Below is a list of spells from the original Famicom version of Megami Tensei. Each Elemental spell belongs to a family, interestingly enough these families are their respective elements.

Extra Skills in the original Megami Tensei are completely enemy-only.

Fire Spells and SkillsEdit

Name Cost Power Target
Botto 2 MP Weak 1
Bottoraa 5 MP Medium 1-2
Blaze Extra Heavy 1
Boattonaa 10 MP Heavy 1-3
Gaboatto 15 MP Severe 1-4

Ice SpellsEdit

  • All Ice Spells have a chance of inflicting the Freeze Ailment.
Name Cost Power Target
Breeze 5 MP Weak 1
Breezer 10 MP Medium 1-2
Blizzardon 14 MP Severe 1-4

Elec SpellsEdit

Name Cost Power Target
Cande 4 MP Weak 1-2
Candeon 9 MP Heavy 1-4

Force Spells and SkillsEdit

Name Cost Power Target
Psy 1 MP Weak 1
Psycho 4 MP Medium 1-2
Roar Extra Heavy 1
Psychic 8 MP Heavy 1-3
Cyclon 12 MP Severe 1-4

Expel SpellsEdit

  • All Expel Spells hit once.
Name Cost Power
Hama 5 MP Weak
Hakke 10 MP Heavy
Hakyou 15 MP Severe

Curse SkillsEdit

  • All Curse Skills are Extra and deal weak damage.
Name Target
Curse 1
Curse (2) All

Ailment Spells and SkillsEdit

Name Cost Effect Target
Gussurito 10 MP Chance of Sleep 3
Pulinpa 5 MP Chance of Close 2
Noppu 7 MP
Marin Karin 10 MP 3
Poison Extra Chance of Poison 1
Palsy Chance of Palsy
Palsy (2)
Stone Chance of Stone

Special Spells and Skills Edit

  • All Special Spells and Skills are enemy-only.
Name Cost Effect Target
Kyuma 0 MP MP drain 1
Energy Drain Extra Level decrease by 1 Nakajima and Yumiko

Heal SpellsEdit

Name Cost Effect Target Other Notes
Medi 2 MP HP recovery One ally N/A
Medic 6 MP All allies
Medical 8 MP Full HP recovery One ally
Patch 4 MP Sleep/Close removal
Clink 7 MP Poison/Palsy/Stone removal
Recarm 20 MP Revival from death with very low HP May fail or remove target from COMP.

Support SpellsEdit

MT Name Cost Effect Target
Hyper 2 MP Attack power increase All allies
Tetraja 5 MP Protection from Level decrease for one battle Nakajima and Yumiko
Etna 6 MP Protection from enemy Spells for one battle All allies

Other Spells Edit

Name Cost Effect
Sabat 8 MP Summons a single demon ally from the COMP
Mapper 2 MP Creates mini-map of the current area until the next New Moon
Start 12 MP Returns the party to Micon Town
Swadona 10 MP Shows the current Password.