This is a list of Persona 4: Dancing All Night trophies for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.


Trophy Icon Description Type
Dancing All Night P4D000 Obtained all trophies Platinum Trophy
The Festival Begins P4D001 Completed Chapter 1 Bronze Trophy
Closing Night P4D002 Rescued Tamami Uesugi Bronze Trophy
A Night to Remember P4D003 Rescued Tomoe Sayama Bronze Trophy
Tidy Up Your Toys P4D004 Rescued Sumomo Ujima Bronze Trophy
Standing Room Only P4D005 Rescued Nozomi Nakahara Bronze Trophy
Bearwell! P4D006 Completed Chapter 4 Bronze Trophy
The Empress Dethroned P4D007 Rescued Kyoka Ochimizu Bronze Trophy
Bond Dancers, Go! P4D008 Got through to Mikuratana-no-Kami Gold Trophy
Historian P4D009 Watched all events, including pre-story Bronze Trophy
Time to Party Harder P4D010 Margaret joins the dance Bronze Trophy
To Greater Heights P4D011 Unlocked highest difficulty (ALL NIGHT) Silver Trophy
Appearance Matters P4D012 Bought a costume for the first time Bronze Trophy
Best Dressed P4D013 Bought half of all costumes Silver Trophy
Closet Full of Dreams P4D014 Bought all costumes Gold Trophy
Lapidary P4D015 Obtained all accessories Silver Trophy
Hooked on Shopping P4D016 Bought all items in Shopping Silver Trophy
Regular Customer P4D017 Used a total of P$500,000 in Shopping Silver Trophy
That Familiar Rush P4D018 Watched replay data from Score Bronze Trophy
I Am Thou, Thou Art I P4D019 Completed the Database Bronze Trophy
Empty Seats P4D020 A performance ended prematurely Bronze Trophy
Hit the Dance Floor P4D021 Cleared 1 track in Free Dance Bronze Trophy
The Party Never Ends P4D022 Cleared all tracks in Free Dance Silver Trophy
Love Connections P4D023 Performed a full combo on a track Silver Trophy
Born Entertainer P4D024 Obtained top rank (King Crazy) on a track Bronze Trophy
What's a "Miss"? P4D025 Cleared a track with no MISSes Silver Trophy
Perfectionist P4D026 50%+ Perfect clear on HARD track or higher Silver Trophy
New Personal Best P4D027 Beat your own high score Silver Trophy
Fashion Police P4D028 Changed costume and began dancing Bronze Trophy
The Final Touch P4D029 Equipped accessory and began dancing Bronze Trophy
Costume Coordinator P4D030 Cleared a track with each character in changed costumes Bronze Trophy
Star Dancer P4D031 Danced using 2 or more items to raise difficulty Silver Trophy
Working Together P4D032 Triggered a Bond Fever at least once Bronze Trophy
Inseparable P4D033 Triggered 30 types of Bond Fevers Gold Trophy
Nanako Forever! P4D034 Triggered all dances/Bond Fevers with Nanako Silver Trophy
Dream Team P4D035 Paired Rise and Kanami in Free Dance Bronze Trophy
Senpai, You're So Cool! P4D036 Seen all Bond Fevers between Yu and Rise Silver Trophy
Red and Green P4D037 Seen all Bond Fevers between Yukiko and Chie Silver Trophy
The Junes Special P4D038 Seen all Bond Fevers between Yosuke and Teddie Silver Trophy
Beauty and the Beast P4D039 Seen all Bond Fevers between Naoto and Kanji Silver Trophy

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