Bosses appearing in The Answer, the epilogue included with Persona 3 FES. For the list of regular Persona 3 bosses, see List of Persona 3 Bosses.

List of BossesEdit


  • Metis (Psyche) - This is the first battle of the game, scripted so that it cannot be lost.

Desert of Doors GuardiansEdit

The player is next tasked with going through the Desert of Doors and clearing through all the doors. The boss fights impeding floor progression, in order, are as follows:

Bottom of Abyss of TimeEdit

Colosseo PurgatorioEdit

After obtaining the 8 keys needed to escape the space-time distortion being caused, the group has 2 options: use the keys to open the doors and proceed into the future, or use the keys to move into the past and attempt to save the protagonist. Akihiko and Ken assert the former decision, Mitsuru and Yukari assert the latter, Junpei and Koromaru refuse to commit to any decision that is not made unanimously, Aigis and Fuuka remain indecisive, and Metis simply vows to protect Aigis. The group concludes that they have no choice but to fight. Only partnering with Metis and Fuuka, Aigis will then fight the following bosses:

Final BossEdit

  • Erebus - Fought after completing Colosseo Purgatorio and reuniting the party

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