This is a list of items and equipment used in Megami Tensei and its remake Kyūyaku Megami Tensei.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Effect
Jewel Fully heals HP and cures Poison; used in demon negotiations
Poisonon Cures Poison
Paralynon Cures Paralysis
Petrinon Cures Petrification
Sacred Bell Revives the dead
Soma Fully heals HP and MP and cures Poison

Item Effect
Agirama Stone Casts Agirama
Maragima Stone Casts Maragima
Bufurama Stone Casts Bufurama
Zioma Stone Casts Zioma

Item Effect
Exorcism Herb Repels low level demons
Muscle Drink Temporarily increases HP
Magic Source Temporarily increases MP
Amethyst Trade for items at Rag's Shop, or throw at demons to escape from battle. *
Member's Card Member's Card for Rag's Shop, used in Megami Tensei II (KMT only) *

Item Purpose
Orb of Silence Gem required to unseal Izanami in the Sea of Flames. Goes in Second, in the Right Eye.
Gar's Shield Allows entry into Bien from Valhalla Corridor
Small Key Allows entrance into the northern locked area of Bien 2F
Tabasa's Statue Seals Tyrant Medusa's petrification attack. Shatters after use.
Taurus Key Unlocks the recreational area on Bien 2F
Tour Pass Allows the hero to fly the city of Bien. (Talk to the Captain near the 2F Elevator)
Lor's Talisman Seals Tyrant Loki's magic. Shatters after use.
Rick's Bracelet Required to obtain the White Dragon Orb from the Holy Urn in the Sea of Flames. *
Jewel of Heaven Decoy item for obtaining Latos' Statue.
Ares' Necklace Used to obtain Latos' Statue in the Mazurka Corridor.
Orb of Malice Gem required to unseal Izanami in the Sea of Flames. Goes in First, in the Forehead.
Silk Thread Give to Izanami in Megami Tensei to obtain Izanami's Robe in Megami Tensei II *
Latos' Statue Removes Tyrant Hecate's invisibility. Shatters after use.
Silver Relief Allows the Mappara spell to open a secret door in Mazurka 2, 3F.
Orb of Resolve Gem required to unseal Izanami in the Sea of Flames. Goes in Third, in the Left Eye.
Izanami's Robe Protects Nakajima and Yumiko from the fires of the Sea of Flames.
Purski's Neigh Occasionally prevents Tyrant Seth from moving. Shatters after use.
Ruth's Bottle Required to find the Hinokagutsuchi (Bien 4F) and Lion Shield (Sea of Flames 1F).
White Dragon Orb Seals Tyrant Lucifer's Diarahan spell.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Attack Hits Accuracy Crit Sex
Jackknife 1 1 85% 1 Both
Nunchaku 2 1-2 89% 1 Male
Dagger 4 1 87% 1 Male
Scorpion Whip 3 1-2 88% 1 Female
Chain Sickle 6 1-2 88% 1 Male
Nameless Katana 8 1 90% 2 Male
Platinum Dagger 10 1 89% 2 Female
Morningstar 10 2-3 88% 2 Male
Signed Kotetsu 18 1 90% 6 Male
Mirror Blade 23 1 91% 3 Female
Kiku-ichimonji 32 1 91% 3 Male
Flame Baton 30 1-2 90% 2 Male
Dancing Sword 23 1-8 87% 1 Female
Knight's Soul 40 1 90% 3 Male
Orichalcum Blade 51 1 90% 4 Male
Vermilion Sword 38 2-4 91% 4 Female
Death's Scythe 45 1-3 89% 8 Male
Perseus' Sword 48 2-4 91% 8 Male
Aura Sword 74 1-2 91% 6 Both
Hinokagutsuchi 80 2 92% 7 Male

Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor Defense Sex
Helmet 3 Female
Kevlar Helmet 4 Both
Talisman Helmet 6 Female
Angel Ring 8 Female
Yaksha Mask 9 Both
Aura Helmet 10 Both
Daphne's Crown 13 Female

Armor Defense Charm Sex
Combat Suit 3 3 Both
Chain Mail 5 4 Male
Breastplate 7 5 Male
Fiber Suit 8 6 Both
Samurai Armor 10 7 Male
Orichalcum Mail 12 8 Male
Aura Armor 14 9 Both
Mist Armor 16 9 Male

Shields can only be equipped by Nakajima.

Armor Defense
Oak Shield 2
Steel Shield 3
Ceramic Shield 4
Platinum Shield 5
Orichalcum Shield 6
Aura Shield 7
Lion Shield 10

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