Lightning (Ship)

The Lightning, parked in Jack's Squad's HQ.

The Lightning is a unique ship in Strange Journey.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey


The Lightning was once the prototype for the four ships that would come after it: the Elve, the Blue Jet, the Gigantic, and the Red Sprite. However, it was purchased by a private foundation and retrofitted extensively, with far greater offensive capabilities, technology and energy output than any other of the subsequent ships. It is compared to a tuned-up, improved vehicle in comparison to the other four ships.

It entered the Schwartzwelt under the control of Jack's Squad, and landed without incident at Sector Carina at the moment the Red Sprite was exploring Sector Eridanus. Later on, it left Carina and used a unique property of its reactor to warp the fabric of the Schwartzwelt to create a unique plot of land capable of sustaining human life without necessity of additional technology. The downside to this was the fact the ship was left stationary, unable to move and to project its plasma shield.

Later on, after the traumatic events of the fusion between Jimenez and Bugaboo, the newly created Awake Jimenez was able to draw on his demonic strength to rip open the ship's hatch; later on, it was discovered the squad's imprisoned demons had been experimented upon in the ship's own sickbays.

Its ultimate fate is left unknown in any of the endings, as Jack's Squad HQ is left unmolested in the denoeuement of either Path.

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