Devil Survivor Overclocked possesses a Titles and Rewards system to reward the player for good performance and to smoothen off the difficulty curve as the player replays the game to see different endings. Each Title rewards a number of points which the player can use to purchase post-game bonuses.

A total of 2120 points can be attained. Only 1300 are necessary to use all the bonuses.


Title Requirement Points
Survivor Complete the game once. 70
Haru's Savior Prevent Haru's death by dissuading her from suicide. 20
Keisuke's Savior Prevent Keisuke's death by confronting him before Kaido finds him. 20
Mari's Savior Prevent Mari's death by helping her and Kresnik defeat Kudlak. 20
Gin's Savior Prevent Gin's death by assisting him in his battle with Azuma. 20
Muckracker Uncover the truth about the government's "final option". 20
Reinforcer Successfully repair the barrier between the demon and human world on Yuzu's 8th Day. 20
Demon Collector Register all demons that need not be unlocked via certain events in your Compendium. 100
Demon Wrangler Register all demons in your Compendium. 400
Skillful Crack all possible skills. 150
Vanquisher Acquire the Song of Hope ending. 60
Master Acquire the Silent Revolution ending. 60
Escapee Acquire the Desperate Escape ending. 60
Peacemaker Finish Yuzu's 8th Day. 20
Overlord Acquire the King of Demons ending. 60
Warlord Finish Naoya's 8th Day without choosing to kill civilians. 20
Despot Finish Naoya's 8th Day while having killed a civilian. 20
Blessed Acquire the Kingdom of Saints ending. 60
Messiah Finish Amane's 8th Day. 20
Focused Finish the game without engaging in Free Battles. 200
Unkillable Finish the game without any team leaders dying. 200
Prize Winner Defeat Ghost Q in his event. 30
Sleepwalker Defeat the Sage of Time in his event. 60
Ghost Buster Defeat Yomotsu Ikusa in his event. 90
Hell Fighter Defeat Nebiros in his event. 120
Star Destroyer Defeat Lucifer in his event. 200


These points earned from titles are used to unlock post-game bonuses. Some of these bonuses need the player to already have a pre-requisite bonus purchased before they can be upgraded to that form.

Bonus Pre-Requisite Cost
Retain 1 demon in your registry. -- 10
Retain any 4 demons in your registry. "Retain 1 demon" purchased 60
Retain any 8 demons in your registry. "Retain 4 demons" purchased 180
Retain all demons in your registry. "Retain 8 demons" purchased 300
Retain cracked skills. -- 10
Retain Macca. -- 110
Retain Auction ranking and tiers. -- 40
Remove the EXP penalty. -- 60
10% discount for Compendium. -- 40
30% discount for Compendium. "10% Compendium discount" purchased 120
50% discount for Compendium. "30% Compendium discount" purchased 200
Remove fusion level limit. -- 70
Unlock the Lucifer battle. -- 100

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