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This is a list of bosses in Persona 5 Strikers.

Major Bosses[]

  • Most major bosses are immune to status conditions aside of being painted over, Expel or Death skills, and Critical hits do not activate on them.
  • Bless or Curse affinities do not affect Expel or Death immunities on major bosses; even if a boss is weak to Bless/Curse, Expel or Death skills are automatically blocked.
Name Location Date
Mad Rabbit Alice Birdcage of Lust, Shibuya Jail July 29th
Nightmare Dragon Ango Birdcage of Vanity, Sendai Jail August 4th
Empress Mariko Birdcage of Gluttony, Sapporo Jail August 12th
Akane's Joker Birdcage of Wrath, Kyoto Jail August 22nd
Zephyrus Mech Birdcage of Pride, Osaka Jail August 26th
Akira the Hero Birdcage of Pride, Osaka Jail August 26th
Berserk Sophia Birdcage of Envy, Jail of the Abyss August 28th
Hundred-Armed Watcher Birdcage of Envy, Jail of the Abyss August 28th
False God Demiurge (First Form) Tree of Knowledge August 28th
Sephirah Group A Tree of Knowledge August 28th
Sephirah Group B Tree of Knowledge August 28th
False God Demiurge (Second Form) Tree of Knowledge August 28th


  • Mid-bosses usually can't be affected by status.
Name Location Date
Doma Sendai Jail August 4th
Ante Sendai Jail August 4th
Kuga Sendai Jail August 4th
Betero Sendai Jail August 4th
Doramu the Loyal Sendai Jail August 4th
War-Hungry Horseman Sendai Jail August 4th

Lock Keepers[]

Lock Keepers are special Shadows that ward off intruders from the "Bird Cage," or a part of the Jail that locks its Monarch within.

Jail Equipment Weaknesses Date
Shibuya Jail Axe Fire, Wind, Bless, Curse, and Nuke (via Burn) July 28th
Sendai Jail Sword Ice, Bless, Curse, Phys (via Freeze), Gun (via Freeze), and Nuke (via Freeze) August 3rd
Sapporo Jail Shield Psy, Bless, Curse, Wind (via Burn), and Nuke (via Burn) August 11th
Okinawa Jail Multi-Arms Bless, Curse, Phys (via Shock and Freeze), Gun (via Shock and Freeze), and Nuke (via Shock and Freeze) August 17th
Osaka Jail Bazooka Elec, Nuke, Bless, Curse, Phys (via Shock), and Gun (via Shock) August 25th

Powerful Shadows[]

For more information, see List of Persona 5 Strikers Requests.
Name Appearance Request Location
Fallen Snowman Black Frost Halt the Strutting Little Imp (August 24th) Shibuya Jail
Fratricidal Destroyer Seth An Ebon God Descends Sendai Jail
Monarch of Snow King Frost Make the Way for the Frozen King (August 25th) Sapporo Jail
Throbbing King of Desire Mara The Writhing Nightmare Rising (August 28th) Okinawa Jail
Brilliant Dragon Slayer Siegfried Dragon Slayer Enters the Fray (August 28th) Kyoto Jail
Guard Dog of Hades Cerberus The Hound of Hades Howls (August 24th) Osaka Jail
Shadow of God Metatron Angel of Contracts Descends (August 30th) Tree of Knowledge
The Reaper - Knocking on Death’s Door (August 30th post-game) Okinawa Jail

Dire Shadows[]

Name Appearance Date Location
Killer Teddybear Bugbear August 24th Bunkamachi, Shibuya Jail
Snake King Raja Naga August 24th West Garden, Sendai Jail
Harlot of Desire Lilith August 24th Clocktower Northwest, Sapporo Jail
Wandering Reviver Nebiros August 24th Lab North, Okinawa Jail
Sun’s Emissary Yatagarasu August 24th Enter Path of Fortune, Kyoto Jail
War-Hungry Horseman Eligor August 25th Mt. Chasiro, Osaka Jail
Dark Sun Mithras August 28th Near the entrance, Jail of the Abyss
Heavenly Punisher Archangel August 30th post-game Path of Yearning, Tree of Knowledge

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