"Light the Fire Up in the Night" is the battle theme in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. There are three versions of the song:

A live version is here.


Don't you say that I didn't, didn't
Give you a chance, just didn't listen
Only wanted out, but you just kept that garbage talk, so no blessings
Y'all looking present, I'm already futuristic-cruising
Satisfaction killed me a bit, curiosity brings me back in grooving
Don't wanna follow order, I oughtta restore that
Told her crossing the border, next corner posing for reporters
Next level explorer with my crew, supporters;
Still conquesting forward with my crew!

Like the shining stars light the path whenever it's dark,
you keep on blinking at me
You never turn away from me, in this vast gloomy night sky.
Light the fire up in the night!
The journey that we travel for our prize.
No matter where we go, we will not stop the shining forever!

View that I see is not flat, more like panorama
More to it, more of a drama, going gorillas, bananas
I just wanna have a lot of fun in life
Surviving the riding, I'm driving,
No idle in battle, and I keep it dazzle!

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