Software is technology that can be installed into the GUMP in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. They can be changed at the Spookies' HQ, EL-115, or any of the terminals throughout Amami City.


AlbertStabilizes normal fusionEL-115
Back MirrorPrevents back attacksEL-115
Back-UpperAllows you to save anywhereAstro Museum
Black PanelChanges the party panel (Black Frost theme)Amami Airport
CAPS LOCKLimits low-level enemy encountersEL-115
CopernicusIt says "Prototype"... (greatly increases chance of fusion accidents)Pet Shop
Da VinciAdds fusion search functionHotel Goumaden
Dark ManAllows you to speak with dark demonsEL-115
Demonary 99Allows you to use the Catalog functionPet Shop
Double ValueDoubles the magnetite gotten from negotiations in battleEL-115
Enemy SonarDisplays the demon encounter rateBeginning
Finders KeepersRaises random battle item drop rateEL-115
FridayFused demons will have Max LoyaltyNew Game Plus
Frost PanelChanges the party panel (Jack Frost theme)Pet Shop
Gulliver MagicRestores Protagonist's HP with every stepEL-115
Honey BeeDisplays all floors of the dungeonBeginning
Jive Talkin'Translate gibberish speechEL-115
Judgemental EyesDisplays enemy's affinitiesEL-115
King PanelChanges the party panel (King Frost theme)Leon Automotive Plant
Lady KillerRaises ability to speak with femalesEL-115
Lantern PanelChanges the party panel (Pyro Jack theme)Pet Shop
Lucifer PanelChanges the party panel (Lucifrost theme)Primate Intelligence Lab
Moon AdultRaises chances of talking during full moonsBeginning
Moon PulserShows the moon's effects on the partyEL-115
Mr. SurpriseRaises chance of a first strikeEL-115
NightengalerTurns off Auto when in dangerEL-115
Nurse CallRestores HP when you summon in battleEL-115
Oni MarkChanges your allies' status markersPet Shop
Pump BoxDisplays EXP needed to reach next levelEL-115
Ripper PanelChanges the party panel (Jack Ripper theme)Pet Shop
SteinerAdds Element, Mitama, and Zoma fusionEL-115
StevenRemoves fusion level limitNew Game Plus
Time GirlDisplays the current timeEL-115
Zero ScanningDisplays the structure of a dark zone type of area.EL-115


  • Party panel software applies to the battle screen roster at the bottom. In the 3DS version, this will replace the character portraits.
  • Fusion software only applies when using COMP Fusion. They have no effect at the Goumaden.
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