Leshy (レーシー, Reshii) is a demon in the series.


Leshy, also known as Lesovik, Leshak, Lesvy and Lesun, is a spirit of the forest in Slavic mythology. He is usually depicted as a tall man, although it can change his size freely, with hair and beard made from vines and grass, and sometimes it is described as having horns, tail and hooves. He has green eyes, pale skin, blue blood and is said to wear a red scarf and a left shoe in his right foot.

Leshy is the protector of the forest and all the animals in it, and is usually in company of a bear. Shepherds and farmers usually make pacts with this creatures to gain protection of them for their cattle and crops. Although they are not evil they are mischievous and may trick people who get lost in the forest and even tickle them to death. Leshy are also territorial and if two of them are in the same forest they would fight each other for the land.



Giten Megami TenseiEdit

Race Alignment Level HP MP
Jirae Neutral-Neutral 24 459 95
CP Intuition Will Power Magic Intelligence Divine Protection
35 14 20 11 12 25
Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Charm
33 35 8 10 9
List of Skills
Damudo Noeruemu Iruku
Tetrakarn Dia Estoma
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