This is a list of Persona 5 Royal trophies for the PlayStation 4. For a list of trophies in Persona 5, see List of Persona 5 Trophies.


Trophy Icon Description Type
The Phenomenal Phantom Thief P5R Trophy 01 Obtained all trophies. Platinum Trophy
Castle of Lust: Seized P5R Trophy 02 Completed the castle Palace. Bronze Trophy
Museum of Vanity: Repossessed P5R Trophy 03 Completed the museum Palace. Bronze Trophy
Bank of Gluttony: Cleaned Out P5R Trophy 04 Completed the bank Palace. Bronze Trophy
Pyramid of Wrath: Plundered P5R Trophy 05 Completed the pyramid Palace. Bronze Trophy
Spaceport of Greed: Obliterated P5R Trophy 06 Completed the spaceport Palace. Bronze Trophy
Casino of Jealousy: Bankrupted P5R Trophy 07 Completed the casino Palace. Bronze Trophy
Cruiser of Pride: Capsized P5R Trophy 08 Completed the cruise ship Palace. Bronze Trophy
The Thorough Trickster P5R Trophy 09 Completed Mementos. Bronze Trophy
Take Back the Future P5R Trophy 10 Completed every Palace. Bronze Trophy
The Path Chosen P5R Trophy 11 Watched the ending. Gold Trophy
Spirit of Rebellion P5R Trophy 12 Obtained Arsène. Bronze Trophy
Phantom Thieves: Assemble! P5R Trophy 13 Established your own squad of thieves. Bronze Trophy
One Step at a Time P5R Trophy 14 Completed a Mementos request. Bronze Trophy
A Most Studious Disguise P5R Trophy 15 Scored the highest on your exams. Silver Trophy
Pure Perfection P5R Trophy 16 Maxed out all social stats. Silver Trophy
Tokyo Tourist P5R Trophy 17 Went to a hangout spot with someone. Bronze Trophy
My Closest Partner P5R Trophy 18 Entered a special relationship. Silver Trophy
True Confidence P5R Trophy 19 Maxed out one of your Confidants. Silver Trophy
Awakening the Phantom Thieves P5R Trophy 20 Evolved a party member's Persona. Bronze Trophy
I am Thou... P5R Trophy 21 Obtained a Persona through negotiation. Bronze Trophy
Tactical Teamwork P5R Trophy 22 Performed a Baton Pass. Bronze Trophy
Let's Blow It Up P5R Trophy 23 Defeated enemies via Disaster Shadow explosion. Bronze Trophy
You'd Better Hang On! P5R Trophy 24 Used the grappling hook. Bronze Trophy
Technician P5R Trophy 25 Triggered a Technical. Bronze Trophy
Talent Thief P5R Trophy 26 Obtained a Skill Accessory from a Palace ruler. Silver Trophy
The Purpose of a Thief P5R Trophy 27 Obtained a Treasure Demon. Bronze Trophy
It's Showtime! P5R Trophy 28 Performed a Showtime attack. Bronze Trophy
Jose's Favorite Customer P5R Trophy 29 Traded in flowers while in Mementos. Bronze Trophy
The Phantom Philatelist P5R Trophy 30 Traded in stamps while in Mementos. Bronze Trophy
The Search for Power P5R Trophy 31 Completely changed the cognition of Mementos. Silver Trophy
The Deviated Cognition P5R Trophy 32 Encountered a deviations in Mementos. Bronze Trophy
Unsurpassed Rebel P5R Trophy 33 Conquered the Reaper. Silver Trophy
A Deadly Debut P5R Trophy 34 Performed a Guillotine execution. Bronze Trophy
Efficient Executioner P5R Trophy 35 Performed a Group Guillotine execution. Bronze Trophy
Intensive Training P5R Trophy 36 Used Incense on a Persona in Lockdown. Bronze Trophy
Success Built on Sacrifice P5R Trophy 37 Performed a Gallows execution. Bronze Trophy
Accident-Prone P5R Trophy 38 Performed an execution during a Fusion Alarm. Bronze Trophy
A Grand Experiment P5R Trophy 39 Performed an Electric Chair execution. Bronze Trophy
Leblanc Buffer P5R Trophy 40 Cleaned up in Leblanc. Bronze Trophy
Punch That Clock! P5R Trophy 41 Worked a part-time job. Bronze Trophy
Batter Up! P5R Trophy 42 Scored a hit at the batting cages. Bronze Trophy
Getting the Vapors P5R Trophy 43 Couldn't take the heat in the bathhouse. Bronze Trophy
Easy Money P5R Trophy 44 Won the lottery. Bronze Trophy
Going Against the Crane P5R Trophy 45 Scored a prize in the crane game. Bronze Trophy
Trash Into Treasure P5R Trophy 46 Sold old clothing at Furugi no Neuchi. Bronze Trophy
Dartslinger P5R Trophy 47 Played a game of darts. Bronze Trophy
A Hustler's Journey P5R Trophy 48 Played a game of billiards. Bronze Trophy
A Night in Kichijoji P5R Trophy 49 Attended the jazz club. Bronze Trophy
A Serene Experience P5R Trophy 50 Visited a temple. Bronze Trophy
Professional Modification P5R Trophy 51 Customized a gun. Bronze Trophy
Angler's Debut P5R Trophy 52 Passed time at the fishing pond. Bronze Trophy
Master of Akihabara P5R Trophy 53 Ordered from the special menu at the maid café. Bronze Trophy


  • To unlock The Purpose of a Thief, there must be one empty slot in the Persona stock; getting rid of another Persona to make room doesn't count towards the Trophy.
  • For My Closest Partner, it may be best to simultaneously pursue the Ladies' Man and We Stand As Equals Thieves Den Rewards, and have multiple burner save files, as the Trophy might not proc when the protagonist initiates the Romance ending for a Confidant for the first time, as it only counts towards Rank 9 Confidant progressions.
  • Despite what Awakening the Phantom Thieves'' description implies, this Trophy can only be obtained during the Third Semester Arc, during the scripted event where Morgana obtains Diego, and not when a party member experiences a second awakening through maxing out their Confidant.
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