Leonard as he appears in Shin Megami Tensei

Leonard (レオナルド, Reonarudo) is a demon in the series.


Leonard is a demon or spirit in the Dictionnaire Infernal, grandmaster of the nocturnal orgies of demons. He is represented as a three-horned goat, with a black human face. He marks his initiates with one of his horns. Infernal powers obtained from the worship of Master Leonard range from metamorphosis into monstrous animals or men to flight as an Incubus.

There is mention of a "Master Leonard" in the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable in association with the alleged deity of the Templars, the Baphomet or "Goat of Mendes." Black banquets are thrown in Leonard's honor where aborted kid goats are eaten without salt and boiled with reptiles to sully the sinless nature of the clean meat.

Leonard has been known to take other forms, and there is some connection to the legend of the werewolf; he has been known to appear as a handsome soldier, a favorite of many demons. In this form he will seduce a young lady and take her to the wilderness where he will lay with her. Any child resulting from this union will be stillborn, an offering for sin.



Megami Tensei II

In Ueno, while the moon is full, Leonard can be found during a sabbath. A battle will start, and Leonard will summon three groups of demons to fight for him. The hero will receive the Jupiter Pillar once he is dead.


Megami Tensei II


Shin Megami Tensei

File:SMT- Leonardblack.png
Race Alignment Level HP MP CP
Fallen Chaos 39 363 220 23
NOH Strength Intelligence Magic Vitality Agility Luck
1 - 7 20 16 12 13 10 10
Attack Hit Defense Evasion MPower MEffect Drop
83 15 41 12 14 18 Bead
Resistances Resists Expel
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect
Hapirma 2 MP Causes multiple enemies to become happy. (Magic-type)
Marin Karin 6 MP Charms one enemy.
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Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis

Leonard Majin Tensei II.PNG
Race Level HP MP Movement Move Type Range
Fallen 38 158 75 8 Flight 1
Strength Wisdom Magic Defense Agility Luck MAG
17 16 19 16 14 10 900
Attack Phys Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense Hit Avoid Critical
List of Skills
Gigaon Makajama
Evil Eyes


Leonard as it appears in Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei
LB3 Leonard.gif
Leonard as it appears in Last Bible III
Leonard Majin Tensei.PNG
Leonard as seen in Majin Tensei
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