This is a list of items used in Last Bible.


Item Effect Price
Antidote Cure one character of poison $100
Mana Seed Recover one character's HP $15
Mana Recover one character's HP Max $300
Mona Branch Cure one character of paralysis $150
Pana Recover one character's MP $450
Pana Care Recover one character's MP Max and some HP $1200
Rune Revive one character $750
Silph Wing Warp to a previously visited town $75
Dew of Lete Paralyzes enemies in battle $450
Blood Scares enemies away in battle Magnetite
Magi Flute Confuses enemies in battle Magnetite
Cult Mask Prevents enemies from using magic Magnetite
Light Charm Increases Strength by 1 N/A
Wind Charm Increases Speed by 1 N/A
Earth Charm Increases Endurance by 1 N/A
Water Charm Increases Intelligence by 1 N/A
Bamora Increases attack during battle Magnetite
Tote's Eye Increases defense during battle Magnetite
Heal Staff Heals party during battle N/A
Fire Staff Casts a fire spell during battle N/A



Weapon Power Price Equip
Tite Sword 7 $45 El, Kishe
Damascus 10 $1500 Uranus
Moon Sword 13 $1800 Uranus
Heat Sword 14 $300 El, Kishe, Uranus
Kill Whip 18 $600 El, Kishe
Scare Claw 22 $900 El
Iron Cutter 25 $2700 El
SpiritSword 29 $3000 El, Kishe
Tangaloia 30 $9000 Uranus
Arce Sword 36 N/A El, Kishe
KintalSword 43 $6000 El
Aaron Rod 45 $22500 Uranus
Cross Sword 50 $12000 Kishe
Wind Sword 50 $22500 Kishe
Evil Buster 54 $13500 Kishe
Excalibur 60 $15000 El, Kishe
Muramasa 60 N/A Kishe
Spark Sword 70 N/A Uranus
PhotonSword 75 N/A Kishe
Hecto Axe 90 $15000 El
Omega Sword 100 N/A Uranus
DemonBuster 105 N/A Kishe
Alpha Sword 120 N/A Kishe
Force Sword 128 N/A El


Armor Defense Price Equip
LeatherMail 10 $37 El, Kishe, Uranus
Robe 13 N/A Uranus
CopperArmor 20 $225 El, Kishe
Rei Robe 20 $1800 Uranus
Iron Armor 27 $600 El, Kishe
Aura Robe 35 $7500 Uranus
Sky Armor 37 $5850 El, Kishe
Shock Armor 45 $9000 El, Kishe
Ice Armor 45 $9000 El, Kishe
Hecto Mail 50 $12000 El
Magus Robe 60 $45000 Uranus
Nano Mail 65 $15000 El, Kishe
Magus Armor 70 $30000 Kishe
Saint Armor 72 $81000 El, Kishe
PhotonArmor 86 N/A El, Kishe
Omega Armor 98 N/A Uranus
Alpha Mail 120 N/A Kishe
Force Mail 127 N/A El


Shield Defense Price Equip
Copper Shld 4 $100 El, Kishe
Iron Shld 13 $450 El, Kishe
Wolf Shld 21 $1500 El, Kishe
Kintal Shld 37 $3000 El, Kishe
Hecto Shld 45 $7500 El
Bull Shld 50 $3500 El, Kishe
Saint Shld 60 $30000 El
Photon Shld 68 N/A El, Kishe
Force Shld 82 N/A El

Other ItemsEdit

Item Purpose
Magnetite Trade for items in shrines
Amon Bone 1 Collect all Amon bones to summon Amon
Amon Bone 2 Collect all Amon bones to summon Amon
Amon Bone 3 Collect all Amon bones to summon Amon
Drgn Bone 1 Collect all Dragon bones to summon Dragon
Drgn Bone 2 Collect all Dragon bones to summon Dragon
Drgn Bone 3 Collect all Dragon bones to summon Dragon
Kirin Bone1 Collect all Kirin bones to summon Kirin
Kirin Bone2 Collect all Kirin bones to summon Kirin
Kirin Bone3 Collect all Kirin bones to summon Kirin

Story ItemsEdit

Item Purpose
Lete Water Dissolves the barrier around Arrow, allowing entry
Medicine When given to Kishe, he joins the party
Pass Allows passage through the West Shrine
Sol Ring Allows talking to animals
Black Key Allows entrance to Zord Cave
Emblem Allows entrance to Dola
Jail Key Used to free Halim
Lapis Allows the Ark to fly
Bard Allows entrance to Zord HQ
Light Dew Allows entrance to Nova
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