This is a list of requests in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. These are optional missions that become available after the casts meet in You in Wonderland and are managed by Elizabeth in the Nurse's Office, although they can be filed by any member of the cast. Although they can be triggered by events and conversations within a labyrinth, if the player has not triggered the event after a certain point they are made available regardless. Some quests will be time-limited, noted on the request list with a small icon of a clock. The time limit is not tied to game time, but game progression itself, making it fundamental to complete them in a timely fashion in order to access the Time for a Finale request.

In some quests, it is possible to be rewarded with additional items if the request is completed in the best possible way. (For example: if Rei is given the Giant Parfait in "Helping with the Trading Showdown" the player will receive additional items upon handing in the request.)

List of RequestsEdit

Request Type Details Available Reward Exp
Fuse Xiezhai Find Fuse or obtain a Xiezhai. Immediately ¥7800 500
Help with the Trading Showdown * Meet Teddie cheats so it is impossible to fail, but there is a bonus for getting the parfait - trade with Junpei, then Ken, and finally Kanji & Yosuke. Growth 1 (Acc) (Bonus: Makajam Card, Soma Droplet) 2500
Defeat the Card Soldier Hunt Defeat a Card Soldier FOE in You in Wonderland. Bring back a white pompom, free of paint. Enter Group Date Cafe Medical Kit (Item) 1000
The Legendary Medicine Get Obtain a Snake Skin from Lustful Snake by defeating it while Agility Bound. Near Group Date Cafe Stop 1's 2nd Power Spot, tell Yosuke you'll take him to the nurse (Grid E4) Promotion Ticket (Key) 1300
Procuring Arrow Materials * Find Take Aigis to obtain the arrow that flies the farthest from Group Date Cafe Stop 1. It is just outside the room containing the Steeltrap Claw. Group Date Cafe Stop 1 - pass through the room with 2 Messengers of Love (Grid D4) Theodore #3 (Zen) 3500
Arrest the Food Bandit! * Meet Confront Theodore Examine southeastern dead end in second moving walkway room, Group Date Cafe Stop 2 (Grid C5). Ag-Lu Reverse (Acc) (Bonus: Antibiotic Gel) 2500
Investigate a Rumor * Find Go back to the spot that triggered the request with Yukari in the party. Quest begins with a stroll. Examine the dead end with a different colored heart in it, southwest Group Date Cafe Stop 2 (Grid D2). Assault Shot Card 2800
Investigate You in Wonderland † Hunt Defeat the Golden Beetle FOE at the End of You in Wonderland and retrieve the Yellow Orb from the void behind it. Enter Group Date Cafe Stop 3. Merit Badge (Acc) 1500
Request from Mr. X * Meet There is a bonus for getting all the Yaso / Gekkou High girls to show up.
P3 Side
Say to:
Chie - Kung Fu Buff
Yukiko - Comedian
Rise - Master of Love
Naoto - You'll find out

P4 Side
Say to:
Fuuka - Master chef
Yukari - Fortune teller in-training
Aigis - Not human
Mitsuru - It's Teddie

Check a dead end after Question 6, Group Date Cafe Stop 3 (Grid C3). En-Lu Reverse (Acc) (Bonus: Media Card, Snuff Soul) 2900
Obtain a Love Potion * Find Return to the dead end where the request was triggered with Teddie in the party. Examine the dead end behind the two FOEs southeast, Group Date Cafe Stop 3 (Grid E5). Attract Pipe (Item) 3500
Time For a Warm-Up † Hunt Fight Elizabeth in Group Date Cafe Stop 3 (Grid A3). Enter Group Date Cafe Stop 4 Scarlet Brace (Key) 1700
I want to Play, Too! * Meet There is a bonus for getting all the correct food for everyone.

Kanji and Junpei: French fries with Mayo Sauce,

Rise: Cinnamon Apple Tea,

Aigis: Iced Uji Maccha Latte,

Theodore / Marie: Ice cream order will differ, so pay close attention! (Example: Mango on top, pomegranate in the middle and plum at the bottom.)

Defeat the Boss of the Group Date Cafe. Body-Soul Reverse (Acc) (Bonus: Chewing Soul) 3000
Defeat the Angel of Love Hunt Defeat the Angel of Love FOE in the Group Date Cafe, bring back a white floral hairpin. Pink Choker (Acc) 2400
Solve the Music Room Mystery * Find Go back to the locked door in the piano room with Yukiko in the party, get the wax from the janitor's closet in the northwest of the room and put it on the broken door. Examine the locked piano room door in Evil Spirit Club 1st Story from the inside (Grid D5). Twin Sheets (Armor) 8200
Obtain a Hellish Pacifier * Find Go to the 2nd Story music room (E2) and examine the piano, leave the room and get past the FOEs as you go on further left southwest on the 2nd Story (E1). Examine the dead end west, Evil Spirit Club 2nd Story (Grid D2). Heat Wave Card 7700
Which Mascot Reigns Supreme!? Find Return to the 2nd Story and go to the large room on the west (C3). Examine the dead end southeast, Evil Spirit Club 2nd Story (Grid E5). Scapegoat (Key) 2500
Investigate the Group Date Cafe † Hunt Defeat the Engage King FOE in the Group Date Cafe The Big Day and retrieve the Pink Orb behind it. Enter Evil Spirit Club Story 3 Authority Badge (Acc) 2600
Obtain an Evil Eye Get Obtain a Monitor Eye from Fate Seeker by defeating it while Cursed. Examine the dead end northeast, Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story. (Grid B6) Goho-M More (Item) 2800
Pharmacy Collection * Find Obtain a laxative from the Medicine Storage in the Evil Spirit Club with Akihiko in your party. Examine the Medicine Storage in Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story. (Grid B2) St-En Reverse (Acc) 8500
SOS: Save Our Stomachs! * Meet There are several ways on making the best hot pot for Yosuke to get the bonus items.
Pick: Pork belly, Chinese cabbage and Tofu skin.
Pick: Cod, Green onions and Vermicelli noodles.
Pick: Scallop, Mushrooms and Deep-fried tofu.
Pick: Chicken meatballs, Mushrooms, Tofu.
Examine the dead end northeast, Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story. (Grid A6) Growth 2 (Acc) (Bonus: Diarama Card, Soma Tear) 7500
Time to Test Your Skills † Hunt Fight Elizabeth on Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story Enter Evil Spirit Club 4th Story Rock Dragon Wing (Key) 2700
Convey a Secret Message Find Start in the room just below the "Under Construction" secret passage (C3), then go down, left, up, right, up, and check the X. Tell Aigis that Kanji's heartbeat reacted to a secret message, near the end of Evil Spirit Club 4th Story (C3). Snowy Wing (Acc) 2800
Please Escort Us * Meet There are two possible bonus items. In order to get them both you need to satisfy both Margaret and Elizabeth. **
P3 Route - Choose:
"So what is 'THAT', already?"
"I can't bring myself to hate her."
"I agree."
"Those sound delicious."
"I think it's a draw."

P4 Route - Choose:
"You toss them at the poles."
"That's what I like about her."
"I have a handkerchief"
"I think it's a draw."

(For the P4 Route, choosing "You toss them at people" for the first one makes it possible to satisfy Elizabeth even if "Margaret" is chosen for the last one.)

Defeat the Boss of the Evil Spirit Club Pathos Recorder (Key) (Bonus: Power Charge Card, Aeon Rain Card) 9900
Defeat the Old Doll Hunt Defeat the Old Doll FOE in the Evil Spirit Club and bring back a gooey substance as proof Red Hairpin (Acc) 3200
Find Out What Zen Wants! * Meet Give the following responses:
"What do you think about Fall?"
"Is attack or defense more important?"
Tell Rei to give Zen a present after checking the rope in the dead end at E5 (may require fighting the shadows), Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 1. St-Ma Reverse (Acc) (Bonus: Soma Jelly) 9600
Walking Time Find Take Koro-chan to certain spots in Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 1, items are stashed inside the paper lanterns at each location. The quest can be finished after finding only one.
D3 - Snuff Soul
B6 - ¥2929
A1 - Rare Shadows
Check a dead end near the entrances to the shortcuts near the entrace to Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 1 (Grid D3) Willow Wing (Acc) (Bonus: Bead Chain) 3500
Share the Fun of a Festival * Find Take Kanji and Junpei back to the spot that triggered the request. Check a dead end in Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 2 (Grid D6) Growth 3 (Acc) 10600
Box Full of Shadows Hunt Open the locked box and win against all the Shadows within. 5 battles are fought in succession. Check the top (locked) treasure chest at the pair of chests in A1 of Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 2. Repulse Bell (Item) 3800
Let's Make Zen a Collar! * Get Talk to Theo, then obtain a Hanged Thorn by defeating a Fierce Cyclops while Magic Bound. Give it to Rei on a Stroll. Complete "Find Out What Zen Wants" and then enter Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 3 Handmade Collar (Acc only for Zen) 11000
Investigate the Evil Spirit Club † Hunt Defeat the Soul Seeker at the Evil Spirit Club's Last Story and retrieve the Black Orb behind it. Enter Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 3 All-Around Badge (Acc) 4300
Obtain a Fluffy Tail Get Obtain a Wheel Tail in the Inaba Pride Exhibit by defeating a Mach Wheel with Wind. Check a dead end in Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 3 (Grid C2) Member Certificate (Key) 4400
Treasure Hunters Wanted * Find The ticket is located under the statue in the top left square of Grid D4 Enter Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 4 St-Lu Reverse (Acc) (Bonus: Megidola Card) 15000
Time for a Trial † Hunt Fight Elizabeth in Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 3 Amenotamu-zake (Key) 4800
Study Hall is in Session * Meet Give the following answers:
P3 Route - Choose:
"Drinking 100L of water"
"To thank the harvest"
"There are no invalid reasons"

P4 Route - Choose:
"Respond to stimuli"

Mediarahan Card (Bonus: Soma) 12900
Lost: Prototype Arrow Find Locate the arrow prototype in the large room at Grid F3 using a lit torch. Arrows are on the right wall, the far wall, and center of the room. Check a dead end in Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 4 (Grid F2) Theodore #66 (Zen) 4400
Defeat the Festival Dudes Hunt Defeat the Festival Dudes FOE within the Inaba Pride Exhibit Nights 2 or 4. Complete Inaba Pride Exhibit. Purple Headband (Acc) 8000
Bring Me Something Memorable Get Defeat a Rampage Drive using an instant death skill. Check the dead end on Clock Tower 1F's Grid C4. Rudra Ring (Acc) 7000
The Battle of Wits Find Find the treasure box on one of the first three floors of the Clock Tower that doesn't fit. (1F C3) Check the treasure box on Clock Tower 1F's Grid C3. Discount Ticket (Key) 8300
Investigate Inaba Pride Exhibit † Hunt Defeat the Guardian Machine that has appeared on the final night of the Inaba Pride Exhibit and retrieve the Red Orb behind it. Enter Clock Tower 5F. Almighty Badge (Acc) 7500
Open That Treasure Box! Find Using the elevator and gondola, carry an ice key to 6F to unlock a treasure chest. Encounter the locked box at Clock Tower 6F (Grid B4) Germanium Ring (Acc) 9500
Obtain a Prosperity Shard Get Defeat a Luxury Hand. Walk into the dead end of the Clock Tower 8F (Grid D6) Chakra Ring (Acc) 7200
Zen's Inner Conflict Find Defeat or block the Capturer to free the butterfly in 8F (Grid A1) Enter the Clock Tower 8F (Grid A1) Sacrificial Idol (Acc) 12000
The Power of the Wild Card Hunt Fight Margaret in You in Wonderland Ch.3 Enter the Nurse's Office after P3 Hero and P4 Hero both reach level 55 Adamas Steel (Key)
Ultimate Personas
Defeat the Reaper Hunt Defeat The Reaper Load a cleared game save and have access to Clock Tower 4F. Omnipotent Orb (Acc) 20000
Time for the Finale Hunt Fight Elizabeth on Clock Tower 8F. Load a cleared game save, complete all 'Extra' requests, and have access to Clock Tower 8F. Blessed Loincloth (Key) 13000
A Family Affair Hunt Defeat the Velvet Room siblings. Load a cleared game save where both the P3 and P4 routes have been cleared. Adamas Bookmark (Key) 25000
Timed requests are indicated with *
Extra requests are indicated with †

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