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This article is about bosses in "The Journey". For a list of bosses in "The Answer", see List of Persona 3 FES Bosses.

This is a list of bosses in Persona 3.

The Tartarus Guardians listed below block a floor of Tartarus and must be defeated in order to progress, same as story bosses who appear on a certain date.

Tartarus Guardians[]

Italics means that the boss is encountered in a group of three.

Name Arcana Floor
Venus Eagle 03.0Empress 5F
Dancing Hand 01.0Magician 11F
Rampage Drive 07.0Chariot 17F
Crying Table 01.0Magician 25F
Change Relic 03.0Empress 36F
Golden Beetle 04.0Emperor 47F
Intrepid Knight 04.0Emperor 59F
Furious Gigas 11.0Strength 72F
Fanatic Tower 05.0Hierophant 85F
Magical Magus 01.0Magician 98F
Natural Dancer 06.0Lovers 110F
Arcane Turret 07.0Chariot 122F
Sleeping Table 01.0Magician 135F
Hell Knight 04.0Emperor 146F
Mythical Gigas 11.0Strength 160F
Judgement Sword Justice 171F
Stasis Giant Justice 180F
Phantom King 09.0Hermit 190F
Royal Dancer 06.0Lovers 201F
Reckoning Dice 10.0Fortune 211F
Noble Seeker 09.0Hermit 220F
Carnal Snake 06.0Lovers 228F
World Balance Justice 236F
Fierce Cyclops 12.0Hanged Man 244F
Jotun of Grief 12.0Hanged Man 252F

Tartarus Gatekeepers (Reload)[]

Name Arcana Floor
Ruthless Ice Raven x2 Hermit 5F
Barbaric Beast Wheel, Magic Hand x2 Chariot, Magician 10F
Swift Axle 07.0Chariot 14F
Will O' Wisp Raven, Lightning Eagle x2 Hermit, Empress 28F
Heretic Magus, Grievous Table x2 Both Magician 35F
Disturbing Dice, Slaughter Twins x2 Fortune, Hierophant 36F
Clairvoyant Relic 03.0Empress 42F
Servant Tower, Enslaved Cupid x2 Hierophant, Lovers 47F
Lascivious Lady, Profligate Gigas x2 Empress, Strength 54F
Fleetfooted Cavalry 04.0Emperor 60F
Ochlocratic Sand x3 Fortune 77F
Arcanist Decapitator, Heat Overseer, Sky Overseer Hermit, Justice, Justice 82F
Deviant Convict, Tome of Atrophy Hanged Man, Priestess 90F
Controlling Partner, Dependent Partner Both Lovers 91F
Venomous Magus, Five Fingers of Blight x2 Both Magician 99F
Bloody Maria, Executioner's Crown Both Priestess 105F
Imposing Skyscraper Hierophant 112F
Heartless Relic, Rampaging Sand x2 Empress, Fortune 125F
Raging Turret Chariot 126F
Terminal Table 01.0Magician 132F
Jotun of Authority, Purging Left Hand, Subservient Right Hand Hanged Man, Magician, Magician 136F
Isolated Castle Emperor 143F
Pagoda of Disaster, Tome of Persecution x2 Hierophant, Priestess 151F
Dancing Beast Wheel Chariot 155F
Demented Knight x2 Emperor 161F
Cruel Greatsword, Serpent of Absurdity Justice, Lovers 170F
Invigorated Gigas 11.0Strength 171F
Cultist of the Storm Hierophant 179F
Merciless Judge, Executive Greatsword Both Justice 184F
Chaos Panzer, Resentful Surveillant x2 Chariot, 09.0Hermit 188F
Necromachinery Hermit 193F
Icebreaker Lion, Luckless Cupid Strength, 06.0Lovers 201F
Deadly Eldest Sibling, Blazing Middle Sibling, Voltaic Youngest Sibling All Strength 212F
Scornful Dice 10.0Fortune 218F
Minotaur Nulla Hanged Man 225F
Obsessive Sand Fortune 230F
Comeback Castle, Foot Soldier x2, Mage Soldier x2 Emperor, Magician, Priestess 236F
Overseer of Creation x2 Justice 241F
Appropriating Noble, Invasive Serpent x2 Hermit, Lovers 246F
High Judge of Hell Justice 247F
Cultist of Death Hierophant 253F
Hedonistic Sinner x2 12.0Hanged Man 254F
Genocidal Mercenary 12.0Hanged Man 255F

Monad Doors and Passages (Reload)[]

Name Arcana Floor
Elegant Mother 03.0Empress 70-89F
Phantom Mage Hermit 70-89F
Red Sigil Hierophant 70-89F
Cowardly Maya 01.0Magician 91F
Rampage Drive, Magical Magus, Shouting Tiara Chariot, Magician, Priestess 91F
Nemean Beast Strength 93-117F
Eternal Eagle Empress 93-117F
Chaos Cyclops Hanged Man 93-117F
Bronze Dice, Muttering Tiara Fortune, Priestess 117F
Iron Dice, Silent Book Fortune, Priestess 117F
Platinum Dice, Muttering Tiara, Silent Book Fortune, Priestess, Priestess 117F
Judgement Sword Justice 119-142F
Minotaur III Hanged Man 119-142F
Grand Magus Magician 119-142F
Dogmatic Tower, Immoral Snake x2 Hierophant, Lovers 143F
Natural Dancer x2 Lovers 143F
Vehement Idol Priestess 143F
Crazy Twins Hierophant 145-168F
Emperor Beetle Emperor 145-168F
Death Castle Emperor 145-168F
Minotaur II Hanged Man 171F
Haunted Castle, Spiritual Castle Both Emperor 171F
Change Relic, Intrepid Knight Empress, Emperor 171F
Void Giant Justice 173-197F
World Balance Justice 173-197F
Eternal Sand Fortune 173-197F
Amorous Snake, Devious Maya Lovers, 12.0Hanged Man 198F
Omnipotent Balance, Heat Balance, Sky Balance, Light Balance All Justice 198F
Rampage Drive Chariot 199-224F
Vehement Idol Priestess 199-224F
Phantom King Hermit 199-224F
Morbid Book, Phantom Master Priestess, Hermit 225F
Gold Hand, White Hand, Pink Hand, Silver Hand, Black Hand All Magician 225F
Fanatic Tower Hierophant 227-251F
Reckoning Dice Fortune 227-251F
Intrepid Knight Emperor 227-251F
Hallowed Turret Chariot 255F
Tenjin Musha, Onnen Musha, Kaiden Musha, Hakurou Musha All Strength 255F
Shadow of the Void Strength 255F

Storyline Bosses[]

Arcana Shadows appear on a certain date every Full Moon and must be defeated in order to progress the story.

Optional Bosses[]


  • Of all the bosses, the Major Arcana not fought are Fool, Death, and all Arcana after.

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