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The Liberators (リベレイターズ, Ribereitāzu)?, later known as the Neo-Liberators, is a secret organization that protects the world by recruiting Devil Downloaders in Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2.



Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2[]

The Liberators and the Acolytes are in conflict with each other because of their different philosophies. For most of part 1 the organization remained ignorant of what the Acolytes endgoal was until Jabo Kakuryu revealed it to be an attempt to prevent the extinction of humanity by domesticating the human race. This leads them to confront and kill their enemies leader Joshua Hawk due to both side refusing to adhere to the others belief.

During part II they attempt to get rid of other major leaders of the Acolytes during an important meeting, only to find they were assassinated by the Brotherhood of Harmony. This new organization that seeks to unify humanity quickly leads an assault against the Liberators, destroying most of their bases of operations and forcing the protagonist group to go on the run and ally with members of the Acolytes during a time when the Brotherhood had framed them for terrorists and destroyed the Liberators as a whole.

Their attempt to stay in hiding lead them to the Elements, an organization in opposition to the Brotherhood of Harmony, during which they made a temporary alliance so that the Elements could hack the Brotherhoods computers and disrupt their misinformation. With the aid of the Elements and the Brotherhoods leader Amane, the Liberator remnants begin a temporary truce between the three organizations.

The truce would lead the three to oppose the Acolyte remnants lead by Organ and Jabo, who attempt to awaken Vanitas before it gathers enough malice to cause the human races extinction to ensure some humans survive the catastrophe. Remnants of the Liberators would come to their aid in the battle against Organ, leading them to name themselves the Neo-Liberators.


  • Taro Fuse: Codename Megakin. Leader of the Liberators' Tokyo Branch, also a popular Megatube streamer.
  • Protagonist: An unassuming youth unwittingly drawn into the conflict, but will later become the driving force behind the group or cause their downfall depending on his/her choices.
  • Rika Ryuzouji: Codename Templar Dragon. A fan of survival games, she always sees people as targets.
  • Ririn Ueda : Codename Eileen. A cosplayer who works part-time at a swimsuit cafe. Loves cute girls.
  • Shiang Sun: Codename Chalk Eater. A hacker from Shanghai with a passion for surfing and horror movies.
  • Jeng Yun Tsai: Codename Kangaroo Boxer. Became a fighter after being influenced by action manga.
  • Shiori Koden: Codename Shionyan. Underground Idol with an ever-decreasing number of fans. Actually a genius alumni of MIT.
  • Gakuto Inoue: Codename Meat Balloon. Retired JSDF soldier and mercenary who killed many terrorists at the Battle of Aleppo in Syria.
  • Vagit Chukhov: An ex-soldier from Russia sent by HQ to operate the Church of False Gods Demon Fusion system at the basement.
  • Arisa Habara: A young maid who operates the Summoning Portal. Loves works by Yukio Mishima and Haruki Murakami.
  • Kazufumi Fukumoto: A butler who manages the Store and the Hideout. Uses money from purchases to fund research in the occult.
  • Himika Hyuga: Shrine maiden sent by HQ who operates the demon training ground Pandemonium at the rooftop. A big otaku who's recently into ice skating anime, and also a descendant of Himiko, ancient shaman queen.
  • Seiran Saikawa : Gatekeeper of the Aura Gate. Is a follower of the Taoist religion, practitioner of Feng Shui, and is obsessed with Chinese culture in general.
  • Vince: Formerly an Acolyte, Vince is the partner of the self-aware Homunculus "Honey Sweet".
  • Honey Sweet: A special self-aware Homunculus and Vince's partner, and also a former Acolyte.
  • Einherjar: Leader of the Liberators, who resigned from this position later due to pact with Jabo Kakuryu. True identity is the demon Mephisto, acting as avatar for both God and Satan.

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