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This is a list of all cutscenes in Persona 5 Strikers. This includes both anime cutscenes and in-game cutscenes, which use the in-game models of characters, but with a more cinematic style and more animations than standard story cutscenes. The art style of the anime cutscenes are notably much more detailed than the original Persona 5, while in-game cutscenes no longer have a black bar on the bottom of the screen where the subtitles would be. The opening of the game is not featured here.

Note that all cutscene titles are not official. Cutscene titles in italics are in-game cutscenes.

Joker Against the Shadows

In a dark city resembling Shibuya with a bunch of police cars, the protagonist, in his Phantom Thief alter ego Joker, is seen running across the top of buildings. While standing on top of one, a giant helicopter-like Shadow is seen carrying a giant machine gun, and begins firing at the protagonist. The protagonist slides down the building while constantly avoiding bullets and eventually jumps on to the Shadow. He climbs to the top of it and unmasks it. The Shadow falls down to the ground and explodes. After that, a bunch of police-like figures step out of the police cars, all donning masks. The protagonist takes out his knife and points it at his enemies.


The protagonist and Morgana are standing outside of LeBlanc. After opening the door, he sees that the inside of the cafe is dark and completely deserted, that is until is revealed that the rest of the Phantom Thieves surprised the protagonist with a welcome back party and streamers. All of his friends each greet the protagonist and Morgana for their return. After they all greet him, Sojiro Sakura also comes out from the kitchen to see the protagonist.

A new incident

Shortly after typing "Wonderland" into the EMMA app, the protagonist, Ryuji and Morgana finds themselves once again, involved in a Metaverse-based accident, as they were trapped within the Metaverse. Morgana and Ryuji wonder why they are in their Metaverse forms once again, with the crowd that was previously in Shibuya alongside them. The image of Alice Hiiragi's Shadow then appears on TV, telling everyone that if they like her, they should grant her their desires with a malicious look on her face, before hordes of Shadows arrive and steal desires (taking the form of diamonds) from the crowd and approaching towards the boy's direction.


  • The desires that Alice's Shadows stole took the form of diamonds, akin to how they are presented in Royal's opening animation.

A Deserved Beach Break

At the beach, Ann is seen getting out of the water after a dip in, which causes Ryuji to stare at her. Haru is seen drinking lemonade while Zenkichi is seen laying down on the sand. The scene cuts again to the water, this time to Futaba who is riding on a floatie. Swimming underwater is Makoto while Yusuke admires her, but then gets distracted at the sight of a lobster, causing him to quickly lose air. The protagonist then dives down, and takes out his phone so Sophia can see the beauty of underwater. Sophia uses the protagonist's camera app to take a picture of the sight. Much later during sunset, Zenkichi finally wakes up, only to notice that he was given a sand mermaid body made by the other Phantom Thieves with seaweed and lobsters as decorations. While the other Phantom Thieves laugh at him, Zenkichi bursts from the ground in anger and begins chasing the frightened teens, claiming that he is going to "arrest" them all.


  • In the original Persona 5, during the cutscene with the Phantom Thieves escaping Shido's Palace, Futaba stated that she does not know how to swim. This lines up with her having a floatie while in the water in this cutscene.
  • Yusuke getting distracted by the lobster while underwater and using lobsters to decorate Zenkichi's mermaid body could be a reference to Yusuke's fascination with lobsters during the beach trip in the original Persona 5.
  • In one scene, the protagonist adjusts his glasses so the shine covers his eyes, a recurring gag in Persona 5 The Animation.

A New Member?

In an extreme wish to have his daughter change, a voice begins to intrude into Zenkichi's head. While constantly causing pain for Zenkichi, his shadow can be seen on the ground staring at him. The voice begins stating the infamous, "I am thou, thou art I", which is when a black mask begins to manifest on his face. He initially struggles with taking the mask off, but eventually succeeds while yelling the name of his Persona, Valjean. Valjean is then seen, completely summoned, much to the shock of the Phantom Thieves, before eliminating a bunch of the Shadows in front of him. He then steps forward to face his daughter.

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