This is a list of patches and updates in the Persona 5 series. They are often incorporated in the original Japanese release in the next 2 months.


Persona 5Edit

Patch Version 1.01Edit

[September 15, 2016][1]

  • With the opening of DLC distribution, support for additional content has been added.
  • Other bug fixes.

Patch Version 1.02Edit

[September 27, 2016; PS3 only][2]

Patch Version 1.03Edit

[November 2, 2016][3]

  • More support for DLC.
  • Other bug fixes.

Persona 5: Dancing in StarlightEdit

Patch 1.01Edit

[May 24, 2018; P3D included][4]

  • For DLC content, the shaking of clothes and hair now works naturally.

Patch 1.02Edit

[June 21, 2018; P3D included][5]

Patch 1.03Edit

[July 12, 2018; P3D included; PS Vita only][6]

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

Update Ver.1.02Edit

[November 8, 2019][7]

  • Fixed an issue where events in a certain part of the game could not proceed normally under certain conditions: When solving the mystery of the library in Kamoshida's Palace, if the group returns the three books back on the shelves and then return to the real world without solving the puzzle, the puzzle will become impossible to solve.[8]
  • Regarding corrupted save data, loading after the update is applied should solve the issue.
  • Stability improvement and corrected operation under other specific situations.

Update Ver.1.03Edit

[December 6, 2019][9]

  • Fixed an issue where some of Kasumi's parameter gains were not inherited correctly.

Update Ver.1.04Edit

[December 11, 2019][10]

  • In the Mementos Requests "If Cats Disappeared from the City" and "An Idol and a Unicorn," a hang-up situation has been corrected during the dialogue against the bosses.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersEdit

Update Ver.1.01Edit

P5S SendaiJailBug

Ann outside Sendai's Jail map. Obsolete.
(Ver.1.00 only)

[February 28, 2020][11]

  • Fixed a bug where at the end of battle, enemies that could not be defeated under specific conditions remained, preventing progress.
  • Fixed a bug in Sendai's Jail, where due to the malfunction of some gimmicks, the player could fall off the map.
  • Stability improvement and corrected operation under other specific situations.

Update Ver.1.02Edit

[March 12, 2020][12]

  • Fixed a bug where saving and loading in the Velvet Room could hinder progress. The discovery of this bug has been announced by Atlus of Japan on February 26. If the game is saved while fusing Personas and without leaving the room, reloading that save file might cause the event to not function properly. In addition, it has been confirmed that if it occurs during "Sapporo in August 9th," loading the game will not make it possible to proceed normally the next day.[13]
  • Fixed a bug where the Showtime and Total Attack might function incorrectly under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a problem where progress might be incorrect under certain conditions in Osaka.
  • An issue where certain phantom moves malfunction when Morgana's used has been fixed.
  • Stability improvement and corrected operation under other specific situations.

Update Ver.1.03Edit

[April 1, 2020][14]

  • A problem where certain enemies' skill "Evil Smile" has initially been unable to inflict Fear on allies, has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where players could not progress under certain conditions in certain battles.
  • Fixed other bugs.
  • A new feature has been implemented - in Sophia's Shop, it's now possible to sell all items that cost money at once.


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