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This is a list of Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight trophies for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.


Trophy Icon Description Type
Dancing in Starlight P5D000.png Obtained all trophies Platinum Trophy.png
Careful Planning P5D001.png Played a tutorial Bronze Trophy.png
Solid Bonds P5D002.png Watched a Social event Bronze Trophy.png
Infiltration Mission: Start! P5D003.png Explored a friend's room Bronze Trophy.png
Unwavering Interests P5D004.png Watched 20 Social events Bronze Trophy.png
I've Taken Your Rooms, Lads! P5D005.png Explored all the guys' rooms Silver Trophy.png
I'll Steal Your Hearts, My Dears! P5D006.png Explored all the girls' rooms Silver Trophy.png
The Best Reward P5D007.png Obtained an invaluable treasure upon the stage Silver Trophy.png
Beyond the Dream P5D008.png Watched all Social events Gold Trophy.png
A Few Small Gifts P5D009.png Obtained 5 rewards from the Twins' card hunt Bronze Trophy.png
Prince of the Phantom Thieves P5D010.png Obtained all rewards from the Twins' card hunt Silver Trophy.png
Follow My Lead, Inmate! P5D011.png Had the Twins join the grand ball Bronze Trophy.png
I'm Just Getting Started P5D012.png Unlocked the highest difficulty level (ALL NIGHT) Silver Trophy.png
Ready to Party P5D013.png Obtained a costume Bronze Trophy.png
I've Stolen About Half! P5D014.png Obtained half of all the costumes Silver Trophy.png
Phantom Thief in Full Bloom P5D015.png Obtained all the costumes Gold Trophy.png
A Phantom Thief's Most Indispensable Tool P5D016.png Obtained all the pairs of glasses Bronze Trophy.png
Sparkling Quarry P5D017.png Obtained half of all the accessories Bronze Trophy.png
Legendary Treasure Cache P5D018.png Obtained all the accessories Silver Trophy.png
Suspect in Custody! P5D019.png Failed a stage Bronze Trophy.png
It's Showtime! P5D020.png Cleared a stage Bronze Trophy.png
The First Step to Greatness P5D021.png Earned the highest possible grade on a stage (KING CRAZY) Silver Trophy.png
The Perfect Crime P5D022.png Cleared a stage on HARD or harder and earned a PERFECT rating on at least half of the Notes Silver Trophy.png
Unstoppable P5D023.png Beat your own high score Bronze Trophy.png
I Am Thou, Thou Art Who? P5D024.png Started a stage with a different hairstyle, two accessories, color contacts, and a colored wig Bronze Trophy.png
Masters of Disguise P5D025.png Changed costumes and played a stage with each of the Phantom Thieves (excluding Akechi) Bronze Trophy.png
Stars Dancing in Starlight P5D026.png Watched 40 different Fever Time dances Gold Trophy.png
The Ultimate Guide for Tricksters P5D027.png Watched every possible dance for the P5 Protagonist (Ren Amamiya) Silver Trophy.png
Alibaba Fanatic P5D028.png Watched every possible dance for Futaba Silver Trophy.png
The Dragon and the Panther P5D029.png Cleared the stages where Ryuji and Ann dance together Bronze Trophy.png
The Student and the Teacher P5D030.png Cleared the stages where Morgana and Haru dance together Bronze Trophy.png
The Unusual and the Uptight P5D031.png Cleared the stages where Yusuke and Makoto dance together Bronze Trophy.png
Phantom Choreographers P5D032.png Watched a replay Bronze Trophy.png
A Mountain of Treasure P5D033.png Unlocked all ???s in Collection Bronze Trophy.png
Stylish Phantom Thieves P5D034.png Registered a costume as a Favorite Bronze Trophy.png
Fully Tuned Up and Ready to Go P5D035.png Unlocked all Custom modifiers Silver Trophy.png
Hype It Your Way P5D036.png Cleared a stage after changing Hype Gauge difficulty in Custom Bronze Trophy.png
A Safe Tightrope Walk P5D037.png Cleared a stage with both "GOOD ratings won't break combos" and "Game Over with combo break" enabled Bronze Trophy.png
Trick Note P5D038.png Cleared a stage with both "Note paths waver" and "Note speed fluctuates" enabled Bronze Trophy.png
Infiltration Route Secured P5D039.png Cleared a stage on HARD or harder with all Support modifiers enabled Bronze Trophy.png
Indecisive Advance P5D040.png Cleared a stage with 5 Challenge and 5 Support modifiers simultaneously enabled Bronze Trophy.png
An Impossible Mission P5D041.png Started a stage on ALL NIGHT difficulty with 10 or more Challenge modifiers enabled Bronze Trophy.png

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