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This is a list of Persona 5 Strikers trophies for the PlayStation 4, and achievements for Steam.


Trophy Icon Description Type
True Phantom Thief P5S Trophy 01.png Earned all trophies. Platinum Trophy.png
Cage of Lust Closed P5S Trophy 02.png Completed the Shibuya Jail. Bronze Trophy.png
Cage of Vanity Conquered P5S Trophy 03.png Completed the Sendai Jail. Bronze Trophy.png
Cage of Gluttony Conquered P5S Trophy 04.png Completed the Sapporo Jail. Bronze Trophy.png
Cage of Desolation Condemned P5S Trophy 05.png Completed the Okinawa Jail. Bronze Trophy.png
Cage of Wrath Collapsed P5S Trophy 06.png Completed the Kyoto Jail. Bronze Trophy.png
Cage of Arrogance Cracked P5S Trophy 07.png Completed the Osaka Jail. Bronze Trophy.png
Humanity's Companion P5S Trophy 08.png Completed the Jail of the Abyss. Bronze Trophy.png
Walk Your Own Path P5S Trophy 09.png Completed the Tree of Knowledge. Silver Trophy.png
Back in Business P5S Trophy 10.png Witnessed the Phantom Thieves' reunion. Bronze Trophy.png
Back in Business P5S Trophy 11.png Wolf awakened his Persona. Bronze Trophy.png
A Newfound Heart P5S Trophy 12.png Sophia found strength of heart. Bronze Trophy.png
It's Showtime! P5S Trophy 13.png Activated Showtime. Bronze Trophy.png
Seeker of Power P5S Trophy 14.png Used Incense. Bronze Trophy.png
Unshakeable Teamwork P5S Trophy 15.png Performed an All-Out Attack 150 times. Bronze Trophy.png
Know Your Enemy P5S Trophy 16.png Hit the enemy's weakness 300 times. Bronze Trophy.png
Phantom Striker P5S Trophy 17.png Defeated 200 enemies with a phantom dash. Bronze Trophy.png
All That Glitters P5S Trophy 18.png Defeated 10 Treasure Demons. Bronze Trophy.png
Death Defied P5S Trophy 19.png Defeated the Reaper. Silver Trophy.png
Mask Connoisseur P5S Trophy 20.png Completed the Inmate Registry. Silver Trophy.png
Best Friend P5S Trophy 21.png Maxed out a BOND skill level. Bronze Trophy.png
Eternal Bonds P5S Trophy 22.png Maxed out all BOND skill levels. Gold Trophy.png
Eye for Talent P5S Trophy 23.png Spent Persona Points to strengthen a Persona's stats. Bronze Trophy.png
Knife in the Dark P5S Trophy 24.png Performed 50 ambushes. Bronze Trophy.png
Best of the Best P5S Trophy 25.png Trained all Phantom Thieves to level 70. Silver Trophy.png
What are Friends For? P5S Trophy 26.png Cleared all special requests from the Phantom Thieves. Bronze Trophy.png
Who Dares Wins P5S Trophy 27.png Defeated a Dire Shadow. Bronze Trophy.png
The Most Daring of All P5S Trophy 28.png Defeated all Dire Shadows. Silver Trophy.png
Ultimate Trump Card P5S Trophy 29.png Obtained all Master Arts for Joker. Bronze Trophy.png
Jolly Roger P5S Trophy 30.png Obtained all Master Arts for Skull. Bronze Trophy.png
Gentleman Thief P5S Trophy 31.png Obtained all Master Arts for Mona. Bronze Trophy.png
Flame Dancer P5S Trophy 32.png Obtained all Master Arts for Panther. Bronze Trophy.png
Peerless Blade P5S Trophy 33.png Obtained all Master Arts for Fox. Bronze Trophy.png
Fist of Justice P5S Trophy 34.png Obtained all Master Arts for Queen. Bronze Trophy.png
Sophisticated Lady P5S Trophy 35.png Obtained all Master Arts for Noir. Bronze Trophy.png
Technological Marvel P5S Trophy 36.png Obtained all Master Arts for Sophie. Bronze Trophy.png
Repentant Fang P5S Trophy 37.png Obtained all Master Arts for Wolf. Bronze Trophy.png
Master Thieves P5S Trophy 38.png Obtained all Master Arts for all characters. Gold Trophy.png
A Helping Hand P5S Trophy 39.png Completed a request. Bronze Trophy.png
Those Who Heed the Call P5S Trophy 40.png Completed 50 requests. Silver Trophy.png
Item Sweeper P5S Trophy 41.png Obtained a total 200 items from the Jails. Bronze Trophy.png
Short Order Cook P5S Trophy 42.png Cooked food for the first time. Bronze Trophy.png
Master Chef P5S Trophy 43.png Cooked 12 types of food. Bronze Trophy.png
Impulse Buyer P5S Trophy 44.png Bought something during a limited time sale. Bronze Trophy.png
A Little Memento P5S Trophy 45.png Obtained a souvenir for the camper. Bronze Trophy.png
Treasure Hunter P5S Trophy 46.png Opened 50 treasure chests. Bronze Trophy.png
No Looking Back P5S Trophy 47.png Started a New Game+ on Merciless Difficulty. Gold Trophy.png

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