Mantra are a method to unlocking skills in the Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner franchise. A list of skills are found here. Difficulty is how much experience is required to unlock the skills. The exact amount of Atma points needed to unlock these skills are currently unknown.

Physical Skills[edit | edit source]

Teach a wide range of physical and hunt skills as well as corresponding auto-skills.

Name Cost Required Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Difficulty
Devourer 1000 Macca Devour Hell Thrust
Demon Beast 4000 Macca Devourer Feed Frenzy Venom Fang Ingest Mana ★★
Holy Beast 50000 Macca Demon Beast Consume Hell Fang AP Divide Iron Stomach ★★★★
Godly Beast 300000 Macca Holy Beast Insatiable Mind Scream Atma Bonus ★★★★
Shura 1000 Macca Venom Claw Mad Rush
Raksas 2500 Macca Shura Poison Dart Ravaging Slash Life Bonus Critical ★★
Priestess 15000 Macca Raksas Comatose Stun Needle Null Critical Quick Cure ★★★
Maiden 50000 Macca Priestess Close Call MIN Critical ★★★★
Queen 150000 Macca Maiden Sakura Rage Life Gain Phys Resist MAX Critical ★★★★★
Wikipedia 600000 Macca Godly Beast & Queen Last Meal Bloodbath Devour Mana ★★★★★★★
Battle Demon 4000 Macca Shura Devil Feast Death Spray Vile Blade Taunt ★★
Demon Lord 25000 Macca Battle Demon Ingest Power Wave Mute Blow ★★★
Demon God 100000 Macca Demon Lord Great Feast Skull Cleave Chi Blast ★★★★
Cruel Leader 300000 Macca Demon God Executioner Demon Rage Revelation ★★★★★
Ogre 25000 Macca Battle Demon Double Slash Counter First Strike ★★★
Violent God 100000 Macca Ogre Death Blow Power Charge Void Phys ★★★★
War God 300000 Macca Violent God Genocide Phys Repel Counterstrike Attack All ★★★★★
Amatsukami 600000 Macca Cruel Leader & War God Gate of Hell Phys Drain High Counter ★★★★★★★
Destroyer 1200000 Macca Amatsukami / Wikipedia Ragnarok Null Phys Life Surge ★★★★★★★★★

Elemental[edit | edit source]

Teach a wide range of magic attack and elemental barrier skills as well as corresponding auto-skills.

Name Cost Required Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Difficulty
Fire Spirit 1000 Macca Agi Void Fire
Fire Demon 2500 Macca Fire Spirit Maragi Fire Boost ★★
Fire Leader 10000 Macca Fire Demon Agilao Flame Breath Fire Repel ★★★
Fire Lord 25000 Macca Fire Leader Maragion Fire Drain ★★★★
Fire Emperor 100000 Macca Fire Lord Agidyne Fire Amp ★★★★★
Fire God 350000 Macca Fire Emperor Maragidyne Fire Resist ★★★★★★
Ice Spirit 1000 Macca Bufu Void Ice
Ice Demon 2500 Macca Ice Spirit Mabufu Ice Boost ★★
Ice Leader 10000 Macca Ice Demon Bufula Frost Breath Ice Repel ★★★
Ice Wolf 25000 Macca Ice Leader Mabufula Ice Drain ★★★★
Ice Master 100000 Macca Ice Wolf Bufudyne Ice Amp ★★★★★
Ice God 350000 Macca Ice Master Mabufudyne Ice Resist ★★★★★★
Bolt Spirit 1000 Macca Zio Void Elec
Bolt Lord 2500 Macca Bolt Spirit Mazio Elec Boost ★★
Lightning 10000 Macca Bold Lord Zionga Bolt Flare Elec Repel ★★★
Bolt Emperor 25000 Macca Lightning Mazionga Elec Drain ★★★★
Bolt Master 100000 Macca Bolt Emperor Ziodyne Elec Amp ★★★★★
Bolt God 350000 Macca Bolt Master Maziodyne Elec Resist ★★★★★★
Dragon 1000 Macca Zan Void Force
Dragon Lord 2500 Macca Dragon Mazan Force Boost ★★
Hiten 10000 Macca Dragon Lord Zanma Shock Wave Force Repel ★★★
Sky Dragon 25000 Macca Hiten Mazanma Force Drain ★★★★
Sky Wizard 100000 Macca Sky Dragon Zandyne Force Amp ★★★★★
Wind God 350000 Macca Sky Wizard Mazandyne Force Resist ★★★★★★
Earth Spirit 1000 Macca Tera Void Earth
Earth Shrine 2500 Macca Earth Spirit Matera Earth Boost ★★
Earth Temple 10000 Macca Earth Shrine Terazi Avalanche Earth Repel ★★★
Earth Lord 25000 Macca Earth Temple Materazi Earth Drain ★★★★
Earth Emperor 100000 Macca Earth Lord Teradyne Earth Amp ★★★★★
Mother Earth 350000 Macca Earth Emperor Materadyne Earth Resist ★★★★★★
Dark Leader 700000 Macca 1 'God' Mantra/ Mother Earth Last Word Megidola Mind Charge Magic Repel ★★★★★★★
Dark Lord 1400000 Macca Dark Leader Megidolaon Null Element ★★★★★★★★

Magic Mantra[edit | edit source]

Teach a wide range of magic healing, status, expel and death skills as well as corresponding auto-skills.

Name Cost Required Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Difficulty
Protection 1000 Macca Dia Patra Analyze
Fallen Hero 10000 Macca Protection Media Posmundi Achedi ★★
Fierce Spirit 15000 Macca Fallen Hero Diarama Paraladi Me Patra ★★★
Calm Spirit 100000 Macca Fierce Spirit Mediarama Closedi Cursedi ★★★★
Death Spirit 250000 Macca Calm Spirit Diarahan Petradi ★★★★★
Adamant 3000 Macca Protection Dream Haze Foul Breath Void Charm Void Panic ★★
Kichijyo 15000 Macca Adamant Stun Sphere Void Poison Void Mute Null Panic ★★★
Vidya Raja 25000 Macca Kichijyo Sonic Wave Stun Wave Void Nerve Null Charm ★★★★
Holy Leader 50000 Macca Vidya Raja Tentarafoo Null Mute Null Nerve Null Poison ★★★★★
Hades 18000 Macca Any ★★★ Mantra Recarm ★★★★
Six Realms 150000 Macca Hades Samarecarm ★★★★★
Goddess 500000 Macca Death Spirit & Six Realms Allure Mediarahan Recarmdra ★★★★★★★
Yaksa 3000 Macca Any 3x ★ & 1x ★★ Mudo Void Death Quick Escape ★★
Evil Spirit 25000 Macca Yaksa Mamudo Stone Gaze Curse Death Resist ★★★
Dark Spirit 100000 Macca Evil Spirit Mudoon Blood Curse ★★★★
Death 250000 Macca Dark Spirit Mamudoon Death Repel ★★★★★
Angel 3000 Macca Any 3x ★ & 1x ★★ Hama Tarunda Void Expel ★★
Thrones 15000 Macca Angel Mahama Sukunda Expel Resist ★★★
Cherubim 50000 Macca Thrones Hamaon Rakunda Makatora ★★★★
Seraphim 150000 Macca Cherubim Mahamaon Makanda Expel Repel ★★★★★
Evil God 500000 Macca Death & Seraphim Debilitate Null Expel Null Death ★★★★★★★
Spirit 15000 Macca Angel Pulinpa Makajam Dormina Tarukaja ★★★
Karma 50000 Macca Spirit Marin Karin Rakukaja Sukukaja ★★★★
Illusion 150000 Macca Karma Makajamon Calm Death Makakaja ★★★★★
Insane God 500000 Macca Seraphim & Illusion Xanadu Dekaja Dekunda ★★★★★★★
Vicious God 1000000 Macca Goddess / Evil God / Insane God Vanity Salvation Mana Surge ★★★★★★★★

Field Mantra[edit | edit source]

Teach a range draining and field skills as well as corresponding auto-skills.

Name Cost Required Skill 1 Skill 2 Difficulty
Ancient God 15000 Macca Any 2x ★★ HP Thief MP Thief ★★★
Outer God 50000 Macca Ancient God Chakra Walk Mana Bonus ★★★★
Secret God 250000 Macca Outer God Mana Gain Mana Walk ★★★★★

Special Mantras[edit | edit source]

Unique stand-alone mantras.

Name Cost Required Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Difficulty
Mitama 20000 Macca Any 3x ★★★ Shared Karma ★★★★
Soul 75000 Macca Any 4x ★★★★ Mutual Karma ★★★★
Godly Spirit 1200000 Macca Destroyer, Dark Lord & Vicious God Auto Soma Null Ailment ★★★★★★★★★
Monotheist 2000000 Macca Fire God, Ice God, Bolt God & Mother Earth Null Attack ★★★★★★★★★
King 100000 Macca King Frost Defeated (Ice Crystal) Megido Cocytus Null Sleep ★★★★★
High Priest 1200000 Macca Beelzebub Defeated (Tyrant Skull) Death Flies Repel Element ★★★★★★★★★
Gyokuza 1500000 Macca Metatron Defeated (Seraph Quill) Fire of Sinai Repel Expel Repel Death ★★★★★★★★★
Five Gods 2000000 Macca Huang Long Defeated (Golden Orb) Celestial Ray Phys Absorb ★★★★★★★★★

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