A list of items from DemiKids: Light/Dark Version.

Heal Items[edit | edit source]

Item Effect
Mana Juice Minor HP Recovery. 1 Ally.
Ointment HP Recovery. 1 Ally
Demonitonic Cure. 1 Ally
Energy Pill Minor HP Recovery. 1 Ally
Revive Orb Revive. 1 Ally
Energy Cube Major HP Recovery. 1 Ally
Holy Orb Full HP Recovery. Party
Mana Shake MP Recovery. 1 Ally
Revive Gem Fully Revive. 1 Ally
Mana Sundae Major MP Recovery. 1 Ally
Power Burger Minor HP-MP Recovery. 1 Ally

Attack Items[edit | edit source]

Item Effect
Orb of Order Flash Attack. 1 Foe
Orb of Hate Hex Blast. 1 Foe
Orb of Fire Max Fire Pillar. 1 Foe
Orb of Ice Max Flash Freeze. 1 Foe
Orb of Winds Max Cyclone Attack. 1 Foe
Orb of Storm Max Electro Shock. 1 Foe
Orb of Gaia Max Stone Attack. 1 Foe
Orb of Water Max Aqua Attack. 1 Foe
Halo Ring Max Flash Attack. 2 Foes
Voodoo Doll Max Hex Blast. 2 Foes
Dredfang Fire Tornado. 2 Foes
Snow Comb Flash Freeze. 2 Foes
Gale Bag Cyclone Attack. 2 Foes
Kirin's Horn Electro Shock. 2 Foes
Troll Seed Stone Attack. 2 Foes
Rain Jug Aqua Attack. 2 Foes

Boost Items[edit | edit source]

Item Effect
Attack Spray Boost ATK. 1 Ally
Guard Spray Boost DEF. 1 Ally
Magic Spray Boost MGC. 1 Ally
Speed Spray Boost SPD. 1 Ally
Resist Spray Boost RES. 1 Ally
Smoke Bomb Allows Escape. Party
Attack Gum ATK Up 1. 1 Ally
Guard Gum DEF Up 1. 1 Ally
Magic Gum MGC Up 1. 1 Ally
Speed Gum SPD Up 1. 1 Ally
Resist Gum RES Up 1. 1 Ally
Luck Gum LUK Up 1. 1 Ally

Other Items[edit | edit source]

Item Effect
Angel Wing Allows Teleportation
Love Charm Increases demon encounters
Repel Charm Decreases demon encounters
Time Chains Eliminate Time Rifts

Skill Items[edit | edit source]

Item Description/Effect
Aqua Robe Skill-Aqua Robe
Big Wing Skill-Big Wing
Bubble Oil Skill-Chaos Foam
Blast Box Skill-Pyro Bomb
Blast Spear Skill-Twister
Bomb Claw Skill-Blast Claw
Boom Sand Skill-Rock Missle
Dark Dust Skill-TNT Powder
Demon Wing Skill-Rage Melody
Demon Hammer Skill-Shockspark
Excalibur Skill-Anti-Good
Gaia's Ring Skill-Avalanche
Holy Hammer Item that mutes all foes. Skill-Golden Mute
Holy Stamp Skill-Holy Mute
Holy Symbol Skill-Hand of Fate
Ice Blade Calls Ice to mute foes. Skill-Ice Blade
Ice Ring Skill-Ice Wall
Master Blade Skill-Dark Gate
Mist Oil Skill-Binding Fog
Mistral Wing Skill-Storm Wall
Nagi's Sword Skill-Anti-Dragon
Noise Maker Skill-Anti-Bird
Ogre Claw Skill-Anti-Ogre
Quake Hammer Skill-Grand Crush
Poison Claw This claw poisons 1 foe. Skill-Venom Claw
Slab of Ice Generates IceAttack on 1 Foe. Skill-Ice Prison
Slab of Dusk Skill-Power Scale
Stone Mask Skill-Stone Wall
Storm Spear Skill-Helm Buster
Stun Claw Skill-Numbing Claw
Strange Box Skill-Shock Box
Strange Eye Skill-Shadow Bind
Terra Spear Skill-Gaia Buster
Thunder Ring Skill-Thunder Wall
Wind Robe Generates wind to cut foes. Skill-Wind Dance
Wizard Ring Skill-Spell Gate

Relic Items[edit | edit source]

Item Description
Demon Relic An ominous relic.
Talon Relic A claw-shaped relic.
Heavy Relic A strange, heavy relic.
Tusk Relic A fang-shaped relic.
Fist Relic A huge, fist-like relic.
Hex Relic A spine-chilling relic.
Dino Relic A tail-like relic.
Wing Relic A wing-shaped relic.
Slim Relic A wafer-thin relic.
Whirl Relic Relic with thin whorls.
Beast Relic An evil-looking relic.
Blood Relic Relic resembling blood.
Lion Relic Relic resembling a fang.
Argos Soul Orb housing Argos' soul.
Nemea Soul Orb housing Nemea's soul.
Astar Soul Orb housing Astar's soul.
Gembu Soul Orb housing Gembu's soul.
Seryu Soul Orb housing Seryu's soul.

Special Items[edit | edit source]

Item Description
Demiloc Demon-summoning Magic gun.
Kingloc Demon-summoning Magic gun.
Vinecom PC for storing demons.
Demon Book Demon-summoning spellbook.
Soul Gem Orb holds Coperia's heart.
Limbo Key Key for dungeon in Limbo.
Letter A letter addressed to Lucifer.
Time Key Key for erasing Time Rifts.
Testament Ancient power held within.
Lucifer gem Gem containing Lucifer's power.
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