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This is a list of bosses in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


Boss Labyrinth
Queen of Hearts You in Wonderland
Merciful Clergyman Group Date Cafe
Kind Doctor Evil Spirit Club
Best Friend Inaba Pride Exhibit
Captor Spider / Clockwork God Clock Tower

Extra Bosses[]

Boss Request Remarks
Golden Beetle Investigate You in Wonderland Enter Group Date Cafe Stop 3
Elizabeth (wielding Turdak) Time for a Warm-up Enter Group Date Cafe Stop 4
Engage King Investigate Group Date Cafe Enter Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story
Elizabeth (Basilisk) Time to Test Your Skills Enter Evil Spirit Club 4th Story
Soul Seeker Investigate the Evil Spirit Club Enter Inaba Pride Exibit Night 3
Elizabeth (Ouyamatsumi) Time for a Trial Enter Inaba Pride Exibit Night 4
Guardian Machine Investigate Inaba Pride Exhibit Enter Clock Tower 5F
Elizabeth (Possessed by Zeus) Time for the Finale Post-game only, before starting a new cycle
Must complete all previous Extra requests
Margaret The Power of the Wild Card Both Heroes must reach level 55
Elizabeth, Margaret, Theodore A Family Affair Ultimate Boss - finish both P3 and P4 routes

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Playable - PQ Rei & Zen
Non-playable Elizabeth - Margaret - Theodore - Marie - Nanako Dojima - Queen of Hearts - Merciful Clergyman - Kind Doctor - Best Friend - Clockwork God - Chronos - Zeus
Origin Tartarus - Yasogami High School
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