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This is a list of Persona 4 Golden trophies for the PlayStation Vita, and achievements for Steam.


Trophy Icon Description Type
Golden Completed P4G Trophy Golden.png Earn all trophies Platinum Trophy.png
A Prince Appears P4G Trophy APrince.png Rescue Yukiko Amagi. Bronze Trophy.png
A True Man's Stand P4G Trophy ATrue.png Rescue Kanji Tatsumi. Bronze Trophy.png
The Lounge is Closed P4G Trophy TheLounge.png Rescue Rise Kujikawa. Bronze Trophy.png
Game Over P4G Trophy GameOver.png Apprehended Mitsuo Kubo. Bronze Trophy.png
Boarded-Up Lab P4G Trophy BoardedUpLab.png Rescue Naoto Shirogane. Bronze Trophy.png
The Return of the Angels P4G Trophy TheReturn.png Rescue Nanako Dojima. Bronze Trophy.png
Breaking Through the Fog P4G Trophy Breaking.png Secure Tohru Adachi. Bronze Trophy.png
Welcome Back P4G Trophy WelcomeBack.png Rescue Marie. Silver Trophy.png
The Truth In Your Hands P4G Trophy TheTruth.png Defeat Izanami. Gold Trophy.png
Fusion Expert P4G Trophy FusionExpert.png Perform 50 Persona fusions Bronze Trophy.png
Special Fusion Expert P4G Trophy SpecialFusion.png Use 4 or more Personas in a special fusion. Bronze Trophy.png
The Nose Doesn't Always Know P4G Trophy TheNose.png Experience a fusion accident Bronze Trophy.png
Persona Shopper P4G Trophy PersonaShopper.png Buy a Persona from the Compendium Bronze Trophy.png
A Favor for Marie P4G Trophy AFavor.png Give Marie a Skill Card. Bronze Trophy.png
Card Collector P4G Trophy CardCollector.png Register 100 skills cards Bronze Trophy.png
Displaying Adaptability P4G Trophy Displaying.png Switch Personas five times in one battle. Bronze Trophy.png
Hardcore Risette Fan P4G Trophy HardcoreRisetteFan.png Hear 250 of Rise's navigation lines Bronze Trophy.png
Going Nova P4G Trophy GoingNova.png Deal over 999 damage in 1 attack Bronze Trophy.png
Skilled Commander P4G Trophy SkilledCommander.png Perform 50 All-Out Attacks Bronze Trophy.png
Tactical Fighter P4G Trophy Tactical.png Exploit enemy weakness 100 times Bronze Trophy.png
Fill Your Hand P4G Trophy FillYourHand.png Get 50 Sweep Bonus Bronze Trophy.png
Grasping at Greed P4G Trophy GraspingAtGreed.png Defeat a Golden Hand. Bronze Trophy.png
One Who Has Proven Their Power P4G Trophy OneWhoHasProven.png Defeat Margaret Gold Trophy.png
The Reaper Becomes the Reaped P4G Trophy TheReaper.png Defeat the Reaper. Silver Trophy.png
Food Fighter P4G Trophy FoodFighter.png Finish Aiya's special dish. Bronze Trophy.png
Compulsive Reader P4G Trophy Compulsive.png Read every book in a single playthrough. Bronze Trophy.png
It's Working Today P4G Trophy ItsWorking.png Buy an item from the Capsule Machine Bronze Trophy.png
Lucky Me! P4G Trophy LuckyMe.png Win a prize from the vending machine Bronze Trophy.png
Granter of Your Desires P4G Trophy Granter.png Bought 5 products from Tanaka's Amazing Commodities. Bronze Trophy.png
Seize the Moment P4G Trophy SeizeTheMoment.png Buy a special croquette from Sozai Daigaku Bronze Trophy.png
Cooking With Gas P4G Trophy CookingWithGas.png Cooked 5 perfect meals. Bronze Trophy.png
A Special Lady P4G Trophy ASpecialLady.png Enter a special relationship with someone Bronze Trophy.png
Mr. Perfect P4G Trophy MrPerfect.png Maxed every trait. Silver Trophy.png
The Other Self P4G Trophy TheOtherSelf.png Obtained the Persona Izanagi. Bronze Trophy.png
The Power of Truth P4G Trophy PowerOfTruth.png Fuse Izanagi-no-Okami. Silver Trophy.png
Moderate Bookkeeper P4G Trophy ModerateBook.png Complete 50% of the Persona Compendium. Silver Trophy.png
Thorough Bookkeeper P4G Trophy ThoroughBook.png Complete the Persona Compendium Gold Trophy.png
Fashion Plate P4G Trophy FashionPlate.png Fight a battle in costume Bronze Trophy.png
Head of the Class P4G Trophy HeadClass.png Rank #1 in your class on an exam Bronze Trophy.png
Fishing Master P4G Trophy FishingMaster.png Catch the Sea Guardian Bronze Trophy.png
A True Bond P4G Trophy ATrueBond.png Max a Social Link. Bronze Trophy.png
Bond Maniac P4G Trophy BondManiac.png Maxed 10 Social Links in a single playthrough. Bronze Trophy.png
Legend of Inaba P4G Trophy LegendOfInaba.png Maxed all Social Links in a single playthrough. Silver Trophy.png
An Acquired Taste P4G Trophy AcquiredTaste.png Drink the coffee at Chagall Cafe Bronze Trophy.png
Movie Buff P4G Trophy MovieBuff.png Go to 3 movies at 30 Frame Bronze Trophy.png
Bug Hunter P4G Trophy BugHunter.png Swing the net with perfect timing Bronze Trophy.png
Advantage Mine! P4G Trophy AdvantageMine.png Get a Player Advantage Bronze Trophy.png
Big Bro is Worried P4G Trophy BigBroIsWorried.png Visit Nanako in the hospital 3 times Bronze Trophy.png
A New Quiz King P4G Trophy ANewQuizKing.png Win the Miracle Quiz Finals Bronze Trophy.png

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