The following is a list of requests from Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.

Request Available Sender Requirements Instructions Reward Quest Type
Take back the desires
(Defeat Petero in Sendai's Jail)
The girlfriend of a rabid Alice fan Defeat the Shadows in the Shibuya's Jail Scramble crossing. Defeat a Shadow horde in the Metaverse's Shibuya crossing. Policy Parka x1 (Male clothing, Null Brainwash) Shadow Combat
牢獄からの手紙 その1
Letter from the Prison 1
8/3 Velvet Room Resident Lavenza Fuse an Archangel with Amrita Drop Fuse a Succubus with an Andras to create a Hua Po, then fuse this Hua Po with a High Pixie. Amrita Drop must be inherited to the Archangel. Diarama (Skill Card) Velvet Room
Sweets Paradise Plz
8/3 Ann Takamaki (I like sweet things!) Give Ann a Sunda (Bean Paste) Shake, a Sunda Daifuku, and a beef tongue ice cream. Buy a Sunda Shake and a Sunda Daifuku in Aoyama Park, then head to the downtown area to buy a beef tongue ice cream. Return to the Camping Van and check the quest. Band XP Food
Snakes hate the cold
8/3 Navi wants you to help her analyze enemy weaknesses (Sendai) Kill 3 Lamia using Ice or Nuke skills. Lamia can be found in Sendai's Jail. Kill them with Mabufu or Mafrei type skills, which they are weak to. Masamune Blade (Katana, Ag +2) Affinities
Destroy the Succubus with Wind
8/3 The father whose kids had been manipulated by sexy girls Kill 3 Succubus by exploiting their weaknesses in the King's castle, 705 Department Find and kill 3 Succubus by exploiting their weaknesses in Alice's castle, north interior. Succubus are weak to Wind Skills. Headhunting Rice Paddle Replica (Scimitar, Small Crit rate boost) Affinities
A cat's hand isn't enough
8/3 Morgana (For the best smile) Give Morgana the Best Sunda Parfait
  1. Talk to the skeptical woman near the Omikuji at Aoyama
  2. Talk to the Miko near the shrine
  3. Talk to the shopkeeper of CafeBlue
  4. Eavesdrop the blank looking man confessing love near the elevator at Sendai station
  5. Return to the owner of CafeBlue
  6. Buy the "Best Sunda Parfait" from the store for 640 Yen and return to the Camping Van and claim the request.
Band XP Food
記憶の旅路 柊アリス
Journey of Memories - Alice Hiiragi
8/3 Lavenza Defeat Mad Rabbit Alice Defeat Mad Rabbit Alice within the portal in Shibuya's Jail, in front of Alice's Castle.
Can be attempted even after clearing for the first time.
Band XP
2500 yen
Vision Quest
Lost Desires in Wonderland
8/8 Mona (Shibuya) Take back a Lost Desire The Desire is at the south-most corner of the sewers Adds the following accesories in Sophia's Shop: Hyōshigi (Null burn), Memo (Null mute), Mesamessist (Null sleep), Bankara Slippers (Null fear), Brain Guard (Null brainwash) Taking back lost desires
一ノ瀬のジャンク集め その1
Collecting junks for Ichinose pt 1
8/8 Kuon Ichinose Obtain 15 Suspicious Chip Fragments Defeat strong Shadows within the following areas of Shibuya's Jail: Shibuya Metro west exit, Miyamae park, Bunkamachi (5 total), Central Street (3 total), Mark City. Each of the defeated Shadows may drop 1-2 junk fragments.
Can be attempted any number of times
19500 Yen (This reward can be completed multiple times) Item collection
記憶の旅路 夏芽安吾
Journey of Memories - Ango Natsume
8/8 Defeat Nightmare Dragon Ango Lavenza Defeat Nightmare Dragon Ango in front of the Aobayama Castle
Can be attempted even after clearing for the first time.
Level 2 Band Skills are available for purchase.
3000 yen
Vision Quest
牢獄からの手紙 その2
Letter from the Prison 2
8/10 Velvet Room attendant Lavenza Create an Eligor with Divine Grace. Fuse an Ame no Uzume (Orthrus + Lamia) and raise it to level 29. Then fuse it with a level 25 Lilim (Mask can be obtained in Sapporo's Jail) to create an Eligor and pass Divine Grace onto it. Rebel Will (Skill Card) Velvet Room
Lost Desires of the Nightmare
8/10 Morgana Retrieve a Desire from Sendai's Jail. The Desire is on top of a building in Hirose-michi (弘瀬通). Ignore the Savage shadow blocking the way and use Phantom Move to navigate to the top. New items in Sophia's Shop Lost Desire collection
Slimy Hell of Endurance
8/10 College Student who was harassed on the internet Defeat 50 Slimes. Slimes can be found in the Metaverse version of Aoba-Ichibancho (蒼葉一番町) or near the Sendai station. It is advised to exit the Jail and return instantly to make all Shadows respawn. Phantom Gentleman Stick Replica
1800 Yen
Shadow Combat
Cold Warning in Sapporo
8/10 Fox was alerted by overflowing desires Defeat 20 Jack Frost by hitting their weaknesses. Jack Frost are weak to Fire skills. Ingredients unlocked in Sophia's Shop Affinities
Bless the Succubi with light
8/10 Futaba Sakura Hit weaknesses on Lilim 3 times. Lilim are weak to Wind and Bless skills. Water Yoyo (Melee weapon for Sophia)
Lamb, Pork, Wheat Flour
Sanction the knight with Psychic power
8/10 Kuon Ichinose cannot stop learning more about the Metaverse Hit weaknesses on Setanta 3 times. Setanta are weak to Psi skills. D.C. Replica (Ranged weapon for Haru Okumura
2200 Yen
一ノ瀬のジャンク集め その2
Collecting junks for Ichinose pt 2
8/8 Kuon Ichinose Obtain 12 Odd Router Fragments Defeat strong Shadows within the following areas of Sendai's Jail: Sendai Station, Sendai World Center, West Courtyard, Aoba Ichibanchou and Hirose-Michi. Each Shadow has a high odd of dropping an Odd Router Fragment. 28000 Yen (This reward can be completed multiple times) Item collection

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