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This is a list of all the activities and interactions available in the Daily Life segment of Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden.

Dojima Residence

Activity Default Effect Available
Free Activities
Backyard Gardening Spring and Summer seasons
Bug Catching Winter
Refrigerator Boosts 0 to +1 Courage (♪) Scheduled days
TV Weather Forecast Everyday
Time-Consuming Activities
Scooter Take a ride Day
Refrigerator Boosts +1 Courage (♪) Scheduled days
Bed Advances to next day
Work Table Read
Make a Model
Make envelopes
Make origami cranes
Study Desk Study +Knowledge(♪♪)
Nanako Dojima Hang out Scheduled nights
Ryotaro Dojima Hang out Scheduled nights

Junes Department Store

Activity Default Effect Available
Time-Consuming Activities
Yosuke Hanamura Hang out Sundays
Tohru Adachi (Golden Only) Hang out Scheduled days

Central Shopping District

Activity Default Effect Available
Free Activities
Vending Machines Vendor
Bulletin Apply for jobs
Daidara Metalworks Vendor
Time-Consuming Activities
Shiroku Pub +¥2,000 Night
Chinese Diner Aiya Take the Mega Beef Bowl (requires Social Stats to be at certain Rank to succeed; will reward if done so) Rainy days
Scooter Party member Scooter invites Scheduled days
Bus Stop Day Caretaker +¥4,000
Eri Minami Hang out
Scheduled days
Hospital Janitor +¥1,500
Sayoko Uehara Hang out
Scheduled nights
Tutor +¥10,000
Shu Nakajima Hang Out
Scheduled nights
Tatsuhime Shrine Fox ema Request
Bug Catching
+Social Link points
Chie Satonaka Hang out Sundays
Yukiko Amagi Hang out Sundays
Kanji Tatsumi Hang out Sundays
Rise Kujikawa Hang out Sundays
Tohru Adachi (Golden Only) Hang out Scheduled nights
Kou Ichijo Hang out Sundays
Daisuke Nagase Hang out Sundays
Naoki Konishi Hang Out Scheduled days
Marie (Golden Only) Hang out Scheduled days

Samegawa Flood Plain

Activity Default Effect Available
Time-Consuming Activities
Fishing Minigame
Naoto Shirogane Hang out Sundays
Hisano Kuroda Hang out Sundays

Yasogami High School

Activity Default Effect Available
Time-Consuming Activities
Study +Knowledge(♪)
Yosuke Hanamura Hang out Scheduled days
Chie Satonaka Hang out
Yukiko Amagi Hang out
Kanji Tatsumi Hang out
Rise Kujikawa Hang out
Naoto Shirogane Hang out
Kou Ichijo Hang out
Daisuke Nagase Hang out
Naoki Konishi Hang Out
Ai Ebihara Hang Out

Okina City

Persona 4 Golden only.

Activity Default Effect Available
Free Activities
Crane Game Chance to obtain highlighted doll (decoration)
Time-Consuming Activities
Movie theater Boosts party memebers' Persona stats
Chagall Cafe Gives a Skill Card for the equipped Persona

Shichiri Beach

Persona 4 Golden only.

Activity Default Effect Available
Time-Consuming Activities
Fishing Minigame
Gaze out to sea Persona gets a new skill
Swim +Courage(♪)

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