This is a list of items available in Another Bible.


Item Effect
Potion Restore unit HP by 15
Jewel Fully restore unit HP
HolyWatr Restore unit PP by 15
Amrita Fully restore unit PP
H.Amrita Revives a fallen unit (used on unit selection screen)
Pwr Mush Unit's Power up by 1 point
Def Mush Unit's Might up by 1 point
Spd Mush Unit's Speed up by 1 point
LuckMush Unit's Luck up by 1 point
Hit Herb Increase unit's maximum HP by 1
PowrHerb Increase unit's maximum PP by 1
Nanyu Makes it a crescent moon
Luna Full Makes it a full moon


Item Effect
PowrRing Raises St by 1
ShldRing Raises En by 1
Charm Raises Ma by 1
Hi-Speed Raises Ag by 1
LuckRing Raises Lu by 1
Skates Raises move by 1
Joy Coin Gain 5 Exp per turn
LuckyBell Gain 5 Macca per turn
HealRing Restore 5 HP per turn
AmlyRng Restore 5 PP per turn
Floatrng Grants the unit water-walking
AngelWng Grants the unit flying
D.Magnes -5 HP per turn
Massacre A sword of dreadful power, St +5, En -3
PfctShld A shield of dreadful power, En +5, St -3
DoomBngl Doubles unit power (St x2)
G. Scarab Halves PP usage
Colada Cursed sword
JFrstAmr Jack Frost's suit, all stats +1


Rope Ladder
Earth Magnes
Flame Magnes
Water Magnes
Wind Magnes

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