea Stone Grus SubApp - Scanning Zero
Sweet Liqueur Grus SubApps - White Album, Shushendo, Macca Garnish, Item Garnish, Heal Garnish
Clement Bell Horologium Unlock D
Destiny Jewel Horologium Gate Search D
Gumonji Mirror Horologium Enemy Search C
Raven Stone Horologium Visualizer C
Secret Records Red Sprite SubApp - Enigma Converter
Giant's Fang Red Sprite Phase Shifter B
Piercing Stone Jack's Squad HQ Visualizer B
Stink Bag Womb of Grief SubApp - Enemy Banish
Ariadne's Thread Womb of Grief

/First Sphere

SubApp - Guidance Angel
Damp Hair Womb of Grief

/First Sphere Boss

SubApp - Co-Op Enhance R
Warped Horn Womb of Grief SubApp - Demon Juicer
Liquid Medicine Womb of Grief SubApp - God Hand
Shimmering Mirror Womb of Grief

/Third Sphere

SubApp - Marco Polo
Fairy Horn Womb of Grief SubApp - Promotion
Diploma Womb of Grief SubApp - Spearhead
Mafutsu Mirror Womb of Grief Floor Search
Morningstar Px Empyrean Ascent SubApp - Magellan

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