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This is a list of all cutscenes in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, including summaries. The cutscenes include both anime cutscenes and in-game cutscenes.

In the original Persona 5, the player could only rewatch the anime cutscenes after viewing them for the first time. However, in Royal, the player can rewatch both anime and in-game cutscenes in the "Movies" section of the Thieves Den. The cutscenes there are now split into different arcs based off of their various targets. Additionally, the cutscenes in Royal are named instead of being nameless like in the original. They also get descriptions as well. While Showtimes are also in the "Movies" menu, they are not listed here since they are not actual story cutscenes.

In-game cutscenes are italicized.


The Phantom Thief Arrives[]

"The protagonist shocks the crowd by racing through a casino, making a mockery of the chaos below."
—Thieves Den description

Inside a giant casino filled with many people (later discovered to be Sae Niijima's Palace), a group of men in black suits charge into the casino. A mysterious figure is seen jumping around in the air between chandeliers. The person is shown holding a briefcase before his face is shown. When the men in black notice him, he jumps away.


  • This cutscene and the protagonist's arrest both play twice during the game; at the beginning, and when the protagonist is actually escaping Sae's Palace.

Foiling the Pursuers[]

"After ripping off the mask of the security-guard-turned-Shadow, it bares its true self and attacks!"
—Thieves Den description

An Unexpected Intruder[]

"As the protagonist is surrounded by Shadows, a young woman appears before him..."
—Thieves Den description

The Arrest[]

"As the protagonist attempts to make his great escape, he is ambushed and arrested."
—Thieves Den description

The protagonist continues to sneak around the building while watching out for people on guard of him. One of his allies (Futaba Sakura) points him to a stained glass window, which he runs across some guard rails to reach. When the men wearing black catch up to him, he jumps through the window, with some of his teammates calling him a "showoff" and "reckless." When he lands back on solid ground, he is blinded by a bunch of lights coming from a bunch of police cars. After an officer orders to capture him, they begin pursuit of him. The protagonist manages to grab a ladder and climb out of their reach, but unbeknownst to him, more officers were waiting at the top. One of them knocks him to the ground by hitting him with the butt of their gun, where he is then secured and cuffed by officers. One of the officials tells him how his teammate sold him out. The scene then briefly cuts to the protagonist having three mugshots of him taken.


  • The protagonist's label during his mugshot reads "P508954TS." The "P5" part of it references Persona 5.

Ruthless Interrogation[]

"After his arrest, the protagonist is informed of the charges against him with a brutal beating."
—Thieves Den description

Past and Premonition[]

"The protagonist recalls his past on the train to Shibuya, where he experiences something bizarre."
—Thieves Den description

The protagonist's first memories that he can tell Sae Niijima is him waking up after falling asleep on the train, which is heading for Shibuya. As it approaches, he recalls his memories about how he got stuck in his situation, where a man was harassing a woman, and the protagonist went to stop him, only for him to fall down (on his own). When the police arrived, the man claims that he will sue him, which caused him to be arrested by the police and sentenced to probation. When he arrives in Shibuya, he starts walking around until he sees a strange logo appear on his phone screen. He taps it in an attempt to get rid of it, but when he does so, everyone around him begins to slow down and eventually freeze. When the protagonist is looking around him to see what's going on, a ghost-like figure is seen in the distance making an evil smile at the protagonist, while also showing an illusion of his face making a similar smile. After everything around him goes back to normal, he takes the weird application and deletes it.

Prison in Blue[]

"The protagonist wakes up to find himself in a jail cell and meets Igor, a creepy-looking old man."
—Thieves Den description

The protagonist awakens in a strange blue room, held back by chains and wearing a white-and-black striped outfit. When he gets up, he realizes that he is behind bars and that two strange girls are watching him. After he goes to the bars, the girls move out of the way to reveal a man with a long nose (who later introduces himself as Igor). When his face is fully visible, he welcomes the protagonist (who he calls Trickster) to his Velvet Room.


  • This cutscene marks the only appearances of Igor, Caroline and Justine in an anime cutscene.
  • When Igor speaks, his lips move, but his teeth appear to stay in the same position, unlike in his dialogue portraits where his mouth is actually shown opening.
  • Aside from a brief laugh made by one of the twins, neither of them speak in this cutscene.

Igor and the Velvet Room[]

"Igor predicts the protagonist's ruin and questions his resolve in taking on the distortions of the world."
—Thieves Den description

Psychotic Breakdowns?[]

"A prosecutor discusses the chain of inexplicable incidents, and is visited by a certain young man."
—Thieves Den description

While many civilians are waiting for a the train, it suddenly zooms by very fast. The passengers are holding on for their lives and panicking. Inside the engine room, the driver appears in a strange condition, where his eyeballs are rolled back and black ooze is pouring out of his mouth. Eventually, at the next station, the train derails and crashes, with many of the train cars stacking on each other. This is revealed to be footage from a news report that is being watched by Sae Niijima and the SIU Director. As Sae leaves, she meets with Goro Akechi, who she wants an opinion from. When Akechi asks if they can discuss this with sushi, Sae limits their options to the conveyor belt type, much to Akechi's dismay.


  • This marks the only appearance of Sae Niijima and the SIU Director in an anime cutscene.
  • This is one of two cutscenes not to feature any of the Phantom Thieves, the other being "Accident or Incident?". However, if Akechi's brief stint as a Phantom Thief is counted, then this cutscene does not count.

Kamoshida Arc[]

Encounter in the Rain[]

"By a storefront, the protagonist meets a blue-eyed beauty taking shelter from the rain."
—Thieves Den description

On a rainy day, the protagonist is standing underneath an awning. While he looks at his phone, he sees that the weird icon that he deleted earlier came back. As he notices this, a girl stands next to him to also get out of the rain. After she notices him, she briefly smiles at him before a car pulls up next to her. Inside, a man offers the girl a ride in his car to school since she will be late, which she accepts. When he also offers the protagonist a ride as well, he denies it. Before the car leaves, the girl can be seen with a miserable face. After it leaves, a boy with blond hair can be seen chasing the car, where he calls the man inside a "pervy teacher," much to the protagonist's confusion. When he hears him, the blond boy turns around and sees the protagonist standing behind him.

Tumble into the Metaverse[]

"On their way to school, Ryuji and the protagonist wind up in a place that looks like a castle."
—Thieves Den description

The protagonist and the blond haired boy, now known as Ryuji Sakamoto, sense an odd shockwave that give them headaches, before walking to school as if nothing happened. After being interrogated by Sae, the animated cutscene starts playing. The protagonist and Ryuji go through a hallway with the Metaverse Navigator acting up all by itself. Once they reach where the school is supposed to be, much to their shock, they discover a castle instead. Initially confused, the two decide to go inside.

The Will of Rebellion Awakens[]

"As the protagonist feels helpless to aid Ryuji, a blue butterfly appears with a cryptic voice..."
—Thieves Den description

After beating Ryuji, Shadow Kamoshida plans to kill him. The protagonist objects, garnering the Shadow's attention. He kicks the protagonist down and orders his knights to hold him, intending to kill him after Ryuji. Pinned to the wall, a blue butterfly suddenly appears and laments the "unjust game" the protagonist has found himself in. After claiming that there is one possibility left, a voice inside the protagonist asks if he means to just watch and do nothing. The voice questions if the protagonist's previous decision, to save the woman from being assaulted at the price of his own freedom, was a mistake.

Regardless of whether or not the protagonist agrees, the voice deigns to give him power. The voice then initiates a contract as the protagonist writhes in pain. Shadow Kamoshida orders the knights to execute Ryuji, but the protagonist vows to stop him. Angered, Shadow Kamoshida gestures for a knight to bash the protagonist in the face with its shield. The protagonist's glasses fall to the floor.

The Name is Arsène[]

"The protagonist finds his convictions, thus forming a contract and summoning Arsène."
—Thieves Den description

With Ryuji too weak to stand up and the protagonist about to be killed, a shockwave suddenly blows away the knights. A mask then appears on the protagonist's face, as he tries to tear it off in pain. Once he uses all of his strength to tear it off, he rears his head back and reveals a blood filled face and a terrifying grin, alongside heavily dilated pupils. The blood then dissipates into blue flames and the protagonist's grin becomes even more and more maniacal until it becomes a demonic face and the flames separate from him, manifesting a sinister, demonic figure that breaks off its chains and blows back all of the guards. Ryuji backs down in shock while Shadow Kamoshida crawls away in fear, all while the protagonist sports a dauntless grin with Arsène behind him.


  • This marks the only appearance of Arsène in an anime cutscene.
  • The protagonist is the only character whose Persona awakening is done in an anime cutscene. All of the other awakenings are done in in-game cutscenes.
  • When the mask first appears on the protagonist's face, the knights remain where they are with their weapons pinning him to the wall. They disappear when the camera zooms in as the protagonist rips the mask off. Once Arsène has fully manifested, they reappear much further back.

Another Persona?[]

"The party flees Kamoshida, but as more Shadows attack, Morgana summons his own Persona."
—Thieves Den description

Back to the Metaverse[]

"The party uses the Metaverse Navigator to venture back into the old castle."
—Thieves Den description

Captain Kidd Sets Sail[]

"With his friend is dangersic, Ryuji forms a contract with his inner voice and summons Captain Kidd."
—Thieves Den description

The Volleyball Rally[]

"A volleyball rally between students and faculty goes wrong."
—Thieves Den description

The cutscene starts in the gymnasium, where Kamoshida can be seen spiking a volleyball into Yuuki Mishima, causing him to fall off balance onto the ground. Fellow sports teachers cheer Kamoshida on, and the other students cheer for the volleyball team, as Mishima walks backwards in a downtrodden fashion. The camera first pans to a bored Ann, then to Ryuji who stares at her. Ryuji comments the volleyball rally to be boring and yawns, with the protagonist agreeing with him. The protagonist stares at Ann and Ryuji before Kamoshida blatantly spikes a volleyball directed at Mishima's head, knocking him unconscious. Kamoshida then calls a student to take Mishima to the nurse's office, with Ryuji muttering that Kamoshida will pay soon. He tosses the volleyball back and Kamoshida reopens the match. Ann then can be seen staring at Kamoshida.

Bottled Truths[]

"Ann confesses to being abused by Kamoshida in exchange for her friend's position on the team."
—Thieves Den description

A stressed out Ann and the protagonist sit together inside Big Bang Burger. Ann asks the protagonist if he heard of the rumors that she and Kamoshida were dating, then proceeds to tell him that it's not the truth. She reveals that she had been refusing to give Kamoshida her phone number for the longest time, and she implies that the previous call from him was to force her into sleeping with him. Ann then further states that she's just hanging out with Kamoshida; if she doesn't, her friend Shiho Suzui will lose her place as a regular on the volleyball team. She clenches her fist in anger, sadness and disgust, saying that she can't stand it anymore, before breaking down. The protagonist, empathizing with her but feeling powerless to do anything, clenches his hands as she apologizes.

The Radiant Panther[]

"Having reached her limit, Ann forms a contract with her inner voice and summons Carmen."
—Thieves Den description

Crime and Punishment[]

"As Kamoshida admits defeat, Ann comes to an important decision."
—Thieves Den description

The Crumbling Palace[]

"The Phantom Thieves scramble to escape the old castle as it begins to fall apart."
—Thieves Den description

After Kamoshida vanishes back to his real self, his Palace begins to shake and collapse, with Morgana grooming himself like a cat. The four escape from the collapsing Palace, as Ryuji falls down while the collapsing debris approaches them. Ryuji quickly stands back up and the four run straight into a beacon of light, transporting them back to the real world.


  • This cutscene is the only time in the entire game that Morgana is seen as a cat while still in the Metaverse.

Madarame Arc[]

Secret Admirer[]

"Ann says she feels like she's being watched. The three hatch a plan to catch the perpetrator."
—Thieves Den description

Ann exits the train station alongside the protagonist, Ryuji and Morgana while suspecting that someone is stalking her. While on the subway escalator, the figure continues to stalk Ann, which unsettles her. She then berates Ryuji for not caring as he yawns as the party emerges at ground level. Ann stops, and the stalker approaches her steadily, before the protagonist and Ryuji get in his way. The stalker reveals himself to be a tall and neat-looking young man who stands there awkwardly after being confronted. Ryuji questions Ann if he's even the stalker. Ann tries to rebuke Ryuji with a flustered look before the young man stalking Ann asks the party if there is anything they wanted. Ann gets mad and tells the man that that's her line. The young man continues to act oblivious as Ann accuses him of stalking her. A black luxury car arrives, revealing a humble-looking old man in traditional Japanese clothes. The old man congratulates him for finding his artistic passion while laughing.


  • This marks the only appearance of Ichiryusai Madarame in an anime cutscene.

The Eye of Truth[]

"Yusuke realizes the truth about Madarame. With keen eyes, he forms a contract with Goemon."
—Thieves Den description

Brush of Vanity[]

"With his true nature exposed, Madarame lashes out against the Phantom Thieves."
—Thieves Den description

Kaneshiro Arc[]

The Kaneshiro Arc contains the least amount of cutscenes, with only two. It is also the only arc without any anime cutscenes.

The Queen Awakens[]

"Deciding to part with her false self, Makoto forms a contract with her inner voice and summons Johanna."
—Thieves Den description

Gluttonous Fly[]

"With his true nature exposed, Kaneshiro lashes out against the Phantom Thieves."
—Thieves Den description

Futaba Arc[]

Rained Out[]

"The party is on their way to the fireworks festival when the event is suddenly canceled due to rain."
—Thieves Den description

The Phantom Thieves are outside watching the fireworks with the rest of the crowd. As they are watching, however, both Ann and Morgana feel raindrops coming down, and eventually, a thunderstorm ensues, prompting the fireworks to be canceled and everyone to go home. The gang stands underneath a store awning for cover. While Ann is drying out her yukata (exposing her thigh in the process), the three guys try not to look. Ann then angrily asks Ryuji to buy her a towel, much to Makoto's disappointment. As everyone is going home, Makoto notices a girl getting into her limo.


  • In Royal, the loudspeaker announcement of the festival's cancellation is subtitled.

Ruins in the Sand[]

"As the Phantom Thieves cross the desert in the Morgana car, they see something..."
—Thieves Den description

The Phantom Thieves ride the Morgana car to Futaba's Palace, with Makoto as the driver. The three guys are passed out in the back while the two girls are exhausted in the front. Ann decides to open her shirt to let cool air in, but when she looks back to check on the guys, she sees Ryuji and the protagonist staring at her while Yusuke is looking at Makoto's sweaty back. In revenge, Ann activates a brake in the car, thrashing the guys around in the back. When they get back up, they notice Futaba's Palace and keep driving on.


  • When Ann is shaking the car around, the window on the back of the Morgana car is broken. When the interior is shown again, he has bandages on his window.
  • When the Phantom Thieves enter Futaba's Palace, they do not have shoes on, as they entered while inside Sojiro's house. However, in this cutscene forward, they all mysteriously have their shoes on.

Monster of Distortion[]

"The party is attacked by the likeness of Futaba's mother, born from her distorted cognition."
—Thieves Den description

A Curse Lifted[]

"After finding the truth within her illusions, Futaba forms a contract with Necronomicon."
—Thieves Den description

Collapsing Ruins[]

"Ann's quick thinking saves the day as the Phantom Thieves escape the imploding Palace."
—Thieves Den description

After Futaba leaves her Palace via the Meta Nav, the rest of the Phantom Thieves run down a crumbling pyramid. When Yusuke exclaims that the collapsing Palace is catching up to them and Ryuji complains about running, Ann asks Morgana to turn into a car. When Morgana hesitates, Ann grabs Morgana and chucks him into the air, where he then turns into a car and lands at the base of the pyramid. Everyone else is thrown by the rubble but Morgana manages to catch and absorb them into his backside. Makoto quickly takes control of the car and steers it out of the way of falling debris.

Summer Break Bliss[]

"As the end of summer break approaches, the party decides to hit the beach."
—Thieves Den description

At a crowded beach, the protagonist, Ryuji, and Yusuke wait for the girls to finish changing. Ann and Makoto eventually come out. Ryuji makes lewd gestures towards Ann, who laughs at him in response. Eventually, Futaba comes out as well, but her face is entirely covered with towels, shocking the three guys. Makoto stops her and removes the towels from her face. She is initially scared of doing so, but upon seeing the protagonist, she smiles.

School trip to Hawaii[]

"The protagonist and friends are excited to be in Hawaii for their school trip."
—Thieves Den description

On Shujin Academy's airplane to Hawaii, the protagonist, Ryuji, and Mishima sit next to each other, with Ryuji asleep and Mishima listening to music, but the former ends up laying his head on Mishima's shoulder, much to his annoyance. Elsewhere on the plane, Ann orders iced coffee and Makoto reads a travel guide on Hawaii. As the plane begins to land, Ryuji wakes up and sees the view of Hawaii outside the window, his enthusiasm startling the protagonist. On the ground, Ryuji constantly makes a fool of himself by not understanding a passport control officer's English and questioning a Hawaiian's ability to speak Japanese, embarrassing Ann in the process. While riding the bus to the hotel, Ryuji points out a bunch of landmarks and the ocean while the protagonist also watches in amazement.


  • In the Japanese version, this is the only anime cutscene to feature characters speaking English, as the passport control officer speaks it while talking to Ryuji. Even though he's American, he is voiced by a Japanese voice actor, due to voice casting and directing for the Japanese version happening many months before the English version.
  • When Makoto is reading the travel guide on the plane, Haru Okumura can be seen in the background, also reading something.
  • Ryuji's sleeping mask resemble's Morgana's eyes.
  • The license plates on the buses the Shujin students ride on read "ATL-779" and "ATL-343." The "ATL" part is a reference to Atlus.

Accident or Incident?[]

"The principal decides to head to the police station, but things take a strange turn on the way there..."
—Thieves Den description

While the students are on their way back from Hawaii, Principal Kobayakawa stands at a crosswalk near the police station. The light turns green, and the principal, sweating profusely, begins to walk across the sidewalk, presumably to head to the police station. However, when he is in the middle of the crosswalk, he begins to feel a pain in his chest, which is followed by his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He then stands completely still. A large truck turns onto the intersection, but while the driver honks the horn to warn the principal, he does not move, and is run over by the truck. Before he's run over, black ooze secretes from his mouth, similar to the train driver from the train incident in April.


  • This is the only appearance of Principal Kobayakawa in an anime cutscene.
  • This is one of two cutscenes not to feature any of the Phantom Thieves, the other being "Train Crash Incident." However, if Akechi's brief appearance as a Phantom Thief is counted, then this cutscene is the only one not to feature any Phantom Thieves in any form.

Okumura Arc[]

Into the Unknown[]

"The party wanders into a mysterious Palace that seems to have appeared out of nowhere."
—Thieves Den description

This cutscene only appears in Persona 5 Royal.

After inputting the keywords "Dr. Maruki," "Stadium" and "Laboratory" in a row by pure coincidence, Kasumi fires up the protagonist's Metaverse Navigator by accident, revealing a mysterious Palace resembling a tower made out of glass and gold, with a globe at its tip.

Kasumi Awakens[]

"Angered by the Shadow's words, Kasumi forms a contract and summons Cendrillon."
—Thieves Den description

This cutscene only appears in Persona 5 Royal.

Betrayal in Opulence[]

"As Haru decides to part ways with her father, her true awakening reveals unseen powers."
—Thieves Den description

Avarice Incarnate[]

"Okumura is cornered by the Phantom Thieves. The showdown begins..."
—Thieves Den description

An Unexpected Crisis[]

"Okumura has a change of heart, but something goes wrong during his press conference..."
—Thieves Den description

Niijima Arc[]

After the Festival[]

"Kasumi awes onlookers with her dance at the post-festival party."
—Thieves Den description

This cutscene only appears in Persona 5 Royal.

During the Cultural Festival, Kasumi dances on the stage after being invited, as the protagonist, Morgana and the students watch in awe. After the dance, Kasumi offers her hand to the protagonist.

A New Beginning[]

"The Phantom Thieves break into Niijima's Palace to find a glitzy casino."
—Thieves Den description

All nine Phantom Thieves (including Akechi) run towards Sae Niijima's Palace. They all take a look at it before Akechi pushes them to go, the protagonist agreeing with him. As they walk to the Palace, a sky-high view of it is given, which shows it to be a large casino.


  • Even though the protagonist is shown wearing his glasses both before and after this cutscene plays, he is not wearing them in the cutscene.

Time for a Gamble[]

"Makoto, troubled by the upcoming battle, summons the courage to face her sister."
—Thieves Den description

The Traitor[]

"Having already killed a police officer on duty, Akechi points his gun at the protagonist..."
—Thieves Den description

If the protagonist makes a deal with Sae to cut his sentence, Akechi appears to "interrogate the protagonist" in place of Sae. In reality, he is there to kill him. Akechi shoots a police officer dead, before pointing his gun at the protagonist with a terrifying smirk. He shoots the protagonist in the head and kills him instantly, leaving the interrogation room afterwards.

The End...?[]

"Akechi makes the protagonist's death look like a suicide before fleeing the scene."
—Thieves Den description

If the protagonist decides not to sell out his teammates, the animated cutscene above still plays, although Akechi now stages the protagonist's death to look like suicide.

Shocking News[]

"News of the protagonist's suicide casts a dark cloud over the party. But then..."
—Thieves Den description

The news broadcasts the protagonist's arrest, with all of the other Phantom Thief members trying to go about their normal lives while also worrying about his fate: Ann continues to model; Ryuji stops by a shoe store he stopped visiting; Yusuke tries to continue painting; a school official praises Makoto for her exemplary grades; Futaba monitors all of the news from both her phone and laptop; Haru sits with Sugimura in his sedan. The broadcast then turns into reporting his suicide, with all of the Thieves watching in despair, until Ryuji smirks and mutters, "We got 'em."


  • This is the only appearance of Sugimura in an anime cutscene.
    • Even if the player maxed Haru's Confidant, where she cut off connections with Sugimura, he can still be seen with her in this cutscene.
  • In Royal, the news reports are subtitled. Similarly, the messages on Futaba's laptop are also translated into English.

The Truth[]

"The protagonist appeared to be dead... but such deception was the plan all along."
—Thieves Den description

Returning back to the interrogation room, the guard and the protagonist are all revealed to be cognitions, and the real protagonist grins, having cheated death.

Shido Arc[]

Vessel of Corruption[]

"The Phantom Thieves are at a loss for words upon seeing Shido's Palace."
—Thieves Den description

The Metaverse Navigator activates in response to Shido's Palace, only to have seemingly no effect. While the party wonders if they're actually in Shido's Palace, Futaba notices that they're on top of a cruiser sailing across a sunken Tokyo, destroying every building it passes by. Haru then makes a comment about Shido's cognition, where he doesn't care if everything in his country sinks even if only he survives.

Lies and Hatred[]

"Akechi reveals his true self and goes berserk against the Phantom Thieves."
—Thieves Den description

Akechi shows the Phantom Thieves who he really is, and summons his actual Persona Loki, which Yusuke realizes is the same Persona that Akechi used earlier. Akechi then surrounds himself with dark energy and begins to transform, stating the useless of justice and righteousness. As Ryuji realizes that Akechi used his own power to make himself go psychotic, he fully transforms into his Black Mask form, and tells the team that they should be prepared to die as they fight him.


  • Like Morgana and Haru, Akechi's "Persona Awakening" cutscene is simply him revealing his already-awakened Persona.

It's Showtime![]

"The Phantom Thieves pull off their greatest stunt yet by delivering a calling card to Shido."
—Thieves Den description

The scene starts with a normal gathering in Shibuya preparing for Christmas Eve, with the news broadcasting how the Phantom Thieves incident was quelled. It is then replaced by a calling card trying to expose Masayoshi Shido. The police attempt to take down the broadcast before Futaba increases the severity of her hijack nationwide. The hijack now speaks of Masayoshi Shido, and all of the Phantom Thieves reveal themselves to be "alive and kickin'." This alerts Shido to take down the Phantom Thieves.


  • This is the only appearance of Masayoshi Shido in an anime cutscene, excluding when his face was hidden during the protagonist's flashbacks in "Past and Premonition."
  • In Royal, the news report that briefly plays at the beginning before Futaba hacks the broadcast is subtitled.

The Beast of Hubris[]

"The fateful battle between Shido and the Phantom Thieves is about to begin..."
—Thieves Den description

One Last Sprint[]

"As the cruise ship sinks, Ryuji risks his life securing a lifeboat for the team."
—Thieves Den description

After Shido takes a pill in an attempt to kill the Phantom Thieves, the cruiser begins to sink. Futaba panics about her inability to swim before Makoto points out a lifeboat on the other end of the cruiser. Ryuji volunteers to hit the release lever for the life boat, running and jumping to the other side of the cruiser. He releases the lifeboat, while telling the rest of the party to drop into it. Ryuji then tells the party to head on, and the ship explodes, seemingly killing him.

Yaldabaoth Arc[]

When Worlds Collide[]

"Through the power of the Holy Grail, Mementos begins to merge with the real world..."
—Thieves Den description

As the party is expelled by the Holy Grail into reality, the sky turns red and a blood-like liquid rains from the sky. Massive bones then jut out from the ground. The party watches in shock as Mementos takes over Shibuya, the General Public ignoring its existence. In a train car, Mishima also notices red liquid seeping into the train, again with the passengers ignoring the changes. The scene pans to Sojiro, taking empty bottles out of Leblanc, and he too notices the blood-like rain. The Phantom Thieves watch this in disbelief, and the camera closes up to the protagonist, who watches this with an angered look on his face.


  • Because Mishima and Sojiro knowing who the Phantom Thieves are and their goals is done during the story, they can see the fusion happening even if their Confidants haven't been maxed out.
    • Despite Sae also knowing this via the story, her seeing the fusion is not part of the anime cutscene.

What Thieves?[]

"As the real world and Mementos merge, the Phantom Thieves fade from the public's cognition."
—Thieves Den description

As the Phantom Thieves continue to experience pain, Ryuji begins to notice his hand disappearing, which is when all of the Thieves realize they are all disappearing, including Morgana. When he begins to question what is going on, the voice of the Holy Grail can be heard saying that they are about to disappear from the people's cognition. Annoyed at what he is hearing, Ryuji gets mad at the Holy Grail, but then suddenly disappears, with Ann following. Makoto, Yusuke, and Futaba disappear as well. Haru then disappears in front of Morgana, leaving him and protagonist left. After blaming himself for taking them to the depths of Mementos, he disappears, with the protagonist struggling one last time before he disappears as well. As he does so, the poll from the Phan-Site asking "Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves?" goes down to 0.00%.

My Name Is...[]

"The Twin Wardens, overcoming the malevolent will that split them, are fused back together..."
—Thieves Den description

Caroline and Justine stand in front of the guillotine, ready to be fused. After being covered up, the two are "decapitated" and butterflies explode out of them. All of the butterflies merge into one girl.

The God of Control[]

"The Holy Grail, beaten down by the Phantom Thieves, breaks free to reveal its true form..."
—Thieves Den description

After defeating the Holy Grail, it lays dormant. The Phantom Thieves doubt if they've truly done it, before the ground trembles and the shrine begins to open and reveal the sky. The Grail begins to transform the battlefield into an aerial stage and emerges out from the shrine, revealing its body to be those of a a towering, robotic angel.


  • This is the only appearance of Yaldabaoth in an anime cutscene.
  • This is the only way to clearly see the text carved on the floor of the Grail's Shrine in Persona 5, as the lighting is usually too dark to properly view them. In Royal, the same text can be seen on the Hall of the Grail's (entrance to Path of Da'at's) floor due to the lighting being of bluish-white in that area.

Mishima's Call[]

"When Mishima cheers for the Phantom Thieves, everyone around him begins to join in."
—Thieves Den description

Mishima can be seen cheering for the Phantom Thieves to take the evil angel down. When people watch him with confusion and disappointment, he gets angry at them and tells them that there's a reason the Thieves are risking their lives and they need to stop running from the truth. When he thinks he failed at influencing the people, a man can be heard cheering them on, followed by more people and eventually the whole crowd. Mishima then continues cheering the Thieves on as well as the Phan-Site polls can be seen slightly increasing.


  • This cutscene requires Mishima's Confidant to be maxed out in order to view. It is also the only cutscene in Persona 5 (one of two in Royal) that requires a Confidant to be maxed in order to play it.

True Rebels[]

"The voices of those who believe in the Phantom Thieves become a force of their own."
—Thieves Den description

As the crowd continues to cheer for the Phantom Thieves, the poll on the Phantom Aficionado Website, "Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves?" skyrockets to 100%.

Satanael's Descent[]

"With the prayers of the masses, Arsène evolves into Satanael."
—Thieves Den description

The protagonist is seen unmasked and Arsène stands right behind him. The protagonist then grabs Arsène's chains and breaks them, causing Arsène to reveal his true power. Initially, nothing happens, but then a gargantuan being about the same size as Yaldabaoth floats down from the clouds and stands behind the Phantom Thieves.

The Bullet of Rebellion[]

"Satanael fires his Sinful Shell, piercing Yaldabaoth."
—Thieves Den description

Saying Goodbye[]

"The distortions in reality fade, and the world begins to return to the way it once was."
—Thieves Den description

The blood rain stops and the sun returns. At this moment, the illusion breaks, and the flood that took over half of the party's body condenses and breaks. The massive skeletal structures jutting out from the ground dissipate as well and Morgana vanishes from reality, as his existence was tied to Mementos.


Freeing the Leader[]

Everyone is in Shibuya about to celebrate New Year's while the rest of the Phantom Thieves (minus the arrested protagonist) are watching alone from an area above. Ryuji is ready to put the plan to free the protagonist from prison. After it becomes the new year, the Phantom Thieves disband.


  • In Royal, this cutscene does not play if the Third Semester is unlocked, as the protagonist's arrest happens after New Year's in that scenario.


Thanks to the efforts of all of his friends, the protagonist is finally free from prison. A yellow car then pulls up next to him and the driver is revealed to be Sojiro, who was pushed by Futaba to get him. The protagonist then gets in his car and they leave.


  • This is the shortest anime cutscene in the whole game.


The protagonist and Sojiro arrive at Leblanc. Inside, the protagonist sees all of his friends greet him and he smiles back at them.


  • In Royal, this cutscene is shortened if it is being played during the Third Semester, not featuring the protagonist's friends greeting him. Instead, the cutscene will fade to white as soon as he opens the door. This is most likely done to keep consistency with their new Third Semester clothing.

Maruki Arc[]

The New Year[]

"While visiting the shrine with Kasumi for the new year, the protagonist runs into his friends."
—Thieves Den description

The protagonist is invited by Kasumi to the Meiji Shrine. Kasumi messages the protagonist that she's waiting by the torii for him. As he arrives, Kasumi approaches the protagonist while wearing a yukata, then asks if he finds her weird. The protagonist shakes his head and heads to the shrine with Kasumi. After praying, Kasumi wonders why there are not many people around at all. Ryuji, Futaba, Haru, Makoto and Yusuke coincidentally reach the same shrine as Kasumi and the protagonist while happily bantering about the new year.


  • The way that Kasumi's text messages appear on the protagonist's phone before being translated with English subtitles is similar to how it's done in Persona 5 The Animation.

Kasumi and Sumire[]

"The truth is revealed as the tragedy of Kasumi and Sumire comes to light."
—Thieves Den description

In order to make Yoshizawa remember her tragic past so as to deter the protagonist and Akechi from defying him, a now-megalomaniacal Takuto Maruki plays back a recording of Yoshizawa's past. The camera starts from the view of an unknown girl drowning in self-pity. Her view then pans to a a girl that resembles Kasumi, who steps into the eyesight of the unknown girl and playfully banters with her to cheer her up. This doesn't work, so the girl, now identified as the real Kasumi, continues to talk, stating that as the elder sister she would be better.

Kasumi then looks upon a logo for the gymnastics competition and asks her younger sister if this is her dream. The camera now pans to the appearance of the depressed girl who is the younger Yoshizawa. (This means that the Kasumi that the protagonist has been with all the time was in fact, not Kasumi, but the other sister.) She then rushes into traffic without looking, thinking about how she wants to either become Kasumi or die. Kasumi then yells "Sumire" as she chases her sister, trying to bring her back to her senses.

Kasumi sacrifices herself to save Sumire from a car and dies on the spot, with a scream followed by an umbrella being thrown into the air. Passersby flock around them, and one tries to call an ambulance. The screen pans back to Sumire's view, who witnesses Kasumi dying to save her, and her corpse can be seen lying on the rainy road in a pool of her own blood. When Sumire stands back up, the camera pans back to Maruki. After watching the truth, "Kasumi's" Phantom clothing disappears, revealing a despairing Sumire. Her bow then falls off as well, letting her hair down.


  • This is the only appearance of Kasumi Yoshizawa (the real one; not the cognitive Sumire version) in an anime cutscene.
  • If one pays very close attention, Shinichi Yoshizawa can be seen cheering for Kasumi in the stadium's audience. This also marks the only appearance of Yoshizawa's father in an animated cutscene.
  • In the game's files, there's an unused portrait of Sumire crying while wearing her gym uniform, implying that this was meant to be an in-game scene before being changed into an anime cutscene.

A Wish for Happiness[]

"The protagonist rejects Maruki's proposal for a flawless reality."
—Thieves Den description

Maruki asks if the protagonist still insists on rejecting his deal. The protagonist admits that he does, and Maruki laments that he has to use force to drive him and Akechi out. The Shadow standing near Maruki confiscates Sumire by stretching its arm and brings her to Maruki, while he nods and orders it to attack. The Shadow limps while dropping blue liquid, then bursts into Hastur, making an intimidating aura by blowing off parts of the scenery, before attacking the protagonist and Akechi.

Kindness, Madness[]

"Sumire, blinded by her desire for a better reality, is empowered by Maruki."
—Thieves Den description

When Sumire is defeated, the protagonist tries to convince her to give up only for Maruki to step in, claiming that if she still wants to become Kasumi, he can fulfill that dream. He then summons tentacle-like appendages (later revealed to be a series of cognition controlling devices coming from where the Holy Grail was residing in) to apprehend her and driver her Persona, Cendrillon, berserk. The Persona believes that it was Kasumi and refuses to return to Sumire (whom it refers to as soot-coated garbage). Akechi expresses disgust and Maruki orders Cendrillon to attack the protagonist and Akechi, claiming that she has lost sight of herself. The battle against Cendrillon commences afterwards.

Another Me Within[]

"Parting with her own weakness, Sumire has a true awakening and summons Cendrillon once more."
—Thieves Den description

While making their way to the auditorium where they previously encountered Maruki, five featureless Shadows (with tentacle-like arms and hair resembling Maruki's) drop down from the ceiling and ambush Sumire, who has been separated from the party. She attempts to summon Cendrillon but to no avail (presumably due to her Kasumi ego perishing from the previous confrontation), and her mask reappears on her face. When Ryuji tries to intervene, Sumire tells him to stay back, as she needs to "stop being helpless." She resolves to stop pretending to be Kasumi, ripping off her mask. Blood dripping from her face, she vows to discard her weak self. Sumire then raises her hand and calls out for Cendrillon, as she needs her to "make their dream come true."

The screen fades to white. Cendrillon praises Sumire for her tenacity and reaches out for her, before turning into the real Kasumi Yoshizawa, wearing a Shujin uniform. Kasumi smiles and mouths Sumire's name. After a pause, Sumire returns the smile with a nod. Their hands connect and the screen fades out back to Maruki's Palace. Cendrillon, appropriately summoned, initiates their contract and Sumire truly awakens her Persona. The Shadows break into Loa and the battle commences.

Neverending Dream[]

"The protagonist has chosen to remain in the reality designed by Maruki."
—Thieves Den description

Should the protagonist choose to accept Maruki's reality, Maruki's actualization will make it so that everyone's dreams come true, cementing their false happiness.

Escape from the Lab[]

"The Phantom Thieves flee Maruki's collapsing Palace in the Morgana Carsic."
—Thieves Den description

Creator of Paradise[]

"To satisfy his own concept of happiness, Maruki evolves his own Persona."
—Thieves Den description

The Final Battle[]

"Cornered by the Phantom Thieves, Maruki merges with his Persona and grows even stronger."
—Thieves Den description


"As his allies stave off Maruki's attack, the protagonist fires his final shot."
—Thieves Den description

As Adam Kadmon prepares another attack, Futaba explains that he has a weak-spot in his head, but only while he is attacking, as his defense lowers to focus on offense. With this in mind, the protagonist steps back and sees Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Haru, Sumire, and Akechi combining their powers to hold off Adam Kadmon's punch. Once Futaba confirms his head defense level is 0%, the protagonist takes charge and jumps across flying debris and swings on his grappling hook, landing on Adam Kadmon's head. He then takes out his gun and points it at Maruki. After an input from the player to fire the gun, the protagonist says "Checkmate" before firing the bullet through Adam Kadmon's head and breaking Maruki's mask, releasing him and dissolving Adam Kadmon in the process.


  • This is the only cutscene to involve a player-controlled input other than choosing dialogue options for the protagonist. In this case, the player presses a button to fire the protagonist's gun.
    • In the English version of the game, the player presses the "X" button while the Japanese version has the player press the "O" button instead.
  • This is one of two cinematic cutscenes where the protagonist physically speaks rather than having the player choose his dialogue.
  • This is the only cutscene (aside from the opening) to feature a vocal soundtrack.

As the World Falls[]

"Morgana becomes a helicopter and the team hitches a ride as they attempt to escape..."
—Thieves Den description


  • This is the only appearance of Akechi's Black Mask outfit and Takuto Maruki's Metaverse outfit in an anime cutscene.
  • Outside of the Thieves Den, this is the only appearance of the Mona Copter in the game.
  • Some scenes of this cutscene were present in the E3 2019 trailer for Royal.

A Guiding Light[]

"As Maruki accepts his own death, the protagonist extends his hand."
—Thieves Den description

Our Own Future[]

"With their own paths chosen, the protagonist and his friends take their next steps into the future."


  • This ending replaces Persona 5's true ending.
  • The protagonist still wears his glasses, whereas in Persona 5 he takes them off, symbolizing that he doesn't have to hide his true self anymore.
  • Morgana doesn't tamper with the agents' car.

A New Road[]

"As he departs, the protagonist reflects on his life."
—Thieves Den description

Aboard the train, the protagonist sees his reflection in his Phantom Thief attire.


"With a promise in his heart, the protagonist sets off on a new path."
—Thieves Den description

The protagonist checks his phone after it pings with a new text message, barely missing what appears to be Akechi being escorted by two suited men outside the train.


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