This is a list of episodes from the Shin Megami Tensei: DeviChil anime.

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Number Title Writer Director Original Air Date
#01 Cerberus! My partner's a chill guy!?
ケルベロス! 仲魔はとってもクールな奴!?
Shinzo Fujita Yoshio Suzuki October 7, 2000
Setsuna Kai was supposed to move to a new apartment, but it was destroyed in a mysterious landslide. Distraught, Setsuna met the strange scientist Hiromi Kaname and his granddaughter Mirai. Setsuna must now travel to the Expanse with Mirai and fight demons...!?
#02 Jack Frost! He's good with the cold but trips over his own feet!?
ジャックフロスト! 寒さにゃ強いが足下注意!?
Shinzo Fujita Tetsuya Kobayashi October 14, 2000
Setsuna is now living together with his demon partner, Cool the Cerberus, and Mirai. Things seem okay, except Setsuna and Cool are experiencing a rocky start to their partnership. But suddenly, the temperature starts raising quickly...!?
#03 Sandman! Delivering good dreams to everyone!?
ザントマン! みんなに、いい夢お届けーー!?
Fuhimiko Shimo Nobuharu Kamanaka October 21, 2000
Yellow sand falls over the town, making everyone hit by it start acting however they want, regardless of appearances. Setsuna and Mirai, believing this to be the work of a demon, head to the Expanse. Just what kind of demon is behind this...!?
#04 Bifang! Flames in the snow!?
ヒッポウ! 雪の中で炎がポウ!?
Kiyoko Yoshimura Yoshitaka Fujimoto October 28, 2000
Due to an abnormal phenomenon, snow starts coming out of the stove! Setsuna and Mirai head to the Expanse and arrive at the Frost tribe. Why is Bifang, who's supposed to be a friend of the Frosts, suddenly attacking them...!?
#05 Clock Rabbit! The sky tells the time!?
とけいウサギ! 時間を気にしてうわの空!?
Koji Miura Genjuro Tachibana November 4, 2000
After a mysterious earthquake, the passage of time becomes irregular for everyone except Setsuna and Mirai. After discovering that the origin of the earthquake was in the Expanse, the two of them had there and...!?
#06 Ammut! What's inside the costume is a secret, got it!?
アーマン! 着ぐるみの中身はナイショよね!?
Yoshifumi Fukushima Kazuhisa Ohno November 11, 2000
All kinds of machines, from televisions to vacuum cleaners and trains, have stopped making sounds. The cause seems to be in the Expanse. However, Setsuna is being held up by an old lady he met on the way to meet with his friends...!?
#07 Mechi! Mizuchi! Electric shock!
メッチー! ミズチ! 感電ち!
Koji Miura Shigehito Takayanagi November 18, 2000
Setsuna and Mirai are in the Expanse investigating an incident caused by a demon, when the Vinecom's battery ran out! And at the same time, Cool found himself in big trouble...!
#08 Nisroc! Enthralling cooking!?
ニスロク! カリスマ料理でもうメロメロ!?
Kiyoko Yoshimura Norio Taniguchi November 25, 2000
While exploring the Expanse, Setsuna and Mirai come across a building emitting dark energy to the surrounding area. They decide to investigate what's going on, only to find...!?
#09 Counting Sheep! The treasure is in danger!
かぞえヒツジ! お宝がピンチだメェ!!
Fumihiko Shimo Shou Nakagama December 2, 2000
On one peaceful day, hordes of different animals start appearing at the school: cats, turtles, birds, cows, snakes... Suspecting that Lucifer might be behind this incident, Setsuna and Mirai head to the Expanse to investigate.
#10 Salamander! The great secret of the labyrinth!?
サラマンダー! 魔宮の秘密でさあ大変!?
Shinzo Fujita Yoshitaka Fujimoto December 9, 2000
Due to another incident, Setsuna and Mirai head to the Expanse in order to stop the demon behind it. But Setsuna comes face-to-face with Mirai's missing father...!?
#11 Hel! The fierce battle of fire and ice!
ヘル! 氷と炎のガチンコ勝負!!
Shinzo Fujita Genjuro Tachibana December 16, 2000
Hel, one of Lucifer's more powerful subordinates who should have been sealed away, is back! She then proceeds to immediately start collecting negative energy from humans...!
#12 Nekomata! The super dangerous love trap!?
ネコマタ! 危ない危ない恋のワナ!?
Yoshifumi Fukushima Yoshio Suzuki December 23, 2000
Setsuna and Mirai head to the Expanse to solve another incident, but all of their demons are under the spell of Nekomata, who can control and manipulate demons with her charm...!
#13 Vampire! Yer neck's pretty cute, ya know!?
バンパイア! おみゃあの首筋キュートだがや!?
Koji Miura Toshihiro Ishikawa December 30, 2000
Out of the blue, everyone in the city starts craving tomato juice. To find out the reason, Setsuna and Mirai head to the Expanse, get captured by the demon Vampire. Can Veil, who is scared of vampires, save them...!?
#14 Franken! Just what is the DeviGenome!?
フランケン! デビゲノムって何なのさ!?
Shinzo Fujita Norio Taniguchi January 6, 2001
Everyone in the city suddenly start fighting amongst themselves! While exploring the Expanse, Setsuna and Mirai are attacked by Fenrir and Abaddon, separating the group. What will happen to Setsuna and Cool...!?
#15 Frost Ace! The long-awaited hero, ho!?
フロストエース! 憧れのヒーローだホー!?
Kiyoko Yoshimura Nobuharu Kamanaka January 13, 2001
Asura is attacking the Frost village! When Mirai, Cool, Veil, and Queen Frost are taken hostage, how will Setsuna rescue them and take back the royal castle!? And who is Frost Ace, the legendary hero of the Frost village...!?
#16 Odin! It's rough being a Kudagitsune!
オーディン! クダギツネにはキツいネ!?
Fumihiko Shimo Yoshitaka Fujimoto January 20, 2001
The mighty Odin, ruler of the northern region of the Expanse, has enslaved the Kudagitsune!? And he plans to use them as labor force to build a giant statue of Lucifer...!?
#17 Dwarf! The secret weapon cannot be stopped!?
ドワーフ! 秘密兵器は止まらない!?
Yoshifumi Fukushima Shigeki Awai January 27, 2001
While investigating the Expanse, Setsuna and Mirai are attacked by a giant wooden robot built by Dwarf. Do Setsuna, Mirai, and the Mandrakes even stand a chance against it...!?
#18 Persona! Who's behind the change of heart!?
ペルソナ! 心変わりは誰のせい!?
Shinzo Fujita Yoshio Suzuki February 3, 2001
Setsuna and his friends play matchmaker for their art teacher, Mr. Uchikida, and their homeroom teacher, Ms. Noriko...!? And suddenly, everyone's personalities begin changing drastically...!?
#19 Ganesha! Interrupting class is unforgivable!?
ガネーシャ! 授業のジャマは許さんばい!?
Fumihiko Shimo Toshihiro Ishikawa February 10, 2001
The usually kind teacher Ganesha has suddenly turned spartan! When investigating the issue, Setsuna and Cool end up trapped in Mr. Ganesha's class... alongside Fenrir and Abaddon!?
#20 Nightmare! Good little demons go to bed early, got it!?
ナイトメア! デビルいい子だ寝んねしな!?
Koji Miura Norio Taniguchi February 17, 2001
Mirai's grandfather Hiromi has been going on night strolls with their allied demons at night. However, people saw them and it has caused a great turmoil! Meanwhile, in the Expanse...!?
#21 Doppelgänger! I'm you and you're me!?
ドッペルゲンガー! 俺はお前でお前は俺で!?
Kiyoko Yoshimura Nobuharu Kamanaka February 24, 2001
While investigating an incident in the Expanse, Setsuna gets separated from the rest of group. They manage to reunite later, but Setsuna has suddenly begun to act weird...!?
#22 Hel! Third time's the charm!?
ヘル! 二度あることは三度ある!?
Shinzo Fujita Yoshitaka Fujimoto March 3, 2001
Setsuna and Mirai receive word from Franken about the whereabouts of Mirai's father, and so they head immediately to the Expanse. Just what is Mirai's father looking for...!?
#23 Power! Finally, a fused demon!
パワー! やっと完全、合体デビル!!
Yoshifumi Fukushima Shigeki Awai March 10, 2001
Lucifer's new subordinates, Azel and Belial, prove to be extremely tough opponents. However, a new fused demon appears before Setsuna and Mirai, allowing them to fight back!
#24 Fenrir and Abaddon! The great battle on Earth!
フェンリル、アバドン! 地上界で大騒ぎ!!
Koji Miura Genjuro Tachibana March 17, 2001
Fenrir and Abaddon lay a trap for Setsuna and Mirai, luring them to the Expanse in order to use their portal to travel to Earth! Once there, they started rampaging...
#25 Azel and Belial! The Expanse's strongest team!
アゼルとベリアル! マカイ最強タッグチーム!!
Fumihiko Shimo Shinichi Sakurai March 24, 2001
A massive battle between good and evil demons has broken out in the Expanse! Setsuna and Mirai head there immediately, only to be held back by an attack from Azel and Belial...!?
#26 Setsuna and Mirai! Onto a new adventure!
セツナとミライ! 新たなる出発!!
Shinzo Fujita Yoshio Suzuki March 31, 2001
Setsuna and Mirai finally come face-to-face with the Demon Lord Lucifer! However, Lucifer's overwhelming magic power proves to be their strongest challenge yet. But at that time...!?
#27 Crom Cruach! The entire Expanse belongs to him!?
クロークルワッハ! マカイはすべてボスのもの!?
Shinzo Fujita Toshihiro Ishikawa April 14, 2001
After a brief period of peace, another incident occurs in the Expanse, prompting Setsuna and Mirai to check it out. It seems a new group of evil demons is on the rise...!?
#28 Vritra! Watch out for the serial kidnapper!?
ヴリトラ! 行方不明注意報発令中!?
Shinzo Fujita Tetsuya Kobayashi April 21, 2001
The Petit Frosts from Ice Land have been disappearing one after another! Setsuna and Mirai reunite with their old friend Jack Frost to investigate, only to find...!?
#29 Sphinx! No one can sway my resolve!
スフィンクス! 気持ちは誰にも動かせない!!
Shinzo Fujita Nobuharu Kamanaka April 28, 2001
Prince, the ruler of one of the Expanse's kingdoms, had begun acting strange recently. After hearing that he's being manipulated by an evil demon, Setsuna and Mirai go there to investigate and...!?
#30 Nidhoggr! Can't fight with an empty stomach!?
ニーズホッグ! 腹がへっては戦はできぬ!?
Yoshifumi Fukushima Yoshio Suzuki May 5, 2001
Nidhoggr, an usually kind demon, has been targeted by Demogorgon and began to rampage, destroying everything in his sight! His good friend, Pixie, is trying to get Nidhoggr back to normal, yet...!?
#31 Neko Shogun! Both sides are to blame, meow!?
ネコショウグン! ケンカはいつも両成敗にゃ!?
Koji Miura Masahiro Sonoda May 12, 2001
In the Expanse, there's been an ongoing fight between Neko Shogun and the Komainus. Vibhishana takes notice of this feud and sets his sights on the Komainus...!?
#32 Agathion! It comes out when you open the pot!?
アガシオン! そのツボ開けると出てくるよ!?
Kiyoko Yoshimura Masayuki Matsumoto May 19, 2001
Fafnir was turned evil due to Paimon's powers and sent to attack a Gnome village, where he stole their treasure. Setsuna and Mirai infiltrate the enemy base to reclaim the treasure, and then...!?
#33 Hecatoncheir! Explosive desire for marriage!
ヘカトンケイル! 結婚願望大爆発!!!
Fumihiko Shimo Toshihiro Ishikawa May 26, 2001
Hecatoncheir, driven mad by Demogorgon, attacks the Yamanba village in search for a marriage partner! There, he fell for Mirai at first sight and quickly kidnapped her...!
#34 Mammon! A fake fortune telling scam!?
マモン! インチキ占いもうかりまっか!?
Fumihiko Shimo Masahiro Sonoda June 2, 2001
Isis, the most famous fortune teller in the entire Expanse, suddenly started demanding jewelry as payment for her services. Suspecting that something must be wrong, Setsuna and Mirai investigate and...!?
#35 Pifrus! The experiment is a success, ehehe...!?
ピフリュス! 実験成功グヒヒヒ……!?
Koji Miura Masayuki Matsumoto June 9, 2001
Setsuna and Mirai visit Pifrus, the Expanse's infamous mad scientist. However, Pifrus is under Vibhishana's control and he wants to use Setsuna and Mirai in his experiments...!?
#36 Ankou! A great hustle!?
アンクー! はりきり暴走大迷惑!?
Fumihiko Shimo Shigeki Hatakeyama June 16, 2001
While investigating the Expanse, Setsuna and Mirai come across Ankou, a protector of a nearby demon village, and attack him, believing him to be an evil demon. But the true evil demon, Bai Long, quickly appears before them, alongside Fenrir and Abaddon...!
#37 Bastet! Head over heels!
バステト! 恋しちゃったのよ!!
Yoshifumi Fukushima Nobuharu Kamanaka June 23, 2001
Fenrir and Abaddon are targeting Queen Bastet in order to take over her kingdom. Setsuna and Mirai thwart their first attempt, but it seems the queen has fallen in love with Cool...!?
#38 Indra! The mysterious boy, Zett, appears!
インドラ! 謎の少年・ゼット登場!!
Shinzo Fujita Yoshio Suzuki June 30, 2001
Setsuna and Cool get into a nasty fight due to a petty disagreement, which causes them trouble in the middle of battle. When they're about to fall off a cliff, they're saved by a mysterious boy!
#39 Horus! The great ruler of the sun and the moon!
ホルス! 偉大なる太陽と月の支配者!!
Shinzo Fujita Masahiro Sonoda July 7, 2001
Vibhishana, Demogorgon, and Paimon go out all in their plan to steal the powerful jewels of Horus' kingdom, the Sun Eye and the Moon Eye. How are Setsuna and Mirai supposed to protect them...!?
#40 Vibhishana! The limits of hatred and betrayal!
ビビサナ! 憎しみと裏切りの果てに!!
Shinzo Fujita Shinichi Sakurai July 14, 2001
Vibishana, now possessing both the Sun Eye and the Moon Eye, uses their powers to create a powerful storm and attack Horus' kingdom! But Demogorgon and Paimon don't seem happy about it...!?
#41 Hresvelgr! Up up, speed up!
フレスベルク! アップアップ、スピードUP!!
Koji Miura Yoshio Suzuki July 21, 2001
After hearing about a miraculous seed that can restore an entire forest, Demogorgon uses his powers to turn Hresvelgr evil and orders him to steal the seed. How will Setsuna and Mirai protect it...!?
#42 Ifrit! It all depends on today's fortune!?
イフリート! その日の運勢気持ち次第!?
Kiyoko Yoshimura Yoshikata Nitta July 28, 2001
Setsuna and Mirai head to the Expanse to investigate a new incident, but it was all a trap set by Fenrir and Abaddon! Can they win despite Sphinx believing he's stuck in a bad luck cycle...!?
#43 Qilin! Raise your brave heart to the challenge!
キリン! 勇気の心立ち上がれ!!
Yoshifumi Fukushima Toshihiro Ishikawa August 4, 2001
Fenrir and Abaddon are attacking a village by using an Android under Demogorgon's control. After winning the fight, they're approached by Qilin, who wishes to challenge them to see who's stronger!
#44 King Deva! The Expanse's Strongest tournament!
デーバオー! マカイ最強トーナメント!!
Fumihiko Shimo Masayuki Matsumoto August 11, 2001
A battle tournament is going to be held in the Expanse! Setsuna and Mirai receive info that an evil demon is going to participate in the tournament, so they decide to infiltrate and investigate the matter...!
#45 Wadjet! I'll still believe in you!
ヴァジェット! それでもオレは信じてる!!
Shinzo Fujita Masahiro Sonoda August 18, 2001
Wadjet was turned evil by Demogorgon, but seemingly managed to retain his reason and refuses to do evil! Hearing that, Setsuna decided to protect Wadjet, but is this all part of Wadjet's plan...!?
#46 Dominion! Who is the evil demon!?
ドミニオン! 悪いデビルはダレだ!?
Shinzo Fujita Tetsuya Kobayashi August 25, 2001
Setsuna and Mirai arrive at a village, where they find Zett captive! The demons of the village claim Zett is evil and attacked them for no reason. How will Setsuna and Mirai prove Zett's innocence...!?
#47 The Fenrir and Abaddon army! On their way to conquer the Expanse!?
フェンリル、アバドン軍団! マカイ制圧一歩前!?
Shinzo Fujita Yoshitaka Fujimoto September 1, 2001
Fenrir and Abaddon discover Lucifer's body, sealed inside a giant crystal! The two of them make plans of betraying Demogorgon and Paimon in favor of their old boss, and start recruiting demons for an army...!
#48 Lucifer! He who laughs under the starry sky!
ルシファー! 星降るマカイで笑うヤツ!!
Shinzo Fujita Yoshikata Nitta September 15, 2001
After escaping from Demogorgon and Paimon, Fenrir and Abaddon try to smuggle Lucifer's sealed body to safety! However, Demogorgon and Paimon's servants are hot in their pursuit. What will happen when they come across Setsuna and Mirai...!?
#49 Zebul! Shattered friendship!
ゼブル! 砕け散る友情!!
Shinzo Fujita Nobuharu Kamanaka September 22, 2001
Zett has taken Lucifer's body, unbeknownst to the three factions looking for it. Setsuna and Mirai come across Zett, but just as they believe things are finally over...!?
#50 Setsuna and Zett! From the past, onwards to the future!
セツナとゼット! 過ぎ去りし日々と明日へ!!
Shinzo Fujita Shinichi Watanabe September 29, 2001
Setsuna refuses to fight against Zebul, as he still believes Zett is his friend. But in order to protect the Expanse, he's forced to take arms. Is killing Zebul truly the only way...!?

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